Mirani Dam: the first concrete-faced rock-filled dam

By Bijjar Saeed Bolani, Kallag
Mirani Dam is the first concrete-faced rock-filled dam of more than 100feet height in Pakistan. The dam is located on the Dasht River, approximately 40km west of Turbat and 8km from nearest point of the under-construction 820km-long motorway (Pakistan) connecting Ratodero with Gwadar.
Mirani Dam was commissioned by Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in 2001. Its design was prepared by the National Engineering services Pakistan (NESPAK) and the construction began on 8th July, 2002, of EPC/Turnkey based a Pakistani company. Mirani Dam was the first EPC/Turnkey dam project awarded to Pakistani constructors.
The EPC contract was awarded in June, 2000, to Mirani Dam Joint Venture (MDJV) consisting of three local construction companies for completion. In addition, a Joint Venture of local and foreign consultant, led by NESPAK, is providing the management consultancy service to WADPA for the project. Construction of the dam consumed 10.87million main-hours and at its peak a large number of people were employed for its construction, mostly from Kech and Gwadar district. The Construction of dam was completed in July, 2006.
Moreover, the project benefits and main objects of Mirani Dam were to store water for developing agriculture through irrigation of over 33,000 acres of land which could later be increased through water management and improved irrigation techniques. A model farm is being used by drip and sprinkler irrigation techniques, and have been developed at the project site to familiarize the local farms with micro-irrigation system for promoting high efficiency irrigation methods, and as well as to provide clean water to Turbat and Gwadar. The primary purpose of Mirani Dam project was to store water in its reservoir from Nihing and Kech Rivers during summer season and during floods, so that water could be available throughout the year in order to bring 33,200 acres of hitherto uncultivated land in Kech valley under cultivation.
Its 302,000,000 acre feet reservoir is fed above discussed rivers Kech and Nihing Rivers. The dam successfully withstood an extreme flood event in July, 2007, which almost effected thousands of residents in Kech.
Moreover, when we talk about the excellent features of the glorious dam it has its catchment area of 7,964 sq. miles, average annual flow is 223,000 acer feet, spilway type is overflow, clear waterway is 344 feet and the design capacity is 205,800 cusec feet. It has two large canals which are called right bank canal and left bank canal, used to provide water to the cultivation locations. Right bank canal is with length of 66,260 feet long the left bank canal is 66,499 feet.
If more attention is paid towards this dam, and then whole Makran can get dependable electricity as it, which is currently dependent on Iran, on the other hand Gwadar has not been yet provided clean water; as a result Gwadar is suffering from lack of clean water. The concern authorities are requested to take it into consideration in priority basis.


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