Balochistan situation is worse than East Timor and Sudan, UN should intervene: BNV

A delegation of the Baloch National Voice has called on the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in Quetta, and hand them evidence of Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan.

A spokesperson of the BNV said that activists from his Organisation has informed the UN about 14,000 enforced disappeared Baloch and the recovery of around 500 mutilated bodies including those of women and children. The BNV also gave a video CD to the WGEID delegation which contained a detailed list of extra-judicially killed Baloch activists, pictures the victims killed by Pakistan military in custody and images of Baloch women and children killed during indiscriminate bombardments in military operations in Balochistan. The CD also contained video clips of the brutally tortured bodies of Baloch victims and pictures showing signs of extreme torture including broken bones, eyes plucked out and other signs of painful treatments they were subjected to in custody.

The UN team has assured the BNV delegation that their evidence will be thoroughly examined and included in the final report.

“Earlier the BNV in an e-mail and telephonic conversation welcomed the UN and offered them assistance during their visit in Balochistan. BNV had especially invited the UN team to visit entire Balochistan and in particular Kohistan Marri, Dera Bugti, Makuran, Bolan and New Kahan Quetta”, said the spokesperson. The BNV said it was of the view that Balochistan issue is worse than East Timor and Sudan that is why the UN should intervene immediately and help the Baloch to get rid of the slavery once and for all.

The UN WGEID because of insufficient time and security reasons excused to visit entire Balochistan. “The UN team’s visit to Pakistan and especially to Balochistan proves that the situation is volatile but the WGEID is only mandated to collect information about enforced-disappearances and make a comprehensive report.” The UN team said they wanted to assure the Baloch people that the UN has realized the gravity of Balochistan situation. The WGEID, in their report, will recommend that a professional UN team should be dispatched to Balochistan with mandate to investigate all sorts of Human Rights violations along with enforced-disappearances.

The BNV has admired the families of abducted and extra-judicially killed Baloch activists for visiting the UN team in a Quetta hotel. The spokesperson the meetings with UN delegation proved the ideological maturity of the Baloch nation. He said despite government threats and harassment Baloch activists’ meetings with UN and informing them about ground realities in Balochistan was a big blow to the enemy. “Baloch nation shall continue the struggle without any hesitation and confusion until national liberation and fulfillment of the mission of Baloch martyrs of freedom”, the BNV said.


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