How is prosperity possible?

The basic problem of this state is this that nobody is sincere for remedy of mentioned problems

By Imam Din Kandrani

In this full developed technology era, the globe is passing in new amazing inventions. These inventions have brought meaningful allured change. Due to mentioned changes every country has developed. If we think about the depth and read the history of those highly developed countries, then we might see sobriety in there people and measurement of equity (justice) on equal base for every person. There law is applied for every person.

But, Alas! In this state every matter is varies. Every department does to poor public. Here every office has different doors to enter, one is for needy people and the second one is for special people. People are being dealt with different angles. Officials do not soot out the problem of poor’s in year, but they do so for especial persons in a wink. Though they so the work of poor only for the sake of money, if they provide money to them, otherwise those department’s officials do not lift poor, because as it says that “might is right.”

Peons to PM (Every servant) are indulged in all sorts of corruption. With out doing it they do not sniff to live.

In every government’s era public has been deprival of. Democratic Government or dictatorship both crushed poor.

Establishment skins public, hiking price squeezed poor, but opposition is snoring, NAB is deaf, Justice itself is needy, every one disobeys it and crushes it.

The structure of country’s stability is pierced; especially Balochistan’s, where government’s writ is considered to be a joker’s joke. Narcotians are strong even government can not face them. In Balochistan every general person considered as espial of any anti government group or state.

Due to small mistakes, they are being kidnapped and taurchered. After few days, their relatives receive mutilated dead bodies of endeared. Establishment does not hesitate to allege them. But they do not allege these departments’ and officials, who are really traitors as WASA, NADRA and WAPDA.

WASA provides water to rich areas, like satellite town B1 to B5, A one city, Green town, Jinnah town, and other especial areas including cant. Poor people are compelled to buy water-tankers, though the rich should buy water-tankers, because they are having capability to buy water tanker. The poor is already poor for twice bread.APDA is that department which only in summer season alleges that the Baloch rebels are blowing-up the power pylons. Because in summer season electricity consumption enhances in double or more it in folds that’s why they seek only the way to allege on opposite only for saying reason. But in winter rebel do not infringe in flounce of electricity!

Why? It is a question, and NADRA who provides CNICs to the refugees for the sake of money. But indigenous citizens are facing difficulties. I met with a family who complained that “their family’s nobody is having CNIC, they are totally ignored”.

All the residue departments are remaining as name of department, as you know better, like Railway and PIA departments; they are rebel, because they are not working for state. Discussed departments’ all policies are anti- government, but establishment is busy to allege the other innocents.

Country is being uprooted but political theory of all political parties is still not dear. Present government is about to complete her tenure and all policies are unbeneficial for masses.

All the politicians (parliamentarians, MNAs, MPAs, Ministers and other) are busy in their protection and their earned money, especially to violate rule and regulations and do not comply with judiciary. They work to support those, who transfer national wealth to other’s countries.

The basic problem of this state is this that nobody is sincere for remedy of mentioned problems.

There is a huge crisis of sobriety, not materials like energy, sugar, not system. Here is no difference between election and selection. Here every political party is having   authority to select her agent for election, who can be honest or rejected from the side of public. So it called selection not election. Here country means a political ground not a state. Every one comes to do practice not for ruling. After enjoying they go to foreign countries.

The humane public seeks seraph that have ability to solve their matters and penalize the all traitors. Who pillaged wealth of country and bluffed the public. Other wise without seraph we can not develop even we will be counting the stars.


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