6th Birth Day of Bolan Voice

Compiled by Muhammad Akbar Notezai 

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to compile the report about the 6th birth day of Bolan Voice, surely, Bolan Voice is an institute for those who crave for gaining knowledge from it, also gives a platform to journalists, writers, and students. Undoubtedly, people belonging to diverse walks of life, can convey his or his message via

Bolan Voice with ease. It is, of course, pertinent to say that, in this fiendishly complicated situation of Balochistan, the whole team of Bolan Voice is performing duty with bravery, and nonchalantly showing the bleak picture of Balochistan to the world because in national media situation on of Balochistan is completely overlooked and ignored. 

Now let me glean information, suggestions and messages from Politicians, staff members and students regarding Bolan Voice on its birth day.

Editor of Bolan Voice: – Ahmed khan 

I am glad to share something about Bolan Voice on its birth day with every one, certainly, has many questions regarding Bolan Voice: What was the reason to start publishing Bolan Voice? How is it playing its role in current scenario? What is its aim?

Well, I direly felt unfilled vacuum; I mean to say I would be unhappy when I would not the issues of Balochistan to be discussed in national media, so it made me think to start publishing magazine which should be for the Balochistan’s oppressed people.

I am satisfied with my whole team; of course, they have been contributing their write-ups on various topics.

As far as 6th birth day of Bolan Voice is concerned I hope everyone will happily celebrate it. I more than welcome everyone to write for Bolan Voice, because it is an institution or somewhat like a platform, especially for Baloch writers, thinkers and journalists and I will be happy and delighted to publish their write-ups in the magazine.

The motto of publishing Bolan Voice is to transfer world’s thoughts to Baloch people and Baloch people’s thoughts, situation and ideas to the world, also to cater knowledge and aware Baloch people and the world of Balochistan’s situation.

Again, I deeply appreciate my staff members’ honesty, bravery and sincerity with Bolan Voice.

At last, I would like to wish all readers of the Bolan Voice 6th its birth day.

Assistant Editor of Bolan Voice: Ms. Veengas.

In the beginning, someone told me that there is a magazine namely Bolan Voice and it is publishing news and write-ups about Balochistan. I was suggested reading the Bolan Voice magazine. Indeed, I liked that a lot that Bolan Voice is publishing openly the news and write-ups about Balochistan. I also felt that Bolan Voice speaks with the issue as sometimes we speak, but it really speaks with the issue.

After passing five or six months, I again called Ahmed Khan because I was about to interview Khair Baksh Marri for my “Ibrat” magazine, so he helped.

Then I approached Khair Baksh Marri and interviewed him, after that Ahmed Khan asked me that he would publish this interview in Bolan Voice, too. I agreed to let him publish and this connected me to write for the Bolan Voice. Surely, by working then we made relation, not by saying ‘hello’ and ‘hi’.

After joining, of course, I found the all staff members of mine very cooperative. It is true all of us are working for Bolan Voice voluntarily. On the other hand, as you know that Balochistan is in problems and despite this staff members are performing their duty bravely. But I have an complain that best report they aren’t giving, like a report which shakes everyone.

Truly, we are showing the real picture of Balochistan; therefore, I say politicians must read Bolan Voice. In difficult time, Bolan Voice is working very hard, with having financial support.

It is my top priority to improve it more and more that it should not only be read in Balochistan but in Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkwa and out of country.

At last, I would like to request to all readers of Bolan Voice to read and buy Bolan Voice more and more. Kindly leave your comments on our blog and also visit our blog.

I wish everyone very happy birth day of Bolan Voice.

Munawar Magsi, Islamabad:

I found Bolan Voice magazine very informative and helping. It is replete with interesting knowledge about Balochistan. It is doing a mammoth task that illustrates the news of every corner of Balochistan, too. Such magazine will enhance the unique quality of juveniles.

The journalists and writers are very hard workers. They aspire to bring aspire enlightened chapter for the province. Their language lenient and straight forward and they don’t inveigh and relegate through pen. They are working fantastically for elaborating the issues of Balochistan. Additionally, its writers are valorous and courageous to write down the truth, are performing their tasks extraordinarily. They are free of bias attitude, as well as their information is accurate and clear.

It is incontrovertible that in today’s era journalists hesitate to depict the reality but it is an exception portraying to this.

One disease is permeated in the society that they are incredulous to accept the truth and consider to run after fictions. Unlike that Bolan Voice expurgates the wrong information, represses the cryptic views and illustrates the issue with straightforwardness.

At Last, I congratulate the editor and his staff members for the completion of his six years.

