Ireland: Pamphlet distributed among Amnesty International participants

A function in the honor of Myanmar opposition leader Ank Sank Sui of National League in regard her services for Democracy held, which arranged by Amnesty International in Ireland.

Amnesty International conferred award of “Amnesty Ambassador of Science” for democracy to Myanmar’s leader. During event Baloch Students Organization representative Faiz Baloch distributed pamphlet about Human Rights Violation in Balochistan. Pamphlet is inscribed with Pakistani state unending atrocities list containing details of enforced disappearance, detention killing, aerial bombardment on civilian population, and unlawful occupation on Baloch land. BSO representative had informed to participant about Balochistan in detail of all aspect and pleaded for performing a significant role for release of innocent Baloch youth, women, children and elders who are enduring in torture cells. In his request he said, “Amnesty International ought to launch a campaign about Baloch as they did for release of Myanmar’s political workers”.


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