Corruption in Balochistan Public Service Commission

 Open letter to higher authorities


It was unbelievable when we heard the shocking news that the chairman of Balochistan public service commission has approved the selection of appointments in education department in grad 17 of his second wife and two daughters from the first wife. The raid was conducted on the complaint of the candidates who alleged corruption against the chairman controller and some staff of the secret branch. The complaints alleged that posts of grad 17 and above advertised and filled by the public service commission were on sale and merits were ignored. The complaints pointed out the merits were totally killed and those who greased form of the chairman.  Some of the staff members of the commission have built palatial houses much beyond their known income is the evident that corruption is practiced very to a great extent in BPSC.

Although, NAB Balochistan seized the record of Balochistan public service commission for last two years in this surprised raid and interrogated the chairman Ahmed Magsi and concerned staff for further necessary action, but Balochistan, frustration is existed to its highest level, the current act of chairman BPSC has killed the last hope of thousands of the students and upcoming generation as BPSC used to be only trusted institution for providing services. One believes it or not, in all departments of Balochistan youths are being ignored by ministers and authorities by appointing their own relatives or the posts are to those from them they could get a handsome amount. All the posts from scale 1 to 16 are distributed to the recommended people.

A report published by international crises group analysis the structure and functioning of Pakistan’s civil services and bureaucracy. It identifies critical flaws as well as measures to make it accountable and able to provide merit based public services. Military rule has left a demoralized and inefficient bureaucracy that was just used to ensure regime survival. Law salaries, insecure tenure, obsolete accountability mechanism and political interference has spawned wide spread corruption and impurity. If the flaws of unreformed bureaucracy are not urgently addressed, the government risks losing public support and trust on the institutions. The public perception is that the country’s 24 million civil servants are widely irresponsible and corrupt while bureaucratic procedures are cumbersome and exploitative. The civil services falling standard impact mostly the country’s poor, widening social and economic divisions between the privileged and underdeveloped with citizens increasingly affected by conflict and militancy, the government’s ability to ensure law and order, as well to provide services such as education and health in merit based will be vital and beneficial.

Accountability of officials must be effective, impartial and transparent. Incentives for corruption could be reduced significantly with higher salaries and benefits, and better conditions of employment. The civilian government should also focus on transforming the civil services into the effective, moral flexible and responsive institutions. Reform should therefore include drastic changes to a rigid and over-centralized structure that has been unable to   address local fiscal needs and underdevelopment, by delegating important administrative and financial functions to lower tiers.

Bureaucratic rules, procedures and structures should be modernized. Training programs need to be geared towards not just producing a class of capable civil servants, but to restoring a sprit of public service. The international community too can help to improve governance by supporting civil service reform, expanding training programs and providing technological support and expertise to modernize methods and administration.

Jan Mohammad Baloch, Ginnah, Kech


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  1. Its true that the Chairman,Governor and a Judge of the High Court have distributed the posts amongst their family members which is against the law of the land and just to deprive the carrer of the efficient candidates of Balochsitan.


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