By: Naveed Shah Naik, Kharan, Balochistan:

At this conjecture, I thank the team of the respected magazine, who are rendering unrivalled and unparalleled services to aufait people of Balochistan with all regional, national and international tidings, articles, analyses and so many other informative materials. Incredibly, in current hazardous scenario of the country, which is said to be the most insecure place for media, Bolan Voice team is carrying out its tasks with bravery. I hope they will keep their work continued in future, too.

Naseeb Malik Reki, Quetta, Balochistan: I really like to read Bolan Voice magazine monthly, indeed, it is replete with various informations. That is why I don’t miss  to read it.

I especially read Ms. Veengas, Ahmed khan and Muhammad Akbar Notezai a lot. They nonchalantly write about the truth. I also look forward for them as well as hope that they will take the Bolan Voice to the pinnacle of success.

At last, I congratulate its team over completion of its six years.

Iqbal Hasrat, staff member of Bolan Voice:

Bolan voice is a magazine which provides news, articles and features on Baloch issues. It truly represents the Baloch cause in national and international level, also a fully fledged magazine with a lot of credit to the writer and columnists of it.

Indeed, all readers of Bolan Voice get material of their choice as there is a lot of variety of stuffs in it for every age of people. The readers feel some sort of ownership while reading Bolan Voice, too. It is the feeling and representation of common people of Balochistan.

I joined Bolan Voice because it is the only magazine that, its objectives in its policy and that it’s the voice of all Balochistan’s people.

I found the all staff members of mine very cooperative, sincere and honest. By the way, at the hand, I wish all readers of Bolan Voice its very happy birth day.

Shabir Ahmed Baloch, Government Agriculture College, Quetta:

I have been reading Bolan Voice magazine for a long time. It overtly publishes the truth; sadly, which is being avoided in national media. By the way, I pray all staff members of Bolan Voice who make their every endeavor to bring the truth before masses, especially Ms. Veengas’s writings about Wrinkle Kumari deserve to be commended. Along with Ms. Veengas I also appreciate Ahmed Khan, Yousaf Ajab Baloch and Muhammad Akbar Notezai’s write-ups in the Bolan Voice.

Basheer Ijbari:

In the beginning, being one of the staff members of Bolan Voice, I wish the all readers of Bolan Voice very happy birth day. I hope soon, by the willing of God, not only be read in Blochistan but also in all provinces of Pakistan. I love to be the part of Bolan Voice, also want the readers to contribute and write for Bolan Voice.

Indeed, I found all staff members of mine very cooperative, helpful and sincere. I am sanguine about the future of Bolan Voice that it will reach the pinnacle of success.

Shareef Ustad:

Being the neighbor of Bolan Voice magazine, I wish the all staff members of Bolan Voice, including with its editor, very happy birth day!

Truly, I can’t read or understand Bolan Voice because it is in English, but I see that team works hard every time. Unquestionably, the editor of Bolan Voice is an honest and truthful and I am sure truthful people can never be wrong. However, I look forward for all of them.

Qayyum Najam Durrkzai:

I have been reading Bolan Voice magazine for a long time because it is not only giving me knowledge but also superfluous helpful information. That is why I want to suggest the students to read and buy Bolan Voice for getting knowledge; it will be very useful for them.

At the hand of my message, I thank those folks who are running this magazine.

Haji Ghous Baksh Bangulzai:

Haji Ghous Baksh expressing his views on the eve of Bolan Voice birth day, said, “The magazine is working very hard for the Baloch people, and politicians, youth and students are getting benefited form it.”He further said, “I found the best aspect i.e. it is educating the youth politically, therefore, I congratulate the all team of it a lot.”

Zeshan Baloch, Kharan

I am glad to give my views regarding the birth day of Bolan voice because it is one of the well know magazines of Balochistan, also They write about truth. Therefore, I want to suggest my others friends to read informative magazine.

Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman, Baloch Missing Persons Organization:

I hope this Bolan Voice magazine will further discuss the various topics in magazine, like state of education in Balochistan, Balochi Culture and Political issues.

Well, on the birth day of Bolan Voice, I would to like to say that this magazine, to a greater extent, has covered the issue of Missing Persons’. I hope that in future they will keep also writing about then as well as highlighting this serious issue.

In each edition, we find our Missing Persons’ issue discussed, written and reported. In backbreaking scenario of Balochistan, I understand that journalists are pressurized not to report about the situation, but despite they are striving to perform their duties honestly.

However, I request not only Balochistan’s journalists but also the world’s journalist to highlight our issue at every forum.


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