News Analysis: Soft divorce & bloody divorce. Akhter Mengal’s Points..!

By Veengas

Mr. Akhter Mengal came out from his self-imposed exile after three years. He broke his fast (Roza) of silence by given his 6 points that can be solution of Balochistan as Mr. Akhter thinks.

We would like to remind our readers, when I wrote Editorial on points, “ Balochistan’s Point vs Islamabad points, on June, 2012”, Baloch people hardly accept any kind of package of points. But on 28 September, 2012 newspapers did knock our door and brought news itself that Baloch leader has been reached in Islamabad, where he is looking for solution by given six points.

People say that History repeats itself. History has countless lessons for learning, unfortunate people do not willing to learn.

While giving 6 points, people might have told him that you are going to be like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but there is big difference between Mr. Akhter Mengal and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, even through his six points, he has shown that he can’t be like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

He has put only title of Six Points from Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Historical Six Points.

We should compare his Six points with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Points:-

Akhter Mengal’s Points in 2012 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s points in 1966
1 All overt and covert military operations against the Baloch should end; Pakistan should be a federation with four independent states;
2 All missing persons should be produced; The federal government should have only defense and foreign affairs;
3  All proxy death squads created by the ISI and MI should be disbanded;  There should be two separate currencies;
4 Baloch nationalist parties should be allowed free political play without interference from ISI and MI; The federating states should collect all taxes;
5 Those responsible for the killings and disappearances should be brought to book; .  Export earnings of each province should be separately accounted for;
6  Thousands of Baloch displaced by the conflict should be rehabilitated.  East Pakistan should have its own paramilitary or militia force.
This has been taken from Mr. Najam Sethi’s article, published in The News, on 1 oct, 2012

I interviewed Mr. Akhter Mengal in 2009, in interview he had no faith in system of Pakistan but now suddenly he develops his faith in Judiciary, it was same Judiciary that refused to meet United Nations mission on Missing persons.

Strange, Mr. Akhter came and has shown strong faith in Judiciary. He believes that only judiciary can solve the problems.

We have doubt that Mr. Akhter Mengal did not follow case of Hindu girls, especially Rinkle Kumari, who cried and begged for Justice but she was not allowed to go with her mother.

A single girl did not get justice and Mr. Akhter Mengal thinks that Balochistan’s burning issue will be solved by Judiciary, we have sympathies with him.

Mr. Akhter Megal said that why should not we divorce peacefully rather than seeking for a bloody divorce.” If these points accepted and state starts work on them, then Balochistan can get solution of problems, he believes.

Government and Military establishment have said that No, there is no operation; no missing persons and they claim that All is well in Balochistan.

Mr. Akhter stands by his statement and looking for positive response on his points. Even opposition came and met him, all spoke in favor of him but none was able to speak openly on situation of Balochistan.

Question raises that why Mr. Akhter Mengal jumped with 6 points’ balloon?

Is he looking for Power?

Does he get any assurance from Power makers?

Do hidden hands again try to develop alliance for Nawaz league?

These all questions need its answers, let’s see in future what will be answers.

For instance, if Mr. Akther Mengal thinks for coming into power, would freedom fighter groups or big two tribes Marri and Bugti will be agreed with him?

No doubt, soft message came from Baloch leaders who wants to soft answer, maybe that answer would be opened door of power for him or not?

Now people and world see to Judiciary that what will happen, if six points do not work, then where will be stand of Mr. Akhter Mengal?

History may get new result of six points, as Mujib’s six points gave independent Bengladesh and Akther’s points might give him power in governments.

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  1. Ok, we agree on you that Akhtar Mengal can’t be like, be in place of Sheik Mujeeb Rahman but the problem of balochistan is too much big. So whatever akhtar Mengal or any Baloch leader bring out, are right.

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