Ongoing war in Balochistan will end at defeat of occupant: BSO-Azad

By Basheer Ahmed Ijabari

Baloch Student Organization official released a statement that Pakistani forces in darkness of night violating sacred of bulwark. During raids in areas of Gwadar they have arrested innocent Baloch and were shifted to undisclosed location, such acts exhibit the barbarity of state.

This state got army power by begging is being used against Baloch to spread panic and this way she wants detent Balochs from joining movement. But history is witness that such inhuman acts never withdrew oppressed nations from firm decision of freedom, even this sort of acts caused further fuel and escalation of freedom movements. The occupant whatsoever does, Baloch Nation has endeavored for salvation, and hence this war will end at deliverance of Baloch.

Organization spokesperson further said that international world silence about atrocities on Baloch isn’t meaningless, because entire world knows better that Pakistan is occupying on Baloch Land illegally. Withstanding, the world knowing this that said state’s entity is great threat for South Asia and entire world peace, even then international powers are supporting it for their temporary interests and they are muzzled about its atrocities. The claim for being champion of human rights turns to negation of this due to worse situation of Balochistan.


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