Balochistan National Party (BNP-M) within and without

Politics is process to rearrange masses lives and thoughts on new formula or ground, where masses are to be given rights and life facilities in systemized way, where masses adopt new invented system and renounce previous living style which is outdated or less comforted as compare to new. This good edified society after several phases slowly converts by industry of political parties or group of peoples.

In Balochistan, numerous parties with various slogans are working for their parties’ promotion and convincing people in their favor. Each party has its program and manifesto and its mechanism varies from that of other parties. One among them is Balochistan National Party. This party each aspect isn’t clear in its policy and manifesto and is working with vague objectives.

Balochistan National Party (Mengal) owns conservative minds, tribal personalities, personality cults, religious elements and all other types. It is possible that due to any confusion BNP-M couldn’t give any clear program to Balochistans’ masses. This party claims for being progressive but its leadership is specified for a family.

BNP-M till now couldn’t decide whether it likes to be with Pakistani federation or secessionist parties which want freedom from Pakistan. On various occasion this party leadership made different announcements. For instance Akhtar Mengal, the party president on martyrdom of Akbar Khan Bugti announced, “We disjointed our all relations with state”, but after few years or months in their statement said, “We must not be counted in fighters, who are fighting for separation”.

Internationally, this party leadership similarly presented a separate stance “Right of self-determination” instead of freedom. During an interview with BBC Akhtar Mengal said, “We are experienced and now don’t trust in state rulers, but want a third power to take guarantee of Pakistan for any agreement, and then we will be consented for negotiations”. Question rises, if third power takes guarantee and says of living within present borders, and then Akhtar Mengal would be agreed with this pact?

Mean this party neither can tell it is parliamentarian or non-parliamentarian party, nor this party is ready to make alliance with any sort of mind-set. In fact, this is real problem with it that on each field wants control in its hands and not agreed to let someone go ahead or on its equal level. In parliament this party want domination, similarly on international forums this party wants to lead or be owner of all and entire international community personalities about Balochistan contact with them, whether they are struggling on ground of Balochistan or not.

It can be perceived that Balochistan National Party (BNP-M) wants that it be master in all fields in Balochistan, like parliaments or succession, too and no one go ahead from this party. Its leadership wants only BNP to deal Baloch Issue within and without state of Pakistan. They are not ready to make alliance with any other Baloch Party or group because other will have share in matter of Balochs, which is indigestible to it. Yes BNP-M only accept this that if someone want work or struggle, so only under umbrella of this party or work by orders of this party leadership, otherwise party will disapprove any activity.

Indeed, the objective circumstances call for single and strongly united representation internationally including locally, because opponent is using different cards, including religion. Baloch need sincere and true politics and history will decide and reward for high name and fame. This temporary applaud, admiration and wealth are valueless in front of Baloch National cause. BNP-M must give priority to Baloch National struggle instead of individual fame, and come out from party and tribal egoism.


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