Voice for Baloch Missing Person [VBMP] briefed UN team

By Tariq Baloch

On 15th September United Nation Working Group 6 members team for collecting information of Missing Persons had arrived Quetta. On UN team arrival occasion Relatives of Missing Persons arranged a protest rally in front of Quetta press club, and where male and female relatives had spoke. Afterward the gathering of relatives of Baloch Missing Persons marched toward Serena Hotel Quetta, where UN team was staying for meeting with organizations to know human rights plight in Balochistan.

Voice for Baloch Missing Person [VBMP] was given double shifts time because of high strength. In first round 35 members conducted Conversation with UN team to convey information.

Zakir Majeed’s sister, Doctor Din Mohd’s sister and other relative of member [VBMP] have welcomed United Nation team on Baloch Land, to observe human right violations. In response UN team members replied, “It is our duty that in anywhere if in any member state of United Nation human rights violations take place, we will be there”.

United Nation team one by one inquired relatives about beloved missing and martyred in details. Martyred Baloch Political leader Jalil Reki’s father informed about his son to team thoroughly that his son dead body was found on 22nd November, 2011, from Turbat. It was thrown from helicopter on high altitude. When he was abducted, then Chief Minister Balochistan during a meeting with human rights delegation affirmed that agencies official confirmed them they have Picked Jalil Raki. Similarly, Martyred Sana Sangat sister informed to team about her brother that he was abducted, and his bullet riddle body was found on 1st February, 2012. Ghaffar Langove sister said that after abduction of her brother mutilated body was found on 1st July, 2011. Zakir Majeed sister described, her brother was arrested by forces on 8th June, 2009, and he is missing to date. They are totally unaware of her brother’s whereabouts and as well they don’t know whether he is alive or not.

On the occasion United Nation team told that Balochistan situations are shocking and worst. They told missing of 14000 People is horrible, but Judicial Commission provided information is an iota as compare with provided Baloch Missing Persons relatives.

Further United Nation team members were informed that they will report Balochistan in Geneva Convention and transfer facts and data to authorities for observations.

UN team had scheduled only two hours for relatives of Missing Balochs, but they extended their meeting hours for them. The Baloch Mothers of martyred and Missing Baloch told the UN team that they were not expected of good from state of Pakistan, but appeal them to play a role for bringing on surface their beloved.

When United National team inquired for solution of dispute, then relative of Baloch Missing and Martyred said, “they were only needed freedom”, they demanded from team members that they deliver their message to United Nation’s Secretary General that they take notice of Baloch Missing and Martyred, who enduring and sacrificed lives for freedom of their land.


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