Balochi Language

By Gulafroz Baloch, Turbat

Balochistan, where people communicant through language that is “Balochi”. We all know that it is spoken in very vast area and most famous language, too. Hence here it is pertinent to be known history of languages. Firstly, in the world there were eight languages. Among those eight languages, it was a language that called Hind Urpi. At that time, this language was too much spoken and famous among that age people, because it was compound of eight languages. A language, which Hind Aryahi languages was engrossed from Hind Urpi. In the languages of Hind Aryahi, our beautiful language come-out, also in these languages we can find Kurdish Lori, Pashto and many more were ingredient of Hind Aryahi. Balochi language somehow matches with discuss languages, because mentioned languages baseline is same with Balochi language that spoke in Balochistan and in Iran. Oganistan also use to talks in language, which is the part of Balochistan. Balochi is very large language because its one word meaning gives of 15/16 words. And the words found by great Baloch critic Waja Seyed Zahoor Shah Hashmi, whose labors granted Balochi language innovation and his feats will be remembered eternally.


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