A Mother’s Bemoan

By Wahid Bakhsh Baloch

Baloch Missing Persons trial is under proceeding in Supreme Court by Judges Apex headed by Chief Justice. Honorable Supreme Court has given deadline to Frontier Corpse and Security Agencies for producing these Missing Persons, but security agencies instead of bringing on surface or releasing the Missing Persons they have escalated process of disappearing to Balochs.

In last days, when I went to market for routine stuff, where I saw an old Mother was handing-over a leaflet. When I got closed to old Mother, she handed-over me a peace of hand-out and it was written like as:

Honorable Citizens!

My son Aziz Khan S/o Haider, on July 31, 2012 to joining relatives was on the way to Barkhan from Quetta. The passenger wagon on rout of Barkhan when reached at Sunjavi point, then security agency official stopped it and unloaded four persons including my son from vehicle. My son, Aziz accompanied three friends Akbar, Sher Mohd and Rahim Marri were shifted to undisclosed location. The subsequent night of incident, except my son Aziz other three abducted were released in Loralai city. My son is missing yet.

Honorable Fellow Citizens!

We have no affiliation with any Political Party or any other group; we are peaceful inhabitant of New-Kahan town. And Aziz is sole earner for entire family. State Security Officials have abducted my son and I am worried they may not harm him. I appeal to Supreme Court, Balochistan High Court and International Organizations for immediate action regarding safe release of my son Aziz Khan.


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