Martyred Umer Amin Baloch

By Mahgul Shay

Martyred Umer Amin Baloch, who sacrificed life for his  Baloch nation . He born in 1990, in Kahn-e-push Turbat. He was scion of Mohammed Amin house. His father was an employee of medical field and departed two years ago. Umer Amin is no more among us physically, but his thoughts and feats will be remembered to Baloch Nation forever.

No doubt, in a short time of struggle Umer Amin had earned very high name. He had struggled day and night for Baloch Nation untiringly.

Umer Amin had got primary education from his native town Sun-Jessup School. After basic education, he got enrolled in Government High School Koshkalat. After getting degree in matriculation, he went to Government Atta Shad Degree College Turbat, and got admission in FSc, where in 2007, he joined BSO-Azad. He worked on BSO plate for two years, while this he worked outstandingly and made splendid achievements.

Umer Amin passes FSc and did farewell to studies. According to his family, he had discussed reasons that why he had given-up his educational career. “He said education is a light and provides sight to enslaved nation regarding freedom, hence it is time to struggle for freedom, which is best process of education”.

Umer Amin was so candid and mild temperamental man. His friend tells that Umer only believed in armed struggle course to unchain from slavery to Baloch. As quoting Umer’s words his friend said, “Baloch has only option to struggle with arms, otherwise its fate is like Red Indian’’.

On 4th September, 2012, Umer Amin was on the way to Tump on a mission, there he embraced martyrdom. An underground organization (BRA) spokesperson claimed for being member or their organization and mentioned Umer Amin as commander rank comrade.


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