Baloch has Socialistic History; Baloch Freedom only can be sustained by socialism:

Saeed Yousaf Baloch said that they totally aren’t depending on United Nation or on its team, but don’t leave any field vacant for opposition. He says that Baloch has belief in his national strength. He believes that Baloch freedom only can survive by practicing Socialism; otherwise their freedom will be mortgaged in claw of multinational companies which are dominating on world without borders. His party has program first gain freedom then implements socialistic system. He also intended to expand his party working sphere in Iran and Afghanistan’s Baloch areas. Saeed Yousaf thinks, Pakistan is animating by foreign aid, in case of stoppage aid cord it will collapse. He feels positive changes in Baloch today, than past. Baloch National Movement is considered a classless and comprising on low class Baloch people, non-tribal workers and leaders’ party. Vice president Saeed Yousaf Baloch interview is presented for Bolan Voice readers.

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and SY for Saeed Yousaf Baloch)

Bolan Voice: Is BNM (Baloch National Movement) a political party or a mass front?

Saeed Yousaf: Well, BNM has a program for guiding Baloch and has all components which make a compound for a party. We through council session formed a cabinet and party incumbents are distributed also via this grand session in a democratic way. BNM has party constitution and manifesto, through these all workers and leaders are assigned responsibilities and realm of confinements, as well they bonded with each others through party codes. Baloch National Movement has a transparent policy about Baloch National Freedom and future of Baloch, which are distinguishing it from all other parties because no one has fine program like our party in Balochistan.

Blv: Government of Pakistan invited United Nation team for observing Missing Person malady, then why your party welcomed it?

SY: We are working at local, national and International grounds. Our leaders are raising voice on each forum on international level and they have conveyed information about Baloch Issue to all international organization including United Nation, then they have paid attention toward this conflict and sent team for probe into the matter. Second can be this aspect that state Pakistan have failed to curtail Baloch National Freedom Movement, and now she is on the lookout for any way to bring another power to tranquil this burning issue, and exchange of this render services or anything else. We have gone through United National Working Group and provided all information about human rights violations in Balochistan. It is pertinent to be mentioned that Baloch totally never depend on any international force including United Nation Working Group.

Blv: The report of United Nation team how much matches with veracity?

SY: It is true that this time imperialist dominating on world and United Nation is also in control of America, but today’s Baloch is much consciousness as politically and can understand that situations are tilting in which direction, that’s why we are not fully depending on UN team decisions. If we do so, hence they put ahead their interests and Baloch sacrifices and industry will give very less significance.

Blv: How United Nation can pressurize Pakistan or take initiatives against it?

SY: Pakistan is committing genocide in Balochistan and her barbarities are apparent before the world. Her economy and departments got defaulted and state is relying on international aid. Pakistan’s army attains weapons from America. If international world feel pain of Baloch and human rights violations in Balochistan and suspend cord of aid, resultantly it will collapse itself. If America pull-back her hand from back of Pakistan Army, then Baloch also knows well dealing it. It is imperialist that keeping Pakistan alive due to its interests.

Blv: United Nation is controlled by imperialist, hence how an oppressed nation makes expectation from such organization?

SY: No doubt, United Nation is controlled by imperialist, but Baloch Nation isn’t ready to live in slavery furthermore, it has historical heritage, land culture and so on. Pakistan was formed to combat Soviet Union, but today in current circumstances it lost its value and further imperialist may not use it. And entire world knows that Baloch is fighting its freedom war, because in Pakistan its history, nationality, culture and likewise are insecure. After freedom Baloch will exploit its resources and exchange with world on parity and humanism codes, which will be more convenient for developed world than present dealing with Pakistan. Otherwise, our expectations aren’t joined with United Nation, we believe in our own power.

 Blv: It is being felt after martyrdom of Chairman Ghulam Mohd Baloch, BNM couldn’t organize as political front, what are the reasons?

CY: I don’t agree with you here, it is sure chairman Ghulam Mohd was great asset of Baloch and he is no more among us physically, but after his martyrdom BNM got much organized. Due to state coerces on party caused change of mechanism for work, and now BNM’s roots are deep penetrated in Baloch masses, worker and leader got ripped ideologically, too. Party is working on scientific basis and it has advanced sufficient to destination but room of improvement never can be filled. State’s prosecutions on workers are exhibiting her foreboding, which is entailing our party succeed.

After martyrdom of Ghulam Mohd Baloch, Asa Zafar was appointed interim party leader, but he was violating party norms, constitution and was showing negligence toward activities of BNM. He without taking in confidence to workers and with no consultation made some initiatives which were against the basic essence of Baloch National Movement. He had gone abroad and we party workers were stun, where party’s head is? After prolong investigation, we traced-out Asa Zafar that he is living abroad.

Other few part workers demonstrated unserious attitude, including one senior comrade. Their group consisting of few Lyarit men and given name Shahee Ghulam Mohd BNM, except this they don’t have anything. We had brought Comrade Abdul Nabi Bangulzai to patch-up; even the splinted were not ready to re-unite, further we don’t have anything to do for them.

