Revolution and counter-revolution

By Shahdad Mumtaz, Turbat

A historical act which brings a fundamental change is called revolution, a change which changes negative to positive, injustice to justice, inequality to equality. The true revolution brings the snatched rights of society and fulfills all the promises which have been made during revolution. Besides, for opposing that revolution, state or the master makes an articulation which works for the interests of state and especially that articulation is made to counter the movement or revolution. That articulation is generally known as ‘counter-revolution’.

For bringing a revolution there must be strong strategies, a theory which impresses the society and gives a ray of hope to the society. I mean a theory which can compel the people to struggle. The society should be impartial for a premature revolution. The society should hate and reject all the institutions of current system against which theory is made.

The leadership must sophisticate the nation because in every revolution leaders are there to lead the movement. But the leaders must have many qualities. They must have the quality of leadership. Their characters should have transparency. They must be like a mirror and shouldn’t give a single chance to the opponents and counter-revolutionaries to raise a finger on their character and struggle. Then they can be called leaders who have all abilities to lead the nation and can give water to the tree of revolution by their struggle.

However, theory should be applied practically as without practical the theory is useless. We can find many theories, but what about them today? We just find them in books or just limited in speeches. But, on the other hand, we can find those theories which have been applied practically. As ‘socialism’, we can find socialist states and intellectuals all over the world and a big socialist revolution. They believe theory is like a body and practical is its soul. If both are merged they can do anything, but, if both are separated, they can do nothing. A body without soul is nothing and a soul without body is nothing. To make it easy, theory can’t stand alone; it needs concrete actions (practical). And a concrete action without theory is also useless.

Well, I mean both; theory and action can’t stand alone, if you have a theory that doesn’t have concrete actions is like a car without tires and fuel. In contrast, if you have concrete action which doesn’t have a theory is like a driver without main target and destination. As it is said if you don’t know where you are going then every road will lead you nowhere. For a revolution it is must to have both, theory and concrete actions.

By the way, every revolution has to face counter-revolution. We simply define counter-revolution likewise, “the act to oppose the revolution and support the current system morally and practically both against which revolutionaries are struggling.” But it always fails to confront the revolution because revolution has the power of public and it mostly come form lower or middle class of the society. They are most affected ones in society and they are the ones to bring revolution. Revolutionaries speak the reality and the language of public. They raise voice for their fundamental rights and other rights which have been violated. They talk about equality in a destabilized society. The interesting thing is that public considers them their guardians because of their great struggle and devotions for the public. While counter-revolutionaries speak the language of state and wants the society to be in current system against which revolutionaries are struggling. For their own individual needs they sell their integrity and want to sustain the status quo.

Taking it to extreme, counter-revolutionaries are in two dangerous shapes, politician and armed groups. In the shape of politician they use the wrong tool of politics and works to inspire the public to be in current system and it also spreads hatred against revolution and revolutionaries. It mostly uses negative propaganda as a weapon to hijack the support which public has for the revolutionaries. And propaganda is such a thing through which common people can get affected easily. Likewise, counter-revolutionaries attempt to change the minds of people and put some negative aspect against revolution and revolutionaries. They want to give such an impression that the current system is much better than the coming. They try their best to convince the people not to join the struggle of revolution. But what is true is true. And these counter-revolutionaries reach in such a stage where they lose all the things despite of having power of state, but as I told before there is no bigger power than public.

The other shape of counter-revolution is armed group. This group is made to assassinate revolutionary’s intellectuals and other insurgents and activists who are struggling for revolution. As in the on-going crisis of Syria a pro-government militant group ‘Shabiha’ is involved in massacring activists in Syria. We ourselves can find these groups {Sipah Shohda, Mussulah Difah etc} in our society who have attacked Baloch intellectuals, doctors and youths. Everywhere these groups are actually consisted of drug mafias and other anti-radicalization.

Counter-revolutionaries have to pay the retaliations one day. As in Bangladesh four religious leaders were convicted in the charge of treason against their own nation during movement. We can see after forty years they got their result and had to pay of what they did.

However, we can find these both in our society, ‘revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries. We won’t be failed to judge that who is speaking the language of public and who is speaking the language of state, who is struggling to show right path and bright future and who is showing the wrong path {parliament} and giving the education of slavery, who have devoted their all things for the nation and who have looted the nation for many years. But, they must know in the court of Baloch they have to be convicted one day..!


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  1. nice article,keep it up.m baloch

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