An exclusive interview with Prince Musa Jan, BNP leader about current situation of Balochistan

Interviewed by Ahmed Khan

Prince Musa Jan Baloch, a well known politician of Balochistan National Party-Mengal believes tribalism itself isn’t bad but opportunists diluted it with other field of life, like politics, nationalist and so on. He feels behind Balochistan perturb Great-Game players’ involvement which was designed long before. Religious fanatic is being brought by establishment in Balochistan to disjoint Baloch Nation from its tradition, history and make sycophant to prolong her hegemony on it. He thinks only “self-determination” suitable formula for gain of Baloch rights. By case of Missing Baloch they will win support of international world. He wants live like Baloch, do for Baloch and talk like Baloch. Musa Jan Baloch interview on current situations of Balochistan is presented here for Bolan Voice readers.

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and PMJ for Prince Musa Jan)

Bolan Voice: How do you define “politics” and what is the difference between international and politics practiced here?

Prince Musa Jan: Politics is science or system which leads human toward civilization. European states through it got civilized and developed, but sadly to say that here this system also couldn’t develop to states and human toward civilization, too. In Europe it got place of outdated systems with modification and it is moving to more betterment.

Blv: As you said, politics is system which leads human to civilization, hence you politicians aren’t agree to give-up tribalism for alteration with political development?

PMJ: Here in Balochistan or with Baloch problem is this that they aren’t
united, which is damaging all, as well as creating hampers in the way of political development, too. I don’t consider tribalism a bad system; but opportunist has contaminated all fields of life, like politics, tribalism, nationalism, Sardari system and so on, such elements exist in folds of above mentioned faculties. Opportunists also diluted tribal bunch of codes and semblance other fields. Great Naseer Khan before 250 years laid brick of tribalism but till today no one could shake its basis. Today, no nationalist has condemned the Great Naseer Khan. The head of tribal system was Khan of Kalat, who is founder of this system, too. The gist of all argument is this that tribalism isn’t itself bad but opportunists are bad.

People say in BNP-M, positions or party high incumbents are distributed in nobles or tribal influenced and wealthy persons, why it is alike?

PMJ: No, it isn’t true. First of all I want to inform you that in BNP-M wealthy people strength is very low. Look here I inform you that Dr Jahanzaib Jamaldini is vice president of party, he is a man hand to mouth, Naseer Shahwani is also belonging to low class, Ghulam Nabi Marri member of Central Committee, Sardar Buzdar, Abdullah Mengal and others are belonging to that category that they are hardly bringing-up their families. If you compare our party with others, so you can see BNP is poorer people containing party.

Blv: Recently Akhtar Jan Mengal came Pakistan and up-voiced for Missing Persons, but he didn’t raise voice for the cause for which Baloch people have gone missing?

PMJ: Here I want to tell you that we aren’t lagging to anyone about Balochistan issue, and equally to others we are struggling for it. We have paid sacrifices and 48 members of our party have been martyred. Akhtar Jan Mengal endured agonies of jail for one and half year in pursuance of this cause. When he was released, then 0.3 million people had gone to receive him, which is historical event in Baloch History, because no leader has been received in such high strength of people. It means, Baloch had has opted us but not condemned, if nation would reject us, then they wouldn’t come for receiving the BNP leader.

Secondly, Akhtar Jan Mengal came here, so in large number people had gone to him and gave him good response. He is firm that he has a party with program. We have a manifesto that we need right of “self-determination”, and if Baloch got this right then it means nation made a great achievement. If someone don’t confess it, so I can’t persuade him or her and it is theirs problem but no ours. Akhtar Jan Mengal up-voiced throught court the issue of Missing Persons because the first missing person in Balochistan is his brother. No leader of Balochistan has endured jail as longer than Akhtar Jan Mengal, if anyone has, so tell me please.

Blv:  Here question is this that people are missing because of demanding the freedom; your party including Akhatar Jan Mengal is voicing-up for Missing Persons and not for their cause meant freedom, why it is alike?

PMJ: Yes, it is much prolong argument and I am disabled right now to explain it in this interview. Everyone is liable to answer his/her deeds but our demand is right of Self-Determination, and you should go through dictionary that what means of this political reform.

