Division of Sindh, Pakistan made on agreement among states!

By Veengas

Pakistan movement was started under the umbrella of religion, mostly people don’t agree at this point that Pakistan’s agitation based on discrimination, how was possible, when you sketch line of discrimination with ink of religion and taken hope that you would be made peaceful land where all religions live together.

People are asked to me that what is problem with Pakistan’s problem. My answer is simple, crux stratum of problem is, no implantation on an agreement of 23rd March, 1940, it was an agreement among states and because of that agreement and Passed resolution in favor of Pakistan, by Sindh Assembly after than Pakistan’s idea got mature picture and religious color gave emotion to common people.

If we are not forgotten history of 70s era, East Bengal was crying that Please respect the agreement of 23rd March, 1940 and give us rights but establishment refused and denied to fill out there needs. Then, East Bengal withdrew from agreement of 23rd March, and converted itself in Bangladesh.

We (Pakistan) people have learnt one thing that we have not learnt from past. Rabindranath Tagore wrote said that “The Past has been God’s gift to you, about the present; you must make your own choice.”

Establishment has not learnt from Past, nor able to make choice, even just repeats its old-grave mistakes.

Now slogan of new provinces, has been picked up, we don’t have reservation on Siraiki province because Siraiki province has had its historical boundaries and demand is coming from indigenous people of Siraiki province. It is not needed; same formula can be applied at each situation. We have to analysis things in the light of historical and on reality background.

General Tika Khan said, “We had problem in Bengal that unable to defeat them but we have just march to Sindh and Balochistan to conquer them and we can defeat both provinces by outsider to settle them.”

History tells that when migration was started that time Late Liaquat Ali khan had fear from Mr. Jinnah, and he knew that if he didn’t make ground in his own favor after than he would not be able to win in election. Deliberately, migrated people were settled in Sindh. Why didn’t settle in Punjab, PukhtoonKhawa and other places?

Sindh has not denied that outsider never came to Sindh. Of course, outsider came and merged themselves in soil of Sindh; they have not asked that we are separated and now give us separate land.

Why only in case of migration in 1947? Sindh has been hearing demand for Muhajir Province and its division. And this slogan always rises from MQM; (Muhajir Quami Movement) later became Mutahida Quami Movement and now new baby born Mahjir Soba Pakistan.

We are unable to understand that everyone is saying that migrated people had made Pakistan and Urdu language is scared language, must be applied on provinces of Pakistan, those have already their own Mother Language, can put off hand on their language.

Above, have written that religion was involved in movement of Pakistan, it was grave mistake of Mr. Jinnah that he couldn’t remove it, probably he wanted but unable to take out it.

What is history of Urdu –Language and its birth? Those have historical and civilization consciousness must be known it. I don’t mean, Urdu is not good language, I have respect for it but it is not fair that new born baby would be pasted on indigenous languages for instance, Punjabi, Pashtoo, Balochi, Siraiki and Sindhi, they have land, culture, and own history. How is possible that without going to another land, they all step back from their civilization because once had fight on Urdu language against Hindi, does it make sense?

Sindh, has faced problem on Language, in Zulifkar Ali Bhutto, Sindh got two language provinces. Few migrated people did not accept Sindhi Language as Provincial, and majority of Sindhis’ demand sent to dustbin.

It was starting point to create worst situation in Sindh. When Z.A Bhutto was hanged, then agitation was boost up in Sindh, and Lyari was/is a place of Karachi city that resisted against Dictator Zial ul Haq, now question was raising for dictator Zia that how could he encounter PPP and other forces in Sindh.

“I had interviewed to Mr. Hussian Haroon in 2006, on question of formation of MQM, he responded, Mushahid Hussain and I had meeting at Karachi Press Club, I asked him, Mushahid tell me, who made MQM? He replied that of course General Zia ul Haq made and Ghous Ali Shah had played role for making MQM.”

Since MQM has created, Sindhi and Muhjir problem has not solved. Whenever PPP comes in Power, MQM demands for Muhajir Sooba. Though they had full power during general Musharraf era, why did not demand at that time. Why when PPP comes in Power, MQM demands for Muhajir Soba? It seems, they are playing Muhajir Card and hidden hands agenda wins to keep divided Sindhis and Muhajirs.

Why has demand for Muhajir Soba?

In Karachi, Sindhis are not allowed to get admission in Karachi University?

In Big Cities, Sindhis can not speak in Sindhi and Children are not gotten education of Sindhi Language? MQM governor has authority of Universities and Colleges in Sindh, whole power in MQM’s hand.

They can move in Sindh easily, none can ask any question. But in Karachi, Sindhi is being asked for domicile and throw out because they have rural domicile.

If young Sindhis ask for admission and jobs, to be called nationalist, biased and illiterate, said one Sindhi student.

On which problem MQM or other group is asking for Muhajir Province? If we read rights of refugee, then Muhajir Sooba has no existence, in fact this is crime against state.

Sindh has had many outsiders, but they have merged themselves and during migration, only Urdu speaking did not migrated, other groups migrated too, so now Sindh gives each one piece of Land.  Was it written in agreement of 23rd March?

One Urdu speaking lady asked me that our families are living in Punjab and many Urdu speaking living in Punjab, but there they can speak Punajbi and no demand of separate province and no one asks that Urdu must be applied in Punjab.

 Why in case of Sindh that Muhajir don’t speak Sindhi and demand for separate province? Instead of giving answer I questioned her; I am asking you that has Sindh asked you leave its big Cities? Has Sindhis hatred you? Then, why don’t they merge themselves in Sindh? She laughed and said, Sorry what can I say?

Now Muhajir Sooba is map come out, if we look at picture of map, there is 26% Muhajirs and 27% Sindhis, What a funny!!! It means, since 1947, only population has been increased of Muhajirs and Sindhis who already live in Sindh, their population has been increased only 1%.

Who is supporting them? Who gives funds them? And how have they gotten strength that they can easily post banners, written slogans on walls and press conference, all they can do everything and none is asking who are you and where come from?

If any group goes against MQM, will MQM allow them freely in Karachi?

Sindhi proverb is, “ھاڈي منهن مريم ھاڈي zنٹو الهيار” means “where is face of Marium, where Tandoalhayar is.” In case of Siraiki province, while it has historical background and right of its land of people.

Demand of new provinces; mean some minds are thinking for civil war in country because when fake boundaries will be created by distorting historical boundaries then, indigenous people will react. If anyone is thinking about Pakistan formation, for information again, would remind that it was demanded on agreement by states.

Many people say, for purpose administration we must make more provinces, if the administration is main cause, so divide Karachi in five division as it was in Past, after than administration system will be settled. And remove order of Dictator Musharraf who made one unite of Karachi, because MQM could be gotten power and reduce influence of PPP in Karachi.

Now once again voice comes in Balochistan, it is clear meaning that establishment on it mood of divide and rule.

Therefore, don’t play and touch historical and civilization of state by creating fake boundaries, otherwise can see unforgettable result in our history.

We should build peace and love instead of fake-boundaries; those are caused of hatred and nothing else. Are we again repeat mistake of 70s era, when did violation of agreement of 23rd March?

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