By Pirah Mangi

Since the event of 9/11, 2012 when US embassy was attacked in Cairo (Egypt) and Benghazi (Libya) that caused the killing of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, US embassies have been under grave apprehension of attack in Arab and Muslim countries; however, the governments in the respective regions trying to shield the premises of US embassies as Pakistan did it successfully that was later appreciated and thanked by Washington.

On Friday 21st October, there was violent repercussion against, so-called, Anti-Islam film (Innocence of Muslims) in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad but the intensity of chaos in protest seemed to be another form of conspiratory politics that had been plotted in an attempt to devastate the political, social and economical situation which was witnessed by Media and common eyes as the banks, churches, hotels, cinema houses and shops were assailed, set on fire and plundered. Saudi sponsored protests, in Pakistan, proved to be a horde of ruffians which failed serving purpose against the film.

One thing that convinced me altogether is thought of Politics of Protest, by Miss veengas, and I also believe there is indeed politics of protest against in the name of Anti-Islam film.

A political conscious mind must analyze the world events in the broader perspective of world affairs that calls for the understanding of reasons behind actions and actions behind reactions. The eruption of anger and grief, in Libya, against US was not all of sudden associated with that film but according to a report “Congress was warned by Libya a last month” (published in foreign Policy, 13th September, 2012), in August 2012 a prescient report titled “Libya: Transition and US Policy” had been issued by Congressional Research Service and the author of the report Christopher Blanchard exhorted to congress that the influence of militia groups in Libya are actively working against the local Libyans and foreigners, and also pose direct threat to Libyan government. Such groups as an ultraconservative Salafi movement (Salafi group is being financed by West opponents in Gulf and have close tie with the Wahabis of the Saudi and others. This group is still active in the Syrian Civil War) is involving itself in the politics of Middle East menacing to US involvement in the region.

On this account of fact, an Anti-Islam film which is drenched with mystery and possesses a great breadth of ambiguity with bulk of queries that when the film was made, who directed and produced or either the State Department of US was embroiled or not.

The US president Barack Obama did deprecated the desecration of Islam and the stature of Holy prophet in a film, in UN Assembly session, and Secretary of US, Hillary Clinton, has also denounced the anti-Islam film and assured the religious tolerance to Islam, moreover the US embassy, in Cairo, had categorically condemned the efforts and such form of freedom of expression by deluded individuals hurting the religious element of Muslims.

On the other side, there has been plethora of rumors revealing the film was shot in US and was appeared on small cinemas of Hollywood in June. The first online appearance of the film was posted on 1st July in English by pseudonym ‘Sam Bacile’.

The misguided people with their malign intention have abused the universal right of speech. Although there must be right of free ideas and speech in every society for its variant components that generates the social structure in society. Nonetheless, right of speech ought not exercise in violent and aggressive manner because its aftermath affects and even jeopardizes the motivation of the freedom of speech.

In the protest, almost around the world against US and Israel in the name of film, the protesters have undermined the slogan of “freedom of speech” by their violent actions as burning, killing and plundering the national properties and terrorizing the locals and foreigners. What was done on 21st September, in Pakistan, cannot be named which ensure the love for prophet (PBUH) and that way of, so-called, protest is not even allowed in the rudimentary of Islam.

Every group in society has its own reasons and interests behind their actions that simultaneously reflect the behavioral science of that society hence the state of protest in Muslim entities have shown their anger and grief accordance to its social behavior which may have scarcely got the protest registered to world politics. The protester of any society or thought should have the knowledge about the social and political understanding of protest not to harm own people and property when they go against any act.

Nevertheless, there was conspiratory politics behind the protest while this has not been unusual, in the Pakistani politics, for opponents to take every possible advantage of conditions going against the incumbent government likewise the major adverse parties came ahead to affect the political situation which could challenge the remained few months of (PPP) in the power. As elections are imminent so the political parties are being active to campaign against the government although their campaign has been there to topple the government. Eventually in the same way PML (N), so-called coalition partner MQM, PTI and Saudi sponsored religious parties had castigated the government’s silence towards the Anti-Islam film and demanded for strong action against US through the foreign policy.

And to appease them, PPP called for an off-day with the anticipation of peaceful protest and correspondingly Pakistan could have shown its resentment in very pacifist manner; people around the country were rendered an environment in which people could have possibly shown their concern anguish in the matter, and that protest would have been acknowledged peaceful but Pakistan’s political parties never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity as they are destitute of political moral values.

They did politics of protest against PPP that ultimately harmed own country and its people. So far, in the protest more than a dozen of lives were lost and besides this there were number of major national buildings (as Chamber of Commerce and Industries), National Bank of Pakistan, famous hotels, cinema houses , churches, patrol pumps, private offices, and shops were attacked, smashed and looted by political workers, individuals, and gangsters as well.

In 2007, right after the assassination of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Sindh was set on fire of anger and its major cities were under the large scale of demonstrations, subsequent the economic lose at that time, in Karachi, MQM demanded newly elected government for the reimbursement of lose.

Now, after such economic lose no single party is answerable either to government or people who had demanded government for strong stand against US.

Political parties, in Pakistan without their manifesto, always do politics of protest that serves as only fuel to fire, in the issues and problems.

Writer can be reached at pirahameer@hotmail.com


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  1. very informative and nice artical about current and globle politics..

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