We pay Homage to Martyred Akbar Khan Bugti: BNM

Akbar Khan Bugti embraced martyrdom with fighting rival and made a history.

Bolan Voice Report

On sixth death anniversary of Martyred Akbar Khan Bugti, Baloch National Movement central representative said, “Our Party pay martyred leader homage, who made a history and fought for survival of humanism doctrine, damned on slavery and accepted life for the sake of Baloch National Freedom. The martyrdom of Akbar Khan Bugti roused Baloch and inspired them to renounce luxuries of life, because troubles, pains and torture are meaningless in pursuance of freedom. After enduring the tortures of rival freedom blessing will be conferred”.

Party representative said, “Baloch National Movement pays homage to elder Baloch leader and presents red salute. It is obvious, when a nation eight year child to 80 years old got ready for paying sacrifice, then that national never can be subjugated furthermore. Akbar Khan Bugti martyrdom with comrades, during resisting to occupant has given quality to Balochs’ tradition, history and a spirit to upcoming generations. Baloch got courageous for paying sacrifice from this incident, and they got awakened, too”.

Party representative said, “Now sons and daughter of motherland will have to follow the footsteps of Martyred Akbar Khan Bugti, who in old age instead of bowing front of rival, preferred resistance by gun. Hence, this act of Akbar Khan Bugti made eternal and provided him a prominent space in history, as well their martyrdom with comrades have brought nearer the destiny of freedom”.


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