Hazaras’ killing in Balochistan!

By Ahmed Khan

The supreme creature of cosmos is known ‘Human’ due to possessing conscious and maintaining its lives by logic. It is also implicit that human is a social animal and live in societies type circle. It is certain if people live together in a society, hence differences come-up because of interactions, creed, channel of resources, but on parallel side, human always striven to extinguish these wrangles and disputes.

Human has learnt this that the entity of someone isn’t any fault or guilt, but its deeds ought to be counted, whether positive or negative sense and made it responsible for deeds, never sentenced for merely entity or origin.

Here in Balochistan Hazara community is living before the formation of this state. They came from Afghanistan for digging tunnels in mountainous area of Bolan in British ruling epoch. British was laying railway track to transport its army equipments to western border with Afghanistan with this intention to halt socialist Soviet Union advancement toward hot-waters.

As provided information by Hazara community, this nation is about 8 million. 5.5 million Whom live in Afghanistan, 1.5 million lives in Iran. Pakistan is home about 0.7 million Hazaras. The rest of the 8 million is made by the Hazaras living across the glob. Hazaras are considered to be Turk-Mughal by ethnic origin.

They were one of the first inhabitants of modern day Afghanistan. However, they got its name and recognition somewhere around 13th century A.C. Famine, ethnic and religious discrimination caused them [Hazara] to move the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran in late eighteen century. Hazaras in Pakistan mostly live in the western city of Quetta, Balochistan. Hazaras are predominantly of Shia sect in Muslim. However, Sunni Hazaras also exist but in very small number.

In Zia era, when Soviet forces were in Afghanistan, then America and Islamic forces made an alliance. The Arabs were brought world-wide and named Mujahiddin. Instantly, regional religious minds were also mingled with them. American and here’s Pakistani forces provided weapon and trained them in various type explosive devices assembling and use of arms including abundance of financing.

That time for making furious to these Mujahdin were inflated with sectarian bias and other material distended into them, because each group consider themselves superior and fight with religious spirit to defeat Soviet atheist forces. In this race, Mujahidins with religious fanatics also got weapon in their hands and their trained proficiency was in spare.

The Arabs mostly were Wahabis, hence them supporting force was needed, and then Sipah Sahaba was formed to assist Arab Mujahdin. In parallel side, for discussed force an indigenous counter force Sipah Mohammad comprising on Shia also was erected by establishment. Both groups were provided sophisticated weapons. These both groups formation ground was Punjabd, and these also got affiliated internationally, mean knotted with Wahabies and Shias states.

As mentioned that Sunni and Shia conflict is of Punjab not Balochistan, but after 2000 in Balochistan a separation movement on base of Baloch Nationalism resurrected, so state once again fortified these religious element to make an option against this nationalist movement.

The funds flounce direction changed toward Balochistan instead of Punjab. Now in Balochistan on very short distance seminaries (Madarsas) are situated and more than requirement are under-construction, too. Similarly, antagonistic sect of Wahabi, the Shia also getting funds from Shia states mostly Iran is blamed for this. The Saudi media speaks in favor of Sunnis, while ironically Iranian media for Shias. In this way, the war of Sunni and Shia is shifted to Balochistan from Punjab through a well-planned outline.

Mostly Shai mean Hazaras live in Quetta, hence this city became battleground. In Quetta, Sunni and Shia conflict incepted in 1999, which is continuing till today. Mostly attacks were made on shias and its detail is as like:

In 1999:

In May 9, in October 3 persons were murdered.

In 2000:

In October 3 persons were murdered.

In 2001:

In August 2, in September 1, in November 2 persons were murdered.

In 2002:

In March 1, In April 1 person was murdered.

In 2003:

In August 66 persons were murdered.

In 2004:

In January 11, in March 56, in August 1, in September 4, in December 4 persons were murdered.

In 2005:

In March 9, in August 1, in September 3, in October 1, in December 1 person was murdered.

In 2006:

In June 2, in July 2, in October 4, in November 2 persons were murdered.

In 2007:

In April 2 persons were murdered.

In 2008:

In March 9, June 1, in July 10, in August 2, in September 5, in November 15, in December 1 person was murdered.

In 2009:

In January 14, in February 9, in March 10, in June 2, in July 3, in August 5, in September 7, in October 7, in December 4 persons were murdered.

In 2010:

In January 7, in February 2, in March 10, in April 14, in May 4, in June 3, in July 3, in September 79, in October 5, in November 1, in December 5 persons were murdered.

In 2011:

In January 2, April 1, in May 17, in June 5, in July 24, in August 16, in September 37, in October 16, in November 2, in December 1 person was murdered.

In 2012:

In January 4, in March 10, in April 27, in June 7 persons were murdered.

If we examine the mentioned incidents, here one aspect feels that someone is behind target killing and is halting way of people to resort Iran. Mean isn’t allowing to go there people and interaction with Iran to be suspended. Another the inkling is this that those Hazaras have been targeted who were members of Afghan political parties, like “Parcham, Labor Party, Khalaq Party”. These discussed parties are left inclined and they consider the religion as part of private life. Most significant point is this that these parties’ agenda is against Pakistani inference in Afghan Government affairs. But people have been targeted, even having progressive but non-religious and non-Shia mindset, they only were Hazara, due to their entities were vanished that their origin was predominantly Shia nation.

Among targeted many other progressive minded people like Socialist International members and likewise are including, who didn’t practice religion including Chiasm. But this kind of thinkers support Baloch secessionist movement, because of being progressive and non-religious based. This section of Hazara is backing Baloch Movement on moral and political grounds, too because of resemblance in school of thoughts. Especially, this section is sympathizer for BSO-Azad and Dr. Allah Nazar group for being classless and workers majority belong to lower class and non-tribalism mindset owning. The progressive youth of Hazara is also looking for sympathies of Baloch groups, too for them.

On 15th September, 2012, United Nation team had visited Quetta to observe human rights situation in Balochistan. At the time, Hazara community group also met with UN team to inform targeting of their people. They informed UN team that Hazara community’s hundreds people have been targeted to kill and hundreds got wounded. When UN team inquired, is Baloch behind target killing of their people? Then Hazara group denied blatantly that Baloch is behind target killing of their community, but explained state’s security agencies are killing Hazaras to over-shed Baloch Secessionist actions against state officials and off-track international world about Baloch Movement. This entails above mentioned political will of progressive and political worker Hazaras about Baloch Movement.

Here behind this target killing series, another reason also hidden that this an option for state to emanate this perception that in Balochistan unrest, isn’t only Baloch Insurgents perspective but religious factor is also fraction in it. Other aspect can be this that state want to organize such militant group through this herd all in Balochistan, like secessionist Baloch and Hazaras including nationalist parties. State label on these mentioned elements subsequently; secession and nationalist are agent of heathens, like India, Israel and America, while Hazaras are Shia and agent of Iran and belong to Afghanistan’s sections which haven’t recognized Pakistan till today by heart.


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