The people, who are struggling for independence, I question from them, why not they get gathered on single platform? They are distributed in factions, what is reason that they are not like single body. I honored them because they are struggling and paying sacrifices, but every person has level on that scale can contribute in Baloch Movement; if some writes in favor or a labor toils in construction of road and hates occupant but has sympathizer for struggle is also an aspect of backing, which can’t be denied. Our stance is right of self-determination which is also inkling same purpose.

Blv: Akhtar Jan Mengal came, appeared before that court which on several occasions observed various statements, like once Iftekhar Mohd Chaudry said, “The secession movement is going on in Balochistan, but further I am voiceless”. During court proceeding, he observed remarks, “Make trial, don’t kill”, these words he spoke about those three persons, whom were picked allegedly by Frontier Corps and Police also blamed on mentioned force and provided close circuit footage, too the court. A traffic police-man also testified before court that discussed persons were picked by FC in front of him. But Judge didn’t take any initiative against culprits. Court itself stated constitution break-down in Balochistan. Even than BNP-M or Akhtar Jan Mengal expecting of justice from this court, why?

PMJ: Akhtar Jan Mengal is intended to demonstrate in front world that he has gone to judiciary which is the highest forum in Pakistan that Baloch is being oppressed. Akhtar Jan Mengal approached Chief Justice Iftekhar Mohd Chaudry, because there isn’t any authority to be appealed. Now let wait for theirs response, how they do, because after knowing them any step can be taken by BNP or make any decision; it is matter of upcoming time.

Blv: Few days ago  an interview of Hairbeyar Mrri published in a local paper, in that he told that Akhtar Jan Mengal has denied from “Freedom Charter”, so what does mean of this, BNP-M doesn’t want freedom of Balochistan?

PMJ: I can’t reply Hairbeyar’s question, but it suites that Mr. Marri should be questioned for this. And I am not representative of Hairbeyar. He is talking much and people have also various perceptions about him. I am only representative of BNP.

Blv: On various occasion Balochistan National Party made announcements but after few time they reneged, for instance on eve of Akbar Khan Bugti martyrdom at Manan Chowk Quetta Akhtar Jan Mengal said, “We had a feeble relation strand with this state and by now, we have cut-off it, further we will not have relation this state”. But now is saying we haven’t detached our relation from parliament. What is this?

PMJ: One thing I want to inform you that what feat Akhtar Jan Mengal made, no one has made in Balochistan. Shaheed Balach Marri was MPA, when he embraced martyrdom. Why Akbar Khan Bugti family members and party members hadn’t resigned from parliament positions? Akhtar Jan Mengal, who is the person, resigned from assemblies posts. Balach Marri was commander but was MPA of Balochistan. On that time Akhtar Jan Mengal thought it is right to quit from assemblies. We have a party with its institutes. Our party central committee decided that we don’t discard option of parliament from party’s manifesto, withstanding this whether tomorrow we will contest in elections or not. Keeping in view the situations we will decide to take part in elections or boycott from these. In central committee meeting, I with few comrades opposed parliamentary system participation for BNP, but majority was desirous never give-up parliamentary system option, so majority rules and I had to endorse majority decision.

Blv: Here some groups and parties had established a platform by name of BNF (Baloch National Front), but your party BNP didn’t join it, what were the reasons? Was this reason that in BNF low class people were and your party has Sardars and class difference didn’t let you people sit with poor people?

PMJ: BNF rifted in picease and poor aren’t gathered no more in it, and where is BNF? Qadir has single person party, was in it but today I can’t see BNF. Brahamdagh Bugti’s party BRP (Baloch Republican Party) isn’t party of BNF, mean they couldn’t sustain this platform. We had some differences with them on principles bases but our party has motto that never blame on others. If someone is fighting in mountains, we appreciate him, we don’t mind whether they say anything to us, even we are ready to tolerate their wrongful.

Blv: Presently, parliament and other institutes are powerless and BNP also concedes this, so through judiciary or in any other way how your party can help Baloch Missing Persons?

