Nations carve fortune themselves

By Mir Baloch Khan, Shaal

It isn’t philosophy of a common person but inscribed in Holy Book of Muslim Quran, “Culmination and decay happens of nations”. Those nations, which have constantly faced disasters, were declared successive as according to mention Heavenly Book, but those, who had lost heart can’t be seen on pages of history.

Similarly, Baloch Nation isn’t under-estimated as compare with other nations of this globe, and this nation’s each individual is most valued than costly and scarce pearl. The sons of this land and daughters are like that diamond which get slipped and fell in tainted water, but were took-out and cleaned, consequently it glittered much than before. In some way Baloch Nation’s individuals by little work can be converted into revolutionaries. It is solid example of this that writer before few days have been from his native area after a long period. Journey was inconvenienced, otherwise destine wasn’t at long distance. On the mountainous way, we asked shepherd, peasant, labor and likewise about Balochistan’s situations, hence everyone had only answer “Aajoi” means freedom and all were consciousness about this. The Baloch insurgents not only engaged in fighting in mountains but they are educating masses where from they go by.

The majority of guerilla fighters belong to teaching field, but there doctor, student and each circle of life are among them. Each Baloch knows they were not slave but now they have been made enslaved. Such thoughts are better thousand folds than those parliamentarian politicians who have endorsed slavery as mentally.

Pro-parliament politicians are wandering to canvass and busy in journey from constituency to Islamabad. Mostly these politicians are spending their time in admiration of state. They are looting Balochs resources but being Baloch claims for protection resources with dual policy. These politicians are engaged to persuade simpleton Baloch for casting vote but they are seem failed in assigned task.

All consciousness and educated Baloch are convincing to theirs area inhabitant that they avoid from casting vote and never handover their CNIC to someone, because in such case in the absence of his or her vote can be casted. In this way, so-called nationalists can be foiled in ill-intentions and reproach will be in their fate.

In Bangladesh, from professor to primary level teachers were trained that they commence their educational process in classroom from slogan of Bengal. In this way, each child, young and old had grown-up with hatred for state and hatched sentiment for Bangladesh. Discussed efforts become helpful for creation of national state for Bengalis.

By adopting similar techniques, Baloch Nation also can get closer to their destination and common people can contribute their share in national struggle for emancipations.

Another story forgot to entail that in an area, where town market shopkeepers closed their shops when they see security personnel while coming to them for purchasing routine stuff. When public transporters passed from cantonment areas, then on check-post security personnel bothered to people and demanded from them for money as rations, so people said “they are frightened from Baloch insurgents”, hence masses adopted rout which wasn’t fall in cantonment area and prevaricated from paying bribe.

Our a famous nationalist leader hollow claim exposed that he was proclaiming that Supreme Court via a Sue Moto notice summoned him, but now court itself told that discussed politician plead for being as part of Missing Persons case. Before from this discussed politician was saying that his life is endangered here.

By analyzing situations it can be prognosticated that discussed politician came to pave the way of imminent election for his party. Because staying in capital Islamabad as guest of state and consulting with Pakistani politicians isn’t empty from mysteries. This is implying that by collaboration of some so-called Baloch nationalists state authorities are intended to conduct elections in Balochistan. Some mere nationalist are also providing their shoulder to assist conducting election in this province. Several Baloch prior to election season have announced to take part in this campaign.

Now it depends on Baloch, who are affected directly or indirectly, and who have exploited their tangible and intangible belongings for Balochistan. They stimulate to masses that they come in streets against election and deliver a message to world that election isn’t resolve of their problem but is only autonomy.



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