Institutions: United In Hijacking Baloch Movement

By Shah Baloch, Turbat

It is crystal clear, no institute of Pakistan wants Balochistan to be separated from Pakistan. They are trying their best to counter Baloch separation movement, which is committed in gaining an independent Balochistan and reached on point of no return. Every institution is working on its own way to vanquish the movement at any cost. The intelligence agencies are giving fuel to the policy of ‘Kill and dump’. The parliamentarians are given the task to spread negative perception via propagation, create obstacles in the way of Baloch movement and insurgency.

The main stream media in Pakistan shows Baloch insurgents as terrorists and confusing the public with turning its eyes from truth, like other institutions, while Supreme Court is committed to appease international community by doing dramatically hearings of Baloch missing person case.

Media, which is called the fourth pillar of state, is not detached from the conspiracy of countering Baloch movement, too. It covers, when a settler is killed in Balochistan, but never gives coverage to thrown mutilated bodies of Baloch missing persons. We can find Pakistani journalist going to Palestine, but no Pakistani journalist has visited a single area of Balochistan, where atrocities are committing by state forces. Tootak operation is one of the solid testimony of this argue. The uncivilized forces charred the houses of poor Baloch and lynched the people publicly in front of their family, but no news channel and printing organization covered it.

Firstly, we must have a glance on the acts of intelligence agencies. Well, there is no need to go in detail of these agencies which are engaged in Balochistan. Their aggressive acts are not hidden to the world. Since Baloch movement got intensity, the intelligence agencies became more active. They eventually began to use their final option (which is also said to be death to colonialism) of killing Baloch and dumping their bodies in order to put a ray of worriment in Baloch society. But their barbaric policy proved them wrong and movement got intensity by the same policy .The violence has made forces psychological patients.

However, the intelligence agencies everywhere have the same policies. There is also existent of state patronized political parties which In spite of supporting Baloch movement and insurgents are following the establishment’s instructions.

 National Party (NP), Balochistan National Party (BNP) and other parliamentarian parties are engaged in politics of parliament. They are given the task to create obstacles in the way of Baloch Movement and secessionist parties which are struggling for the independence of Balochistan. The parliamentarian parties are not just creating hurdles for surface secessionist parties but also for armed groups which are fighting with armed for the independence of Balochistan.

Baloch parliamentarian parties do not miss a single chance to raise finger on Baloch movement and insurgent, on surface parties as well. Even they are paid for it. Using the negative tool of propaganda and spreading misperception about Baloch Movement, and now it has become a common thing for them, but The characters of Parliamentarian parties to well known to everyone.

Once again the state patronized political parties are active in Balochistan. Their intentions show that they are going to take part in it, but election in Balochistan is a nightmare for them. Surely, it will not be an election rather it is a selection, because the secret agencies have already selected its people once again to counter the movement in a new way.

In recent days, we can find some activeness and flexibility in standpoint of Chief Justice (CJ) Ifthikar Chaudary and Supreme Court (SC). Chief Justice is conducting the dramatically hearings of Baloch missing person case. Chief Justice Ifthikar Chaudary is also remarking with bleak words but can’t make any firm decision against the culprits (FC and intelligence agencies). Military Generals whom can be known as real power holder, but ministers didn’t pay attention, when they were summoned by Chief Justice for the inquiry. It is the helplessness of Chief Justice and the Judiciary.

Internationally, Judiciary is considered one of the strongest pillars of state. It is not wrong to say that Judiciary has done historical hearings in civilized societies. But it will sound bizarre when we find Judiciary in the case of occupation. I mean in the case of occupation no institution is independent as well as Judiciary. It is not just in Pakistan, but everywhere in the world.

On 28th August 2012, an Israeli court absolved its military over killing of US peace and human rights activist Rachel Corrie by an Israeli Army bulldozer in 2003. Rachel Corrie stood in front of bulldozer till she was crushed by driver. She was protesting against demolishing the houses of Palestinian, but her family didn’t get justice from Israeli court after ten years.

Likewise, it is the same case with Baloch that justice in Pakistani courts for Baloch is like someone who is expecting mangoes from date palm. More than sixty hearings have been done, but no outcome has come.  We can’t get any justice from Pakistani courts. Chief Justice is hearing the dramatically proceeding of Baloch Missing Persons case for another purpose. Chief Justice and Supreme Court are attempting to put sand in the eyes of International Community by showing that Pakistan is committed to solve the Baloch missing person cases, and trying to appease International Community and other International humanitarian organization which have pressed Pakistani government for solving Baloch Missing Person case or about Baloch genocide.

The judiciary in Pakistan should realize that the Baloch issue has emerged on international level and cannot be tackled by it and parliamentarian politicians are also unable to calm Baloch militants. Because the applied tactics on the names of religion and the sacred name of Quran have failed, hence Baloch cannot be deceived any more.

In short, The Supreme Court, Parliament, Media and other institutions are attempting to counter the movement and give a myth hope to Baloch Nation. The hope of a small daughter of Doctor Din Mohammad hasn’t trusted in Chief Justice, so what about other matured Baloch who already knew the intention of judiciary and other institutions of Pakistan. Baloch has experienced from past and can’t put its belief on so-called freed institutions. It is need of the time as the state institutions are united against Baloch nation, so Baloch people should also be determined against them to fail their conspiracies.


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