Social changes in Balochistan

By Ahmed Khan

Sociology is scientific study of society. It is social science which uses various methods empirical investigations bring a body of knowledge about human activity. From which sociologist goal is to conduct research and after gain knowledge about human activity from laws, education system and other wants of society and as well conducted research means to refine theoretic understanding and social process. This subject ranges micro level individual behaves to macro level of system, social structure and interaction of various societies.

Marxist thinkers knot the social activities with mode of production and status of economy. No doubt economy is basic sources for building culture, tradition and social practices among society and enhancing relation level of societies or nations.

The equal mode of economy gives birth to smooth relations, interactions, celebrations and respect among society elements without force of greed, wealth owning supremacy and inequality of work. Unequal economic system also evaluates superstitions like fate, scourge, divine’s fear, intuitionalism and other similar irrational fallacy which disturb society and factions become noble and become master of all and remaining big portion undergoes unfortunate, wretchedness, inferior, unqualified, idiocy and so on. Due to discuss false notions society goes under divisions and gets various facets and human even scientific advancement and inventions suffers and fells in troubles like war, hatred, antagonism but remains deprived of the aspect of aestheticism.

If we take a review of present world, then those countries have got progressed much in various fields including sciences of sociology, which have strived for application the formula of equal economy. France, former Soviet Union, Germany, Scandinavian countries are where social values like education level including others admirably have grown-up. In discussed states, citizens grown mindset that they consider great sin violation of law and snatching of others rights have almost vanished-away from their brains. Give respect to human, and took apart from biases like race, color and gender. Improving in aspect of life is on its place but socially their lives have adorned.

The wealthy states like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and African states which are rich with oil and minerals including an Asian region Balochistan due unequal economic system instead human values or social sectors developing further are going to down-sink in marsh of mess and quandary with melting time. These discussed states even having abundance of resources falling life standard except few nobles, majority of peoples facing worst social crises and unrest. These areas system instead of base on rational codes running by intuitional assumption and societies instead of labor to combat instinct forces have handed over themselves collectively depending on unknown and uncertain destine. Practice unequally on base of gender, race, color and so on. A sociologist of 14th century of North Aferica Ibn Khaldoon in frustration on critically against that time theocratic state laws said, “In Muslim Empire which is stretching on million miles, tell me such a place where I don’t found bloodies”. That times Muslim conquerors after overcoming the areas’ women were made captive and afterward were made concubine, hence they give birth to illegitimates in spirit of their following religion Islam. That age people similarly were given themselves to unknown power, but were consider social injustices valid for merely their society not for others, they were consider these sin for others.

In Balochistan, social behaviors also can be felt unequal and Baloch Nation who is totally averse of prevailing set of tradition on media which is being over-propagated. Suppose, it is common in establishment or pro-establishments that Baloch tribal system is a hurdle in the way of progress. But what they are declaring progress in fact it is exploitation or fabricated social traditions which haven’t evolved by process or these are imposed on Balochistan. Contrary to this, invalid Sardars and Dukes are being supported and are empowered by same establishment and pro-establishment elements.

During previous days, a meeting about Immunization Polio Campaign held with this project Focal Person at Balochistan Public Information Department. He categorically said, “We don’t feel inconvenience giving drops of Vitamin-A which provide protection or defending energy to children’s body against Polio, in Baloch areas whether these are tribal or non-tribal, such as Marri and Bugti agencies, Sarwan and Jhalawa which are tribal dominated regions. Mekran, where masses quitted from tribal traditions, are mostly educated and helpful for this campaign runner.”

Hence, it seems socially Baloch are progressive, but Baloch belt is under developed than other part of country, especially than same province Balochistan’s Pashtoon areas. But never media, intellectual and state institutes underlined these social behaviors. Consequently, it seems that policy maker deliberately spoiling social characteristics of human.

About Pashtoon belt the Focal Person said, “In the areas of Qilla Saifullah and Qillah Abdullah clergymen have issued decree that people mustn’t let Polio teams to give drops to their areas children. But state departments, media and pro-establishment intellectual declare these areas population progressive and peaceful against the social conditions of present age.

In previous days, we have rounded in suburb of capital Balochistan Quetta with a senior comrade. Our half day tour was like survey to read these areas communities’ mentality. In media and intellectual said that anti-development elements have stopped the mining of coal in Baloch populated areas of Degary, Soorenj, Margat, Marwar and so on, where non-local people were abducted by banned organization, which caused stoppage of mining process. But it seems locals of discussed areas were socially backing this stoppage of mining, because they were totally denied from their land exploited mineral but aliens were enjoying, it is social unjust.

During our short tour of hours, senior comrade inquired natives of disturbed areas that mining process has stopped, so you people don’t oppose it. Their answer was quite strange, they said, “We never ever attained any benefit from these mines, whether run or are stopped, because our soil extracted minerals aren’t in use of us. We have no sorrow for this stoppage.” But media and intellectual exaggerating that Baloch socially don’t let for developments. In fact, they are being exploited by economically and that’s why haven’t shown any reaction but Pashtoon parties which are backed by establishment of arranged bogus protests, which were confined around press club, which is totally against the essence of sociology. Media and state apparatus against fact are trying to display or distort social tradition of unbalanced economy by lame logic of religion and fuzzy history.

During an interview to media a security officer told, “Pashtoon of Balochistan are progressive and business oriented, they don’t disturb state affairs but Baloch areas sustaining insurgents and non-progressive elements.” The official’s statement meant smuggling is a business, otherwise in those areas no business exists. Is smuggling social economy of this state? In fact by smuggling local industry gets demised. People of state and area people get unemployed, state tax system gets spoiled. But few people earn pile of wealth, it ruins social norms of society and it goes toward devastation. In fact, declared socially progressive areas people are aren’t letting for Polio drops, which negates claim or declaring progressive of these areas.

In Pashtoon belt of Balochistan all needs of life stands on capital legs. In these discussed areas interest is famous business and mostly run by Syeds, of course it is a curse as education of Islam. In these Pashtoon areas it is prevailing tradition that “Valvor” dowry, through it man has to money girl for marriage. Destitute people because of this social evil can’t get married till their old age. Religious element verdict against Polio but they have closed their eyes toward these social evils. In those areas if any person has nationality of any European country, hence he can get marriage in any family putting aside age difference or polygamous.

Social changes or development easily can be felt in Baloch Community; they even have been controlling unwilled fake tribal system of Sandman for more one and half century period. Baloch haven’t accepted this failed tribal system till today, but seeking rid-off from this and perusing for parity based socialized system and economical setup.

Common Baloch is much consciousness and stood against Sardars, Nawabs and state coerces which are falling on masses in shape of bureaucracy of civil and military, since then formation this state.  Which is color of evolution process and positive social change in Baloch masses but theoretic mentality, fascists and covetous for wealth elements are stopping way of evolution but society of Baloch is rich with social and optimistic qualities, and are struggling for justified socio-politic and socio-economic system. Their rise is natural truth and need of humanity for prosperous, because crumbling capitalism got very ugly face of phantom. International realistic intellectual, sociologists are hailing Baloch this social advancement, because they know it will usher a path for entire region people to get rid-off from hell of present unjustified social system.


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