UN team wasn’t let work autonomously: BSO-A

By Basheer Ahmed Ijabari

Baloch Student Organization-Azad via a statement noticed that United Nation working group didn’t let work autonomously to know actual situations on Balochistan ground. United Nation ought to use mandate granted by Nations, take action against Pakistan for enforced occupation on Baloch Land, and play their role about liberation of Balochistan.

United Nation teams’ press conference is welcomed, but now it has uncovered that working group didn’t let work without pressure. State institutes and its procurators have utilized their all grim tactics to divert UN team concentration from main problem of Missing and Martyred Baloch. They strived to erect confusions about number of martyred and missing Baloch by complying with command of their master. Withstanding state institutes the touts also utilized their all energies to emanate perception that Baloch Freedom is propelled sense of deprivation and freedom slogan is of handful people. This way these agents proved themselves loyal of occupant. Even such deceptive acts the presence of UN team on ground of Balochistan and attentively listening Balch stance is a great achievement.

After the unfolding of these facts, United Nation is obliged to send a team for insight of real issue of Baloch and get detailed information about Baloch Missing Persons by visiting all effected Baloch areas. The said team ought to conference with Baloch for finding truth, because state authorities have concealed realities. Presently, several areas of Balochistan are made hostage by occupant forces and civil population has been displaced from effected areas.

In statement, further inscribed Baloch struggle exposed all truth in front of world. The enforced disappearing and killing of struggler, political workers, intellectuals, journalists, students and other field life is committing of Baloch genocide. United Nation team in its press conference admitted human rights violation in Balochistan, and expressed concern for don’t prosecuting of perpetrator personnel. This press conference is endorsement that Pakistan is occupying Baloch Land without willing of here’s masses, resultantly she is violating norms of United Nation.

The working group concerns about security forces wrongful actions, is validating Balochs’ stance that this state is threat for regional peace and by directives and suggestion she can’t be kept constrain, but for it United Nation ought to take solid initiatives. for Knowing Balochistan situations United Nation official visit this land and observe ground realities by own without relying on state authorities.


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