Elites Idiocy and Working Class

By M.B.Baloch Kolwai

It is a fact poor and helpless people have been treated as animals by elites in human history. The chain of meant issue by passing of day is showing vicious cycle. The gape between haves and haves-not is on its zenith. Majority of people are directly dependent on elite and wealthy families. Rich classes are showing ferocious attitude toward those who are working in their shops, offices, houses and institutional canteens.

Once, when I ate rice in Balochistan university canteen, after that, when I was about to pay balance to reception, same moment a worker who was holding canteen materials for students was looking at rice with appetent eyes. Slices, cold drinks etc, were also lying opposite to me. Some materials with his hands, when he requests the receptionist, kindly write the quantity of things on my name in note book, because it is a rule in canteen those who is working in canteen all things’ prices to be written in his name from morning to sunset. Finally, it is his accountability, to return the money to receptionist. So with the request, the receptionist burst-out over the man and turned his pale face toward him and slept him in a severe manner without any reason. In his inhumane slap all things were fall down from worker’s hands and shattered on the floor. Besides, the receptionist threatened him with saying you will be dismissed from canteen job and the price of fallen things will be cut from your wages.

The discussed incidents are not surprising, because same sorts of heart wrenching and unconscious acts have become order of the day in this stereotype society in daily basis. It was a heart-shaking and unprecedented accident for me a human love minded person, no doubt bears these kinds of disparity.

Categorically, the harassment of working class has become the rule of law in this unlawful country. Violation of constitution is at a snail pace, especially by legislature. Working class is being beaten by elites and powerful minded. Unfortunately, one who has power, become the owner of law, too.

It is a tangible reality that canteens are the property of students and made for the purpose to provide foodstuff to students in low and reasonable prices. Sadly, the lack of check and interest of university authority (VC), here the owner of canteens fixed an unreasonable and unacceptable rate of things at Balochistan University. Those outstation students are residing in hostel and come in library for self study, for them it is impossible to go for meal their homes but also have no right way to go canteen for eating anything, due to high prices. It is a painful facing for poor one.

This unlawful method is a hot and answerable issue for the corridor of powers. It is also crucial to say, that lack of polite attitude is also a shocking problem that is being used by canteen receptionists. Working classes in daily basis under the impolite behavior, amazingly, now a day’s student such as girls and boys are bearing the stupidity of receptionist.

In addition, it requires candid and immediate step to bring a glorious reform in this stereotype society, as well as eliminate the disparity between the poor and rich. A rule and regulation should be made to give equal and positive wages to workers in every sphere of life. A regular basis check is required and huge prices of things must be stopped, as soon as possible. Those who is showing stupid attitude with working classes must be brought into book.


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