Again! Six Points

By Shahjahan Zehri, Islamabad

Balochistan province, comprising on 47% of total land of Pakistan is the richest province in terms of resources. However, it’s the least developed province of Pakistan.

Balochistan is of paramount importance due to its economic resources and strategic location, it has become hot bed of international subterfuge and cross current. It has suffered five military operations during separate periods of military and civilian governments.

Akhtar Mengal, the head of the Balochistan National Party (B.N.P) and son of veteran Baloch leader Sardar Attahullah Mengal, was the chief minister of Balochistan in the late 1990’s. He was arrested in 2006 during Gen Musharraf’s regime and released in 2008, after the incumbent government had been elected.

Recently, he finished his self-imposed exile for four days and returned to Islamabad to give his testimony in Supreme Court’s law and order hearing on Balochistan, where he propounded his six-point charter to move forward to Balochistan and help resolve the current crisis.

Some four decades back, the prominent leader of “Jamaat –e- Awami League “Sheikh Mujeeb ul Rehman” presented six lethal points as “Final stand” with Pakistan government. Sheikh Mujeeb’s six points eventually led to a break-up of Pakistan and the emergence of Bangladesh in world map.

Contrary to that, Mengal’s points are not presented in rally but in court for justice; neither his points are new nor unconstitutional, they are simple, practical and genuine.

Mengal’s six points charter demand an end to forced disappearances: “proxy death squad’s” in the province be disbanded;  Baloch political parties should be allowed to function and resume their political activities without interference of intelligence agencies; person responsible for inhuman torture, killing and dumping bodies of Baloch political leaders and students should be brought to justice; and measure should be initiated for rehabilitation of thousands of displaced Balochistanis living in appalling condition.

Any sensible individual would endorse Akhtar’s points, because points are limited to human right violation in Balochistan; the demand of rehabilitation doesn’t concern Baloch ethnic only but of non-Baloch settlers as well. There is no harm in demand for fair and free politics of Baloch parties.

Nationalist and separatist inclined counterparts disagreed; argued Mengal should not have come back to Islamabad. His return has hurt the interests of Baloch nationalists; how can one trust the legislative and executive branches of government that have made no confidence building measure to appease the Baloch. Khan of Kalat Suleiman Dawood, accused him of brokering deal with security establishments to further his political career.

Mengal said that he knew what everyone else said, adding that they had a clear position and they believe in democracy and Supreme Court of Pakistan that’s why he was there.

To accomplish the purpose of reconciliation, government should sensitively think on Akhtar’s charter, his charter is last hope for reconciliation on Balochistan issue.

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  1. bloch qom ny kbhi ye socha ha k azad hony k bad takht-blochistan kis ko mily ga….?
    khana jangi shuru ho jygi or bloch awam k hath kuch nhi ayga…..or akhtr mengal bloch awam k itny hami hn mgr U.A.E mn mojood unk 5 star hotels mn 90% hindu hn bloch kiun nhi………?
    or b boht sary swal hn lkn………………………………………………

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