All is education

By Sudhir Luqman, Turbat

What I am yet failed to understand about the money spent on education. We have seen a lot of GOs and NGOs working for quality education in the country, but what I believe all is in vain.

 If my memory serves me right, the money just ESRA and NCHD utilized on education was in billions because education sector is the same as it was before to me the role of government itself is dubious. The budget spared for education is just a charity and a teasing joke for it. Neither government has made a proper educational system nor there are certain planning that can take the education on peak. Just imagine only in Balochistan two thousand plus schools are highlighted as ghost schools in past few times. Why is it so? Who converted these into ghost schools? Millions of rupees are being spent on these schools no doubt. No inquiry. The existing schools’ condition is so, then what about the modern education – computer and technological education?

Progress without computer is a matter that cannot even be imagined. There fore, every citizen must be well-equipped with the knowledge of using computers.

On the other hand, the respect given to the teacher by the society itself is an insult. The pay a teacher gets is just for three times food. Then, what about teacher’s wishes – to educate his children, to entertain his family, to have an impressive personality – all are just dreams for the one, who is considered the future builder of a generation.

I wonder if a builder is not sure pertaining his own future, how he builds the future of others. The lack of computer instructor is also a concerning issue and surely needs to be tackled. In my opinion computer education in our country, should be taught from nursery level in schools, apart from this modern education out to be taught at offices and homes.

We need such an educational system that equips people to meet needs of the modern technical society effectively. What is use of such an educational system which shows just the numerical superiority of strength as part if social well – being but in reality doesn’t hold practical significance.

Education without purpose will lead us nowhere. Our education system is not meeting our economic needs. Added to this, prevailing system that is not worthy of the responsibility to prepare a newly born nation to stand on its own feet. Our basic education providing institutions are a mere farce. Apart from failing to build a future – oriented sense of duty in our students, they do not manage to be good citizens.

To me, instead of making ESRA, NCHD or Ed – link, there should be a proper system and a check and balance, so that the existing education department can help to improve the quality of education. We have to update our basic educational institutions as top priority.

In our country, we still have millions of people who have aptitude to be good like Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Dr. Mehboob-ul-Haq, Imran khan or Benazir Bhutto. Just opportunity is the case but they need a system, too. Due to such bad state affairs, we find that such people with tremendous potentials and capability smolder away into oblivion as if their tiny existence was uncertain. They simply lacked that special ladder which would enable them to climb and establish their superiority for all to see and yet system remains unchanged.

People cry about feudalism in Pakistan and ours is a tribal society. If we look at the interior Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Khyber pakhtun khwa, we will find as if the inhabitants are still living like Stone Age. All such impoverishment and deprivations which reek of inhuman conditions can be banished only with the weapon of education. But the vested interests are bent to hell, and keeping this status merely serves their needs. Again the question is: how to end these all? Who should do it? This task can be accomplished only by the information media that is great source of informative education.

The information media can awake our decadent society progress that the outside world has already achieved. If we succeed in this mission, the foundation of tribal society will face an imminent collapse. It is just not said that education is cheap defense, nations have proved it.

Our educational system cannot match with requirements of the present age. We have to strive for changes on each and every level. The tragedy this, more than a half century has spent and yet we are revolving around the year 1947. First of all, as a top priority, we have to arrest and terminate the declining caused elements in our educational field because without doing so, achieving progress would be the dream; otherwise, it is like someone who has not bought any lottery tickets and waiting to win something.

It is all education which is enabled China, Japan, U.S.A, Taiwan and Korea became top line ourtiers. Switzerland having no army for its defense has proved that internal threats are more dangerous than external ones and only way to be world’s most beautiful country is to make the education sector the strongest.

So simply, it is all education which can enable any nation in the world to be super power.


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