Akbar Khan Bugti: A Historical Personality of Baloch Politics

By Hani RS Baloch, Turbat

Nawab Akber Khan Bugti was born on 12th July 1927 in Barkan, Balochistan. His respected and nationalist father’s name was Nawab Mehrab Khan Bugti and he was the grandson of Shahbaz Khan Bugti. In childhood, he was a great and brave. He was also enthusiastic to get education from his childhood. The primary education he had gotten in his native place Dera Bugti. Further, he received higher education from Oxford University.

After the death of his father in 1939, he became the teenage chief of his tribe. On the other hand, the people of his tribe loved him more than others to be their chieftain.

In addition, Akber Khan Bugti was a sublime politician of his time. He became the 5th Chief Minister of Balochistan in 1989. He was the only minister who took oath in his own language Balochi. Even he introduced first time Balochi in governmental schools, but unfortunately after him, Balochi Language once again was stopped teaching in schools.

He was a parliamentarian leader and a political figure. However, Akber Khan Bugti did not expect to obtain the Balochs’ rights through the parliament. Then he organized his own political party the Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP).

In 2005:

January 2005 the political situation of Balochistan became the worst, due to the rape case of Dr. Shazia in Dera Bugti. As a Pakistani captain Hammad allegedly was involved in the rape of Dr. Shazia, a nurse in an army dispensary. As women have an honorable status in Baloch society. So, Akber Khan Bugti told the government that she must be given justice and the captain must to be punished. But government not only was reluctant to take any actions against the captain, but declared him innocent.

This irritated Baloch Leader Akber Khan Bugti and he demanded captain to be sentenced according to the tradition of the Baloch society. In fact, there existed a tussle between the contemporary government and the Bugti tribe over the use of the resources of Baloch homeland. The government of Parveez Musharraf made it a base and attacked the house of Akber Khan Bugti on 17th March 2005. This invasion led the Baloch Leader to move towards mountains. It was the event that marked the 5th army operation against the Baloch Nation which is still persisting up to date.  The operation expanded to residential areas of Dera Bugti, where hundred of men, women, children and live stock were killed by ground and aerial attacks indiscriminately. The corps was burnt in a large extent.

Lastly, on 26 August 2006, the operation resulted assassination of Baloch Leader Akbar Khan Bugti and that fueled on burning fire and blazes engulfed the entire Balochistan.  It is not killed the remaining hope of Baloch Nation to live with Pakistan, but laid down the beginning of the armed struggle by the Baloch people that has destabilized Pakistan politically, economically and internally. Today, Pakistan is facing a tough insurgency by the Baloch people in Balochistan. The movement has made the country isolated on surface of the international politics.

However, the freedom movement in Balochistan was fueled from the blood of the 80 years-old man (Akber Khan Bugti) who sacrificed his life for the prosperity and liberty of his forth coming generation.


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