Spread Education Without Fear!

By Imam Din Kandrani

Recently, I met with a teacher. We discussed about education, students, and environment of education. He illuminated some educational matters, which are hindrance in the path of an educational society.

Here no suspicion that we have made our environment dirty, which plays a vital role in education. Students are being scared, due to present condition of law and order. He remarked that students are afraid of us and we are foe of educational system. I am fully agreed with him that we are foe of educational system and afraid of everyone (especially students).

Target killings, terrorism and kidnapping for ransom have effected education. Most of kidnappers are pointing out those students, who are wealthy. Now a day, they have given it status of a lucrative business. Every student is mentally gnawed by them.

Terrorists and Target killers are also adverse of education and peace. They have made students orphan, then the effected can not continue their education. Neither Government nor NGOs work for cure of them, but only they are busy in embezzlement. Silence of Government on important issue is shocking. State, especially education department had better take this issue seriously, because it is spreading like incurable disease (cancer). It should be resolved soon as possible.

Chief Justice of Pakistan should interrupt in this matter. If they ignore it, then dream of good fortune of state will remain uncompleted. It prosperity of state remains impossible; again it will be loss for education and also of nation. It is clear that if any country loses her power (education), which is source of success, she will not develop, but according to situations parents should prohibit their children to watch news channels and also news papers because media can effect them mentally.


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  1. very good kandrani you are writting topics on education so its very good think

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