Paper made lions aren’t required but pragmatic: Akbar Khan Bugti

By Wahid Bukhsh Baloch

After studying history, the month of August seem on a prominent position in ‘Baloch History’, because it is catering lofty Baloch martyrs severance dates. In this month, state has severed from nation the great Baloch Leader Akbar Khan Bugti with his comrades, Ghulam Qadir Pirkani, Bahar Khan Bangulzai including other hundreds liberalist Balochs, who are today severed physically from us. Our today’s discussion pinnacle personality is Martyred Akbar Khan Bugti, who on age of 80 years, went through mountains where he embraced martyrdom.

Akbar Khan Bugti born in 1953 at house of Mehrab Khan in Barkhan. He was selected for governorship of Balochistan in 1973, and in 1988 he was given post of Chief Minister Balochistan. In Musharraf era, due to strive of Balach Marri and Akbar Khan Bugti an old bloodiest feud between Marri and Bugti was settled and then relations between both Baloch tribes were turned into brethren.

In 2005, the accused Capton Hamad was nominated for Dr. Shazia rape case, hence, he had to crossed from fire or water according to prevailing tradition for acquit, but for this government wasn’t agreed for its official and denied blatantly for doing so. Government sent Choudary Shujat and Mushahid Hussain for negotiations on dispute. Akbar Khan Bugti rejected this team of government, consequently on March 17, 2005, his guests’ premise was onslaught and on civil population cannons were used for bombard, which resulted martyrdom of 70 lives. These hostilities compelled Akbar Khan Bugti to make abode the mountains, where he with Balach Marri properly launched struggle for Baloch National cause.

Being a tribal leader of his tribe, sagacious, intellectual and great political leader Akbar Khan Bugti with Balach Marri joined Baloch Sarmachars, who were already busy in insurgency. He abandoned all facilities and luxuries of life for the sake of emancipation of Motherland. Akbar Khan Bugti’s this act of going to mountains in senile had renovated the memories of old Baloch fighter Nouroz Khan.

Akbar Khan Bugti because of worst situation in Dera Bugti, was shifted to mountainous area of Marri, from where he was in belligerency. From 23rd to 26th August with comrades were in fighting with enemy. This operation was lasted for three days, eventually on August 26, 2006 Akbar Khan Bugti with few comrades embraced martyrdom.

The martyrdom of old leader Akbar Khan Bugti had left unending series of provocative protest throughout Balochistan by Baloch youth. The furious youth set fire the government assists and blocked roads, due to that traffic was suspended for weeks. Old leader martyrdom aroused Baloch youth and many joined struggle of Baloch Movement. Rival got frustrated and in craziness commenced throwing series of mutilated bodies of political workers, elders, advocates, journalists, intellectuals and people from other sphere of life Balochs, who are sympathizer for Baloch Movement, and this series is long-lasting to date.

During “Kill and Dump” policy up till now 450 bodies have been thrown in different parts of Balochistan. Akbar Khan Bugti in age of 80 paid his life and left a lesson for Baloch that practical struggle is only panacea of Baloch malady and Baloch instead of being “Paper made lion” be pragmatic.

Baloch should follow their assenters, like Akbar Khan and Balach Marri did in practical field and proved Baloch origin that they never bow front wrongness whether it is powerful in many folds. They from their blood illuminated splendid history series of Baloch and left a lesson for their fellow nation people that they only believe in practical struggle.


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