Female dresses of Baloch are beautiful and comfortable enough

By Aasima Baloch, Turbat, Kech

The female dresses of Baloch culture are one of the most gorgeous dresses among Asia. They are so comfortable and undoubtedly are allowed by Islam to be worn. Because the size and style of these dresses are as much nice and appreciable that if someone wears them, so she will be completely in veil. Contrary to this, they are made in such a brilliant way which can be worn in any season. They are not as narrow that one can feel hot in summer. Also, they are not as thin neither as short, thus, one can feel cozy even in winter by wearing the same dresses.

Additionally, the various varieties of Balochi embroidery make the dresses very beautiful. Even though, the different dresses have their own recombination or names. Such as Tappai, Peehti, Machine Pulli and many more. Each of them looks enchanting, but there is another type of dress which is top of the town in Baloch women, as known as Dochi. It does not just impress Baloch but also specially touches nice other nations. Mainly, the mind blowing needle work of hardworking Baloch women makes this dress so attractive. For more effective beauty of it, they utilize different colors of thread and put small pieces of mirror on them. Thus, they look so shiny and gorgeous. No doubt, the female dresses of Baloch are up to the mark.


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  1. What is the price of this suit

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