Various parties and organizations expressions about Pashtoon Khuwa demand for a separate province

Bolan Voice Report

On 24th June, 2012, Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party during a public meeting at Sadiq Shaheed staduim, Quetta said Baloch mustn’t compel them for announcement of a separate province. Against this statement of Pashtoon Khuwa various Parties and groups expressed their reactions which appeared in media, to these Bolan Voice team collected and translated for readers.

Jamiat Nazariati:

Jamiat Nazariati in its statement said, “Baloch and Pashtoon equality words are merely for thriving business. The Pashtoon Khuwa statement implies that this party meeting was jumble of differences, where on one hand, they have demanded for separate province, and on another hand, they are saying for equal based rights. Between autonomous Pashtoonistan and struggle for rights have great difference, and this shows that in Pashtoon Khuwa statements have contradictions clearly”. Jamiat Nazriati in his statement asked Pashtoon Khuwa which rights have been denying to them in Balochistan.

Noori Naseer Khan Council:

Noori Naseer Khan Council reacting to Pashtoon Khuwa stated that Bolan is our Land and we Baloch have given space to Pashtoon only for residing. Today a common people knows very well that Bolan, Khojak top, mountains of Zhob are whose belongings. No one be in any kind of confusion that Bolan isn’t land of Baloch. Today consciousness Achakzai, Kakar, Barech, Khiliji and Killa Abdullah’s Pashtoons are saying themselves, “Bolan is belonging of Baloch”. The official of Noori Naseer Khan Council said, “We felicitate Pashtoons their demonstration, resources and they are allowed whether live with Baloch or want annexation with Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa or make new social contract with Pakistan”.

Mandai Tribe’s Statement:

Baloch from Quetta to Bolan will defend their land; this statement Pasand Khan Mandai has released on behalf of his tribe. Today funds and packages, which Pashtoons are enjoying, are resultsof Baloch Sarmachars’ sacrifices. Baloch will defend each inch of their land. They mustn’t count our silence as powerlessness.

Jamhoory Watan Party:

Jamhory Watan Party leader Talal Akbar Bugti in his reactive statement said, “Separate province demanders lack mandate, in Pashtoon areas, Jamiat has mandate. In Balochistan, Pashtoon rights haven’t been looted; even they are getting more than Balochs. He said Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party doesn’t have merit of forming a single district, how it can make a province. He said Pashtoon areas representatives Mulahs are billionaire, and they have mandate of 80% in Pashtoon areas. Hence, how they can demand for separate province.

Balochistan National Party (Mengal):

Balochistan National Party (M) leader Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini in his statement against Pashtoon Khuwa demand said, we are supporter of separate province for Pashtoons but never accept expansionist acts by anyone. At this time Baloch is in war condition, instead of bandage our wounds, they are rubbing these furthermore. Mehmood Khan Achakzai instead of demanding from Baloch, he should demand from Islamabad, and then we will be after him. Calling the Balochistan as Pashtoons’ land isn’t fair, but it is a condemnable act.

Khan Kalat:

Khan Kalat in his statement said, “Balochs are going toward freedom. If Pashtoons want separation from Balochistan and intend to merge their areas in Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa, then we have no reservation about this, because in Baloch areas, business is being run by Pashtoons. In this way they will be in deficit and they have to decide. We are advancing toward freedom”.

Akhtar Mengal:

Balochistan National Party (M) leader Akhtar Mengal said, “In exploitation of Pashtoons there isn’t any hand of Baloch, and they ought to protest in front of establishment”. Akhtar Mengal said, “It is bitter fact that FC (Frontier Corps) consisting of majority Pashtoon have involved crimes against Baloch, but we haven’t shown reservation about this. In fact, Pashtoon Khuwa should have arranged protest in large number against atrocities on Balochs at the time difficulties and prove themselves as well wishers and neighbor of nation. Mehmood Khan Achakzai is head of PONM alliance, but demanding from Baloch, who are themselves victims of unjust and exploitation, hence how they can exploit others? This act has really hurt us”.

Tahir Bizenjo:

National Party leader Tahir Bizenjo in reaction said, “Presently Pashtoon areas of Balochistan were part of Afghanistan. In 1879, after second Afghan British war treaty “Gandmak”, that time Afghan ruler had handed over his areas to Britain. Afterward these Pashtoon areas merged in British-Hind”. He said, “Pashtoons have right that they form a separate province or make annexation with Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa”.

Baloch Pro-Independent Organizations:

Pro-Independent Baloch Organizations in reaction of Pashtoon Khuwa demand said, “For knowing Quetta’s history instead of peeping English gazette, they should study history of Baloch thousands of years ruling, and read historical eras of Khan Baloch Mehmood Khan, King Abdullah Khan and other conquerors, whose history is stretching on thousand years. It is bizarre the Pashtoon Khuwa criticizes Durand-Line demarcated by English but follows their gazette blindly. The Afghanistan and Baloch relations in fields of social and economic historical boundaries, which don’t require someone definition. We felicitate government all positions to Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party, we need only freedom”.

Jhalawan Tribes reaction:

Jhalwan’s various tribal influential and political leaders have rejected Pashtoon Khuwa stance of equality and ownership claim on Balochistan back-bone on Bolan. They said neither historical land Bolan and Quetta geographical status by fake-allegations can be changed nor Baloch tribes allow someone to occupy their historical land. They further said Pashtoon districts are part of British Afghanistan and these are to be merged in FATA.


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