By Imam Din Kandrani    

Balochistan, lying at the southern Pole of Central Asia, covers a long deserted Map-of-Balochistanand arid area of land, rich with variety of minerals, covered by pile of gracious mountains with splendid weather with important geographic location in Asia. It is strategically a gateway between west and the CARs. In fact, if given attention, it can tow forward the entire neighboring region. But unfortunately, so far it has been ignored, therefore it itself is crippling in the last rows of progress.

Since it is having a naval line, if connected with China can meet all the demands of trade of ease. China the everlasting friend of Pakistan has openly invested and is still investing for its development, so that both the countries may greatly benefit from its never ending resources, if properly planned and worked out, its resources can meet all the population, requisite needs in an efficient manner. As far as the natural resources are concerned, it has been dubbed as a “Golden Bug” by the intellectual historians.

The SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company) was discovered in 1954, Balochistan. The Gas of Balochistan Sui greatly fulfilled the energy deficiency in Pakistan. All the factories, Companies and CNG’s Vehicle are running through Sui Gas of Balochistan. The Sui Northern Gas pipeline Limited (SNGPL) is also famous to produce Gas. It is the largest natural gas company in Balochistan. Through an extensive network it supplies Gas to Punjab, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and FATA, though the so-called royalties are said to being paid.

Sandack Project at (District) Chaghi Balochistan is also famous to produce Gold. A Korean Company is working to seek the gold, but Supreme Court has rejected her License.

Chamalang is famous for its standard Coal. This can produce electricity. Public can get rid of load shedding.

In past, Balochistan was a battle ground as portugess attacked many time from sea Ormar and also British General Alexander came and Henri Pot anger visited Balochistan and wrote a book on Sindh and Balochistan.

Almost at the beginning of 19th century or at the end of 18th century an American Professor came Balochistan for the need of Human Study, he lived with Marri Baloch to learn their culture, business to check moral, for the help of Socialism, but he died in Balochistan, after him his friend worked and at last published a book on the title of “Organization of Marri Baloch”.

Nowadays this region is facing various troubles, due to its important geographic location. A preplanned game is going on. General people can not judge that what is happening, its beloved residencies are being killed by target killing, bomb blasting, tribal differences and also it is being kidnap for ransom and only for rousing fearful environment. But I am sure that Baloch people once again will hang together like their past as they defeated porteguss and other their enemies. They untidily pull their Country to development and gain prosperity and know their geographic importance.


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