PMJ: We all know that tomorrow court issues any decision, so implementing sources are some others, but one thing will be cleared on all and international world will include it in its record that Balochistan National Party had protested in highest floor of Pakistan’s judiciary for Missing Balochs and mentioned institutes confessed it, too but establishment of Pakistan violated court orders. It will effect suffice to civilized world. In back days, United Nation team visited Balochistan, it is great material or evidence that Balochistan National Party within Pakistani frame work advocated and won case of Baloch Missing Persons through Pakistani Courts but establishment didn’t let for implementation. It would be solid logic for Baloch Case.

Blv: For some months Pashtoon Khuwa got active and demanded for separate province consisting of Baloch areas. How BNP-M will deal with this party regarding this matter?

PMJ: For last five years, Pashtoon Khuwa hasn’t been in parliament, and this party has competition with religious fundamentalists, so this party has only Baloch card to play, it is storm in cup of tea and nothing else. This party foundation has laid on Baloch antagonism. We all Baloch consider Pashtoon brother and we have no concern with Pashtoons if they want to form separate province, so they can establish apprising on their areas. It is tradition of Baloch and Pashtoon, if anyone is suffering in grief or sitting for mourn or receiving condolences, hence at that time exchequer can’t be balanced, even victim is provided assistance. Today Baloch is engaged and suffering in their beloved mutilated bodies and missing persons’ grief, so complain by Pashtoon Khuwa isn’t appropriate and brother nation Baloch mustn’t be nuisance instead of helping by them. Those people, who are proclaiming, aren’t representative of Pashtoons but only representing a small group, because majority of Pashtoon don’t admit them their representative.

Blv: Intellectuals say class difference is great hurdle in way of human progress; do you have any program for class merger?

PMJ: When brick of this world was laid, from that time class came in being. Soviet Union which was vanguard of Socialist and Communist bloc, where Mr. Burzernaif was using most costly vehicles and palaces and called that equipments of luxuries are possession of state not his personal. In fact, it was class difference. The elimination of class difference will take an extensive time. I personally want that mustn’t be differences in class from today, but no one has program to abolish these differences. If any persons has potency to do this, so must come ahead, for instance Dr Allah Nazar is an ordinary person but has guts, consequently today he is much influential than Sardars and politicians. I think such kind of person can do this, too. This example I also presented in interview with a TV channel.

Blv: Please explain how much BNP benefited masses through assemblies in past, how much presently serving and in future expected to benefit by them?

PMJ: When we came in assemblies, then after one and half year they pushed out to us from assemblies, my party when ever came in assemblies they were on opposition benches. It is my personal opinion that assemblies aren’t resolve of Balochistan issue, and this Balochistan assembly lacks characteristic to solve Balochs problems unless Pakistan and establishment hasn’t granted right of self-determination. Yes, through these assemblies voice can be raised, but someone say while sitting in this assemblies change the fortune of nation, hence I think that is living in fools’ paradise.

Blv: In present age this tribalism how much benefiting Baloch. If not, then why not being eradicated?

PMJ: As my speculation in Balochistan tribalism can’t be eradicated for next 100 years. In tribalism there are many positive characteristics but some Sardars committing misdeeds and declaring that tribalism. Today, a most modern Baloch can’t quit from tribalism, because it is an ingredient of Balochism. Yes, I am against that tribalism which is being used for individual interests, suppose a tribal chief during mending between two rivals sets his commission. I despise such tribalism and strongly condemn it. Pointed feudal and opportunists are slandering Baloch Tribalism. I can present at this time an example, we had patched-up two rival tribes Langove and Lehri, conflict between them caused murder of 22 lives. We patched-up Nichari and Bangulzai, and those Bangulzai were engaged in tribal feud who are involved in Baloch Movement. We arbitrated and belligerents accepted stipulations and resultantly they got amicable. I consider it good tribalism not bad, and favor such tribalism. If do wrongful with a powerless person and declare it tribalism, so I condemn it. Tribalism got birth from my home and I am well acquaintance with it.  Today what is being practiced, it isn’t tribalism at all, but fake tribalism and it is very ugly face of feudalism. I am the person, to support everyone for eradication of fake tribalism.

Blv: Resources are main source of income in Balochistan and if state plunders Baloch resources, so what BNP can do to secure its assists?

PMJ: If you read manifesto of BNP, where it is written the right of ‘Self-determination’, and what is mean of this political reform. My resources must be in my control.  We are sitting in Kalat and we don’t have gas facility, but very far areas of Punjab, like Gujranwala, Kashmir, Lahore and other areas people are enjoying this natural bestowment. Every Baloch oppose it, but I oppose most. It is part of our party’s manifesto.