Blv: How do you see role of imperialist forces in the region? And mention main imperialist tools who are engaged this Baloch region?

SY: In Balochistan parliamentarian parties are supporting imperialist and comprador. These all parties including Balochistan National Party (Mengal) aren’t ready to back freedom of Balochistan. They want only bargain or adjustment for their share. They totally are ignoring Baloch Nation and its National Freedom. It is obvious that occupant abolishes your values, like language, tradition, culture, hospitality and so on to make alien from historical identification and make slave mentally. It is understood that mental slave is worst than physical, because it accepts slavery but physically bounded never accept but continues struggle for emancipation. These all discussed values can be preserved when you have your national state. Baloch population is in billion and they are distributed in three countries, and possess rich land with resources and coast line.

These Baloch parliamentarian parties are working for state and striving to persuade Baloch to come in circle of Pakistani state and accept slavery. These aren’t supporting freedom movement but facilitating occupant. They are deceiving people that through parliament rights be gained, which is impossible in present state structure. In fact, they are prolonging age of slavery and getting incentives for individuals.

We are struggling for freedom and our struggle ingredients are; surface politics, internationally up-voicing, literature, use of modern tools like internet, communication tools, guerilla fighting etcetera.

Blv: Some intellectual say imperialist is secluding Baloch from other oppressed nations to prey it and exploit Baloch resources and enjoy?

SY: Resources are of Nation and these will be used for welfare of Baloch. Now Pakistan is performing role of a broker on Baloch resources. She is selling these to China and other international imperialists, but genuine possessor is starving. After freedom we will deal with international world on parity and humanism codes. If someone is thinking to loot Baloch resources, hence it will be dealt like Pakistan. If we can combat with this state then no one be in amusement that digests Baloch resources as like piece of cake.

Blv: Baloch are populated in Iran and Afghanisan as like here, but BNM doesn’t think about there’s Balochs?

SY: Well, it is very significant point. In Iran Baloch are engaged in Baloch Nationalistic struggle. Unfortunately we don’t have any coordination with them, but it is need of time to commence working there, too. We are desirous but haven’t drafted schedule and method of work yet.

Imperialist in 1928, distributed Baloch in three countries; in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. In past, an organization U.B.O (United Baloch Organization) worked in Iran. Presently, on religious basis Baloch are struggling in Iran, but they ought to alter their movement into Baloch Nationalism. Similarly, work is required in Afghanistan, where three provinces; Nimroz, Hilmond and Farah are Baloch majority populated and of Baloch state, which had been part of Baloch State in past.

In Pakistan, the eastern parts, like Dera Ghazi Khan and adjacent areas are needed to work. In these areas, Baloch Nationalism and tradition demised due to cultural exploitation.

Blv: After freedom in Balochistan the requirement of instinct will be same like present, but explain what system will be applied, because in failure of this state it has great deal of different class based system and lack of social system?

SY:  First step is freedom, and second is socialism. We only can sustain our freedom through socialism. Baloch tribal system is like socialism, but presently existing is distorted, which was contaminated by Robert Syndeman. Baloch society was classless. Even chieftain was elected by merit for tenure and position holder was answerable in front of masses. Robert Syndeman viceroy had discarded positive qualities and left hierarchic system which isn’t endorsed by common Baloch.

Baloch Freedom wouldn’t be completed, until implementation of socialism. We are aware, presently socialism isn’t prevailing anywhere in world, but diligence is required to apply it, but we are resolute that we will give socialistic system to Baloch with reforms. If we will not do so, then Baloch wouldn’t be able to sustain its freedom and will be mortgaged in claw of multinational companies, which are dominating on world without borders.

Blv: B. Raman in his column has foretold that if Baloch don’t unite on local and international levels, then after withdraws of NATO forces from Afghanistan in 2014, Pakistan army influence will be enhanced due to European dependence on it, and its first task will be to eliminate the Baloch insurgency. In this regard Baloch is pondering?

SY: Baloch has learnt from past experiences and planning to meet all immanent situations and we are optimist, we will overcome on all hardships successfully. Situations will not remain same, Baloch knows this, but internationally Baloch is being given importance, because world can’t trust in Pakistan due to its double standard. We are educating Baloch for facing untoward situations because nothing can be gained without pain.

Blv: Do you want to deliver any message though Bolan Voice?

SY: Baloch must believe in their strength and world only confesses power. It is sure, through power aim and objective can be gained. Baloch must work in each field, like journalism, education, politic and so on, but must be adhered with National Struggle, then destination will be nearer and difficulties will be dashed. Baloch should rely only on its available resources, but never look for international assistance, otherwise they put their conditions. Our land is rich with resources but we are spending troubled lives, because we Baloch don’t have freedom. Our all maladies panacea is freedom.


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  1. We are Baloch people just want to Freedoom from Pakistan..because Pakistan want to accorept in my
    motherland that,s way…and we don’t eccept of Pakistan…………..from Iqbal Baloch………

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