Noor Qambarani was precious treasure of knowledge and philosophy: Khalil Baloch

By Advocate Nadir Lagove

Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Noor Ahmed Qambrani was priceless treasure of philosophy and pragmatic personality for Baloch Nation. He was real companion of Comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri. Thousand Baloch sons had got enlightened mindset by knowledgeable conversation and like study circle gathering of Noor Qambarani, because he was rich with quality of persuading by rational debates. He always resisted state’s exploitation and ill-intentions applying on Baloch Land.

Martyred Ghulam Mohammad, Balach Marri, Jalil Reki, Sangat Sana, Siddique Eido, Razaque Gul, Saba Dashtyari are not among us physically, but they by their blood have enlightened way of National Freedom, and they further made clear the way of freedom where thousand conscious Baloch Sons are engaged in struggle.

Today, some elements are given task to astray these revolutionaries but they got failed worst. Baloch Movement got matured enough and it isn’t caring any sort of offer by imperialist. Baloch are struggling for human equality resolutely to prosper not only their fellow nation masses but are aimed to change fate of entire region’s people.

The martyrdom of Noor Ahmed Qambrani implies that state got failed to ignite a proxy war among Baloch Nation. The debates of rulers in media about war on terror show their frustration, and using different tricks to distract concentration of world from region’s politics, economy and ideological issues. In this regard she is killing silently political worker to make vague the struggle course and simultaneously perpetrating massacre on religious issues and itself is vociferating.

Political mindset is on target of state, belonging to each field of life like, teacher, student, politician, journalist, belletrist, poets and so on. The government machinery is being used for degradation and bothering of public. In society, for theft and robbery criminals have given freehand by authorities. The Land-Mafia groups are being trained and it seems a modern tool. The commotions which damage the public belongings are being aggravated with this motivation that masses get sick-off from politics.

Yaqoob Baloch became target of rulers’ barbarism in Karachi, through weaved conspiracy to convert ideological differences into groups’ warfare, and in blood shed create environment of chaos and evolve confusions.


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