Blv: Practically, what steps have been taken for protection of these resources?

PMJ: We have observed demonstration, delivered speeches and struggling in other ways. We have been jailed for this mean. If we were compromise on these, then we would be ahead in institutions and on other floors. This is the reason, for what we are being prosecuted.

Blv: In Soviet era, Stalin introduced term of “Self-Determination” and he used “Self-Determination with right of secession”, but BNP-M is using only “Self-Determination”?

PMJ: Look, state isn’t agreed to give provincial autonomy and you are talking of “Self-Determination”. Exclude few points “Self-Determination” itself provides freedom. That points or authorization remain with state but in other all matters you are freed.

Blv: “Self-Determination” can be applied in such case that you voluntarily ceded, but here situations are totally opposite that Balochistan has been forcefully occupied, so how you can apply this political reform?

PMJ: I concede Baloch is being prosecuted and was occupied its land forcefully and what agreement was made that is with me, because it was dealt with my family. My nephew has gone to International Court of Justice on base of this agreement. It is another topic that whether he has gone by our approval or by his own, but voice is going up for Balochistan due to that paper or agreement. I on my party behalf consider “Self-Determination” the best option for Baloch Nation and for its all maladies panacea.

Blv: In 1998, it was government of Akhtar Jan Mengal in Balochistan and Mr. Nawaz Sharif tested Nuclear weapons in Balochistan. About this Akhtar Jan Mengal said they didn’t notice them about these tests. It means Nawaz Sharif betrayed Akhtar Jan Mengal, but today again BNP-M leader has gone to those deceptive people, why?

PMJ: Akhtar Jan Mengal hasn’t gone to anyone, but they have come to him. Being a Baloch it is our tradition that if someone comes at your home, you have to welcome to that. Be cleared that Akhtar Jan Mengal hasn’t gone to anyone but all came to him. In politics doors never can be closed for negotiations.

Blv: You people say themselves that these parliamentarians are unauthorized, consequently why want to be part of these?

PMJ: Parliament can be used as a tool. It is required to be noted, when General Musharraf who was a dictator and was in-reined, because our four representatives were sitting on opposition benches, but today we don’t have representative in assemblies, resultantly they are throwing mutilated bodies of Balochs on roads in broad day light. When Akbar Khan Bugti was martyred, hence Balochistan National Party MPAs and leaders resigned from their seats. Mean assemblies can be used as a tool, and more than this parliament is valueless for us. If we were given value to parliaments, then never we would resign from seats. But contrary to this, why Balach Marri didn’t resign from seat, Akhbar Khan Bugti party members didn’t resign from parliament seats. Agha Irfan is MPA but he isn’t my common thinker, his sister who is wife of governor Magsi and she isn’t my fellow ideologist person. You are talking of Hairbeyar Marri his father is my second cousin and he himself is my brother in law, but he has his own ideology. Each person has own ideology.

Blv: Political parties with parliamentarian politics have responsible to guard nations’ tradition and culture. We see in east-Balochistan due to cultural exploitation Baloch have got aliened from their customs. Over all in Balochistan with passage of time, mode of production got changed, but masses are chained in out-dated tribal system, why it is alike?

PMJ: No doubt, we are tribal people, but today tribalism is powerless and state is occupying power, when we had power, like my father was Khan of Kalat-cum-head of tribe. Today, we are only tribal and in protection of our pride we are doing so. That was good tribalism, if it was bad consequently no one including me wouldn’t support it. Today I am sitting with you and in conversation as a politician but not as a tribal. If I were support negative tribalism then I would be among them who are defending bad tribalism. I oppose tyrant Khan, Nawab and Sardars. Eventually, this tribal system in Balochistan will fade-away, because it is eroding.

Blv: in east-Balochistan people got aliened from Balochi Language, culture, hospitality, Baloch Nationalism and so on, but none heeding toward this, there’s Baloch don’t seem like Baloch but something else, what efforts made your party in this regard?

