Salute to Akbar Khan Bugti and comrades: Brahamdagh Bugti

Bolan Voice Report

On 26th August, Martyrdom anniversary of Akbar Khan Bugti, the grand son and head of Baloch Republican Party Brahamdagh Bugti spoke via telephone to workers. The reader conference was held at residence of Mir Ali Afzal Bugti.

Brahamdagh Bugti said, “I present salute to Akbar Khan Bugti and his comrades, who had preferred death on life of slavery. Occupant forces have disjointed our leader physically from us but we are proud on his feats, today. Akbar Khan Bugti in senile without caring unwell health and paralytic had fought for cure of slavery of disease, in which Baloch Nation is suffering. He in senile paid sacrifice of life with his valiant comrades, consequently today we are proud on this historical incident. His sacrifice has granted courage for struggle to Balochistan for deliverance to their subjugated land”.

Brahamdagh Bugti further said, “Baloch Nation has to be united, because rival isn’t missing any opportunity of negligence toward Baloch. She is abducting Baloch and afterward throwing their bullet riddle dead bodies. If the struggle of freedom has demised, then Baloch also will be faded-away from his land. We must speed-up pace of freedom movement, which is our national duty, too. Today’s day isn’t only demands for references, but circumstances and sacrifices of martyrs are calling for practical struggle. If we couldn’t guard our mothers, sisters and don’t give value their sobbing and tears, resultantly rival will kill us one by one”.

Brahamdagh Bugti added, “We re-determine that mutual differences have to put aside and strive for accomplishment of the National Mission, and make real the dreams of our martyrs. We will keep continue the commenced struggle by our ancestral with our blood”. Party leader expressed his firmness.

Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Central Deputy Organizer Dr. Basheer Azeem and Party leader Mir Wadood Raisani through telephone spoke also the occassion. Other speakers also paid rich tribute to martyred Akbar Khan Bugti, his comrades and other Baloch Martyrs.

Mir Wadood Raisani in his speech told, “We salute Martyred Akbar Khan Bugti and other Baloch martyrs, who by their blood protected Baloch National interests, due to their sacrifices today voice of Baloch Issue is echoing on international forms, and state got helpless in front of it. Some so-called nationalists instead of struggling for liberation are busy to mislead Baloch and to bring ambiguity in Baloch aim. Baloch are today consciousness and guarding their coast and resources vigilantly”.


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  1. Bijoy Bharat Das

    Hindus of Balochistan are not Baloch because they speak Brahvi, and are therefore Dravidian like Qambrani, Dashti,,Mengal,Nicharis and Mhdsanis and Zarakzai tribes.

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