30th August; International day for Enforced Disappeared Persons

By Wahid Bukhsh Baloch

United Nation has assigned 30th August for Enforced Disappeared Persons, and internationally on this day programs are observed for disappeared persons. As accordance with this day, we have strived to attain concentrations of world toward Baloch Missing Persons and atrocities of Pakistan on Baloch Nation which were incepted after un-willed annexation of March, 28, 1948.

Till enforced annexation to date, hundred Baloch sons are kept in torture cell of state, where they are being tortured physically and mentally, as well as they are enduring agony of imprisonment. They are being tortured in various ways, like burn by Sigret, electric shocks, drill, snatch nails, put to lay on ice in Cold Weather and other shocking ways. These abducted style arrest haven’t effected a single field of life, but all spheres of life peoples, from a common man to tribal chieftain have been held by state officials.

Atta Ullah Mangle son Assad Baloch was abducted in 1973, and till today his family doesn’t know his whereabouts, doesn’t know he is alive or died as well. Pakistan’s General Hameed Gul had confirmed his arrest. Excluding this, the series of abduction was started during dictator Musharraf era, which is continuing  without recess to date, even it has escalated in so-called democratic period of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government instead of abating, difference is only this that it got shape of “kill and damp” Policy, presently.

An Organization comprising on relatives of Baloch Missing Persons “Voice for Baloch Persons” provided data which shows number of disappeared persons is 14000, and they have received mutilated bodies of 450 Persons. Among these missing persons, one is Noora Marri, who was abducted in 2005 by state agencies and was tortured physically and mentally, afterward was threw as dead condition, who is now paralyzed and he is living between dead and breathing condition.

The disappeared persons mutilated bodies throwing series was commenced in 2009 and through this hundreds people if all walk of life, like students, Advocates, Journalists, Intellectuals and so on bodies have been thrown. In inception, Chairman Ghulm Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir and Sher Mohammad Baloch bodies were threw, who werer abducted from office of Kachkol Ali Advocate from Turbet

Leader of Baloch National Movement these Baloch leaders were abducted on April 3, 2009 and after few days on April 8, 2009 their dead bodies were found from Murgab area of Turbet.

Haji Jan Mohammad Marri was abducted from Karachi and after few days with another Baloch Bukhsha Bugti found mutilated bodies from Vinder, a town of Balochistan.

Jalil Ahmed Reki, secretary information of Baloch Republican Party, decomposed body was found from Turbat. Zaman Marri Advocate was abducted on August 18, 2010 by agencies from his chamber in Quetta. His mutilated body was found near Mastung on September 6, 2010 after twenty days of abduction. Zaman Marri was killed by drilling. Ali Ahmed Marri, nephew of Zaman Marri was abducted in February, 2010 and his mutilated body also was found from same venue where from Zaman Marri body was found, in vicinity of Mastung, on September 13, 2010.

Mohammad Khan Marri, a journalist was abducted on April 11, 2012 and on May 28, 2012 his mutilated body accompanied his brother dead body in Quetta was found. Mohammad Khan Marri was beheaded and head was disjointed from his corpse.

Hundreds other Balochs in same style were abducted and afterward their decomposed bodies were found from desolated areas of Balochistan. These Baloch were abducted by security forces, security agencies and organizations formed by state to function for her. These all are adopting “Kill and dump” policy. This is same that policy which American used against Cuban people. They also first abducted people and then martyred to them. This policy also tested against Vietnamese, too. Today, Pakistan is practicing same “Kill and dump” policy against Baloch.

Baloch Nation several times on various occasion informed International Organizations about atrocities on Baloch by state Pakistan. Once again Baloch Nation appeals to international world for intervention to stoppage of cruelties series in Balochistan.

Baloch Nation is struggling politically and wants it previous status before occupation on Balochistan by Pakistan. International Organization keeping in view to Baloch Martyrs sacrifices to support National Struggle and intervene into the malady.  They mustn’t delay for intervention, because Baloch entity is facing threats.


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