PMJ: Baloch is self-respected and brave nation, but after 1947, within 65 years its leaders, tribal chiefs got corrupted and gave-up protection of Balochi norms. In Balochistan assembly, among 65 members can you tell me any single one sincere with nation, I think none. Hence all are involved in corruption and plutocrat, gluttonous, so in such situation culture can’t be preserved. Baloch never been sycophant nation but it is made now. Fluttered nation how can protect culture and in my point of view our culture has vanished-away.

Blv: Please prescribe remedy of this?

PMJ: Unless nation don’t adopt to share and tolerate each other, it can’t find any way to untie from this dilemma. If nation remains on current path, then all things, like identification, our possession and others will nowhere be found. These religious elements, like preaching groups and madrasas also diluting Baloch customs, because Baloch is Muslim originate nation. I Prince Musa Jan sitting in front of you, first I am Baloch and secondly Muslim. Today, Mullah is pulling us to be in their sphere and others are doing same. We are Muslim for thousands years. My forefather weren’t Muslim? Sure! They were. We (Baloch) have gone Lahore and Dehli for protection of religion in the era of Naseer Khan. In fact, we are much better Muslim than those who are today proclaiming. The conclusion is this that corruption is main factor and without abolishing this, nothing can be preserved.

Blv: Now state through a fortified plot conducting “Tablighee Ijtemah”, councils of preachers and opened Madrasas in each street for female, too. In this way, Baloch identification and nationalism totally is being undermined. Does BNP have any program to halt it?

PMJ: If you observe, our party (BNP) is confronting against these Islamic fundamentalists parties in all aspects, like election, debates, culture and so on. Baloch youth should celebrate ‘culture day’ and promote Balochi customs in new generation and among common Baloch. Today our entity is because of our culture and Baloch nationalism, and if we forget it, then nation will mislay its all. Today at our houses family members are effected. In Holy Quran, Allah says “I have created you and divided you in tribes and nations”. The Allah created human and divided in to tribes and nation, where from culture got birth and each identifies because of its culture. I am amazed what kind of Muslim they are? We are Muslim but why they preach us. They should go, preach and convert to non-Muslim, why preach us? It is beyond the understanding. If we were not Muslim 250 years ago, then Naseer Khan with 29 thousands army didn’t protect Dehli and Lahore from Sikhs who were converting them forcefully and presently these preachers were be in another shape. We are earlier Muslim than these preachers and Mullahs. These all method are being used against Baloch to convert them into Mullah, preacher, corrupt and make alien from culture, tradition and nationalism, but I believer in God and optimist these all plot will be failed due to strong foundation of Baloch and grace of God. I confess they weakened Baloch dynamic but they never can wipe-out it.

Blv: How do you see international situations, are these in favor of Baloch or not?

PMJ: Few days back my elder brother Prince Muhudin in an interview gestured that “The Great Game” again got animated which was designed 250 years ago. If we have competence then international world will consider worth, otherwise we remained as like today are, then it is sure we Baloch won’t be counted in any case. Unity is strength, if we remained disunite, so we all will be broken and will be devalued. International world eyes are focused at our resources and land due to strategic position, consequently everybody is interested over here.

Blv: United Nation team has visited Balochistan, do you see benefit from this?

PMJ: Presently, more than 250 countries are member of United Nations; hence this organization turned its face toward Balochistan. It means organization conceded that Baloch is suffering and state is repressing it, whether establishment confesses it or not, but when UN team compiles its detailed report then all will get unfolded. We have observed that in Serbia, Cosovo and likewise where in beginning United Nation had intervened, subsequently they made free. Similarly, in East-Tamure happened, as we know all how this state was liberated. Recently, in Libya and Egypt change was brought by United Nation. The report of UN working group has significance and it was in favor of Baloch but never against. Let me inform you that they were not allowed to meet with Baloch, but some groups met with them and informed UN team members, resultantly they released a favoring report, so I consider it a great achievement.

Blv: Presently, BSO is divided in groups, so which group you consider genuine and proficient?

PMJ: BSO-Azad, it is only genuine BSO.

Blv: With other Baloch parties and organizations for unification on any platform/agenda can you give prescription or formula. We know on all points may not mentioned parties be united but possible on few point these to be agreed?

PMJ: Balochism is only platform, where all Baloch can be united. Balochism is quite different than tribalism; hence it is sole agenda which