Not only me but Khair Bukhsh Marri has also reservations about Freedom Charter: Brahamdagh Bugti

Bolan Voice Report

In an interview to a private TV Channel Brahamdagh Bugti, the head of Baloch Republican Party  (B.R.P) said, “He had no difference with Hairbeyar Marri, but about “Freedom Charter”, even Khair Bukhsh Marri had reservations. Hence, how they can endorse it. It has some clauses, which are representing as constitution of Balochistan, but a single person how can draft constitution of a state”, Brahamdagh Bugti inquired.

Mr. Bugti informed that He put his all thoughts before the Hairbeyar Marri and there were not any major differences, even they were coincided over freedom point. “One has his points and agenda; hence he cannot dissolve his party manifesto and constitution. If Khair Bukhsh Marri approves charter, thence they will consult to masses for single party and program”, Brahamdagh remarked.

Brahamdagh Bugti elaborated, “There are some vague points in the Charter. Akhtar Jan Mengal also claims his Six Points, but these were unclear. He also claims that his Six Points to be considered like Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s Six Points, hence what would say about this”, Mr. Bugti inquired.

Brahamdagh Bugti told, “They had stated their stance about charter to Hairbeyar Marri, but disabled to tell something of others opinions regarding that matter, but some peoples have their ways of interpretation for this matter. He has been exchanged of all affairs with Khair Bukhsh Marri about Balochistan’s situations, and he was consulted by senior Baloch leader”, Brahamdagh informed.

Brahamdagh Bugti stated that situations were turned into such way that leaders had made decisions in large interest of nation, like Akbar Khan Bugti and Baloch Marri remained at battle field and embraced martyrdom, which caused change of public mindsets.

“It was true that circumstances were intensified, when leaders were embraced martyrdom and nation spirits were up-lifted. Similarly, after Balach Marri martyrdom was happened same” told Brahamdagh

“Before one and half years situations was not same as today. Presently, political pro-freedom workers are picked and their dead bodies are thrown; consequently continuance of work was dreadful, even than pro-independent parties continue struggle”, Mr. Bugti informed.

“Today, state has promoted religious fanatics in Balochistan to create troubles, even than situations have gone far ahead. Baloch Nation struggled without caring state created obstacles; they will continue their struggle onward, too”, Said Brahamdagh Bugti

Replying a question Brahamdagh Bugti said, “Hairbeyar Marri and I would not come Pakistan, here would be killed, resultantly Baloch Nation get ferociousness. He said that he is not aboard by his personal decision but advice of his party and people. Today’s situations are quite different than before, because few years ago demonstration and protest were acceptable but now state has engraved her actions and incepted to whisk political workers and throw their mutilated bodies”.

“Strategies are altered with varying time, but pro-independents were firmed and didn’t let-off struggle and continued their work. With others, his party (BRP) strived too, but now it is hard to work continuously”, Brahamdagh Bugti narrated.

Further Brahamdagh told, “State forces escalated their actions against Balochs, because workers are engaged in moving rapidly toward destination. Today, Pakistan’s Supreme Court is heeded toward Baloch; it is also fruit of political workers sacrifices, which perhaps not obvious on common people. In such circumstances; two sort of political parties can work; first that party which works with state but in core it is  also freedom supporter, because openly for freedom state never lets, and second, those parties and groups which directly and openly talk of emancipation of motherland”, Brahamdagh exposed.

Brahamdagh Bugti while peeling-off from facts said, “Election in Balochistan before from now was also conducted, but people never voted in that, but establishment was brought mercenaries forth”.

“Today, Baloch Nation is consciousness and is not consented to participate in elections and get temporary benefits. Their meant to expedite Freedom Movement pace, because Balochistan is set blazed”, Brahamdagh expressed.

Mr. Bugti told, “If Pakistan’s Army withdraw from Balochistan, then it can be observed who wins the elections. I demanded for referendum under patronization of United Nations, but never under supervision of Pakistan Army. In case of Pakistan Army election or referendum is held; resultantly state backed people would be elected”.

“State hasn’t any religion or civilization, and she kills Baloch in any way. After freedom, elected representatives by Baloch Nation would make decision for onward in democratic way. Between decision and knowing opinion of masses has differences, and doing without masses consul wasn’t true”, Brahamdagh gestured.

Brahamdagh Bugti stated, “They struggle to protect Baloch Nation from straying and BRP mean is only freedom. Money and incumbents politics is of Pakistan’s state. Now Baloch demand for freedom. It is time of sacrifices and for better future sacrifices have to be paid. If today any Baloch dies due to any minor disease, hence Pakistani state is responsible for it, because she is engaged in genocide of Baloch Nation”.

“70 Sardars were with state but few Sardars were propagated against the progress, because they were desirous for a better future of Balochistan. They preferred freedom of Balochistan on all, and upcoming brighten future for Baloch. Balochs lives are put at risk because of Punjabi state. Temporary incentives were not their priority but freedom was”, Brahamdagh said.

“Today they observe the system of America, where president and opposition debate on defects and excellences. And if anyone brings such outstanding program about future of Baloch, they would support it but first priority is freedom of Balochistan”, said Brahamdagh Bugti.


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