The Elements supported Musharraf for ten years; now they are with Zardari: Jamiat Naziriati

 Theses elements have no concern with thoughts of subcontinent’s Ulemas (Sheikh-al-Hind) including Islam. They are not followers of Dueband Schools of thought.

By Hasrat Iqbal

On 24th June, 2012 Jamaiat Ulema Islama (Naziriati) held a conference “America Murdabad” at Kalat. The central leaders of Jamiat, Hafiz Fazal Barech, Moulana Abdul Qadir Luni, Moulana Mehmood Shah, Moulana Mehmood Al-Hassan Qasmi, Sardar Mir Saeed Langove, Ghulam Murtaza Shahwani, Moulana Mohammad Ilyas, Malik Quyum Kakar, Mir Kabeer Jan Langove, Abdul Aziz Langove, Molvi Mohammad Hayat, Moulana Fazal-ur-Rehmanb Shah, Syed Hafiz-ur-Rehman Shah, Mir Ghulam Murtaza Rind, Qari Abdul Sattar, Abdul Majeed Sherani and other spoke on occasion.

The speakers told those elements to always support Taliban, but we want to know that sharp time started opposing and surrendered from their stance them when America launched war against Mujahidin. We repeatedly remembered them about ideology and promises but they were not ready to agree at all to continue journey on our genuine path, resultantly, we disjointed our ways from them and constituted a separate party by the name of Jamiat Nazariati (Jamiat Ideological). Pakistan’s all communities know that venders of Islam who are. Who have double policy; they in rallies demand for Islam, but in assemblies contest for Prime Minister Post and secure only their interests. These elements passed ten years in shadow of Musharraf in enjoyments and now they are walking beside Zardari. Speakers informed.

Further they said, “The supporter of Taliban and collecting alms in name of Taliban and provider of manpower to them suddenly, on arrival of America, they turned their faces and started propaganda against Taliban and made statement that Taliban is to be thrown in ocean. In air, American drones and on ground Black-Water and their facilitators are involved against our interests, but we always say spade to spade. We yesterday denounced America and today also say down with America”, Speakers explained.

The conference speaker furthermore spoke, “The nationalist elements instead of sitting in the boat of America, and they support their Islamic brethren. America was disgraced, she is and will be. We yesterday supported Taliban, and today are doing as well money from Zardari and Nawaz, else from this nothing was their aim. The speakers stress on people that they must join Jamaiat Nazariati for the sake of protection of Islamic value and interests of Muslims.

On this occasion thousands of people joined Jamait Nazariati.


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