Martyred Mohammad Khan Marri

By Wahid Bukhsh Baloch

It is said that history gives accommodation to those people in its pages who have commenced their struggle from reforms and from their personality. Such people in their society strive to educate and make percipient to common people. Mohammad Khan, was one of members of such tribe to educate fellow nation community as ideologically and human civilization by his pen. He always had been seen toiling for Baloch National Right through his pen. The writer introductive meeting held with martyred Mohammad Khan at Balochistan University.

Mohammad Khan had contributed in shape of his write-ups in Daily Tawar, Daily Asaap, Monthly Branz, BSO-Azad’s periodical Sagaar, Singaar and Azaad. He always said that for achievement of great objective, if sacrifice of life would need, hence, gladly, accept death, but never compromise on freedom stance. Such people in history anonymously like a nameless soldiers pay sacrifice and include their name in list of glorious people and become a splendid symbol for nation. In history, these sacrifices payers get very prominent place reverence among fellow ideology holder.

Mohammad Khan in his life always had said that those people are lucky who have gone through revolutionary process or revolution process roused in their age.

On 11th April, 2012, from the office of Mohammad Khan agencies men abducted him. He was affiliated with that organization which head Khalil Denial a British Citizen was abducted by Taliban and afterward he was killed. On same day of Mohammad Khan abduction his brother Mohammad Nabi had also been abducted from Sarena Hotel Quetta accompanied a friend.

The above discussed three Balochs’ Close Circuit Video Footage was shown to Chief Justice Iftekhar Mohammad Chourdary, in which these were picking-up by FC vehicle and a traffic policeman saw them were abducting time to them, he as well witnessed this before the court.

These three Balochs release order were issued to FC and Secret agencies by court. But on 28th May, 2012 their cadavers packed in gunnies found to police near Killi Gishkori and were shifted to Bolan Medical Hospital, where two dead bodies were indentified as Mohammad Khan and Mohammad Nabi. The corpses were brought to New Kahan by ambulance, where a large number of people of all walks of life were waiting for to receive National Heroes mutilated bodies. These were laid to rest in cemetery of martyred in presence of bereaved family members.

On the burial occasion of Mohammad Khan and Mohammad Nabi, mother of martyrs said “I felicitate you people my sons have martyred for motherland and feeling proud for being mother of two martyred sons”.


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