Our elders tendered sacrifices for Balochistan, won’t let it be divided: Akhtar Mengal

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbari

Akhtar Mengal said in a procession, “Balochistan is not only Baloch people’s but also of Pashtoons and Hazaraz, also Balochistan is not refugee card which can be distributed. Sadly, Balochs are facing hardships in recognizing the decomposed bodies of their brethren. Indeed, our elder tendered great sacrifices for our motherland, so we won’t let it be divided at any cost.”

Dr. Jahanzaib said, “Balochistan is in belligerent situation, fighting its national and political war against Islamabad. PMP’s chairperson strayed from main agenda, following someone else’s agenda. That is why it can’t be Pashtoon’s Party.”

On the day of procession, in Killi Ismail, people were present in great number across Quetta. They were coming to attend the procession by vehicles, motor-bikes and rickshaws. Acting president Dr. Jhanzaib Jamaldini, central secretary Agha Hassan Baloch and Javed Baloch were also present on stage.

Akhtar Mengal further said on telephone, in remembrance of martyred Balochistan procession, “No one is safe in Balochistan, including Hazaras and Pashtoons. State’s forces are systematically killing Baloch doctors, journalists and intellectuals. The last hope of Missing Persons’ relatives is Supreme Court if it gets failed to provide them, than they will be more and more bereft of hope. There will remain saved nothing then. If we also sacrifice for our rights, those are called also sacrifice our lives to save it from dividing.

He said this country was formed in the name of Islam and in same country our decomposed bodies of political activits and intellectuals are being abducted and killed.

At the time of procession, acting President Dr. Jhanzaib, Secretary General Agha Hassan Baloch, BSO (M) Secretary General Javed Baloch, Mir Inayat Ullah Langove, Malik Naseer Shahwani, Secretary General for Women Jameela Baloch, Information Secretary of BSO (M) Nazeer Baloch, Prince Agha Masood Jan Baloch, Malik Abdul Wali Kakar, Aman Ullah Khan Zehri, Ghulam Nabi Marri, Mir Khurshid Jamaldini, Meran Sari Baloch (Daughter of Habib Jalib Baloch), and other spoke.

At last, BNP(Mengal) President Akhtar Mengal said, “In this Islamic country, rulers, sometimes kill us by saying black sheep or agnostic. Including, General Musharraf, Asif Zardari, Mr. Gilani and Mr. Kiyani all of them are involved in the genocide of Baloch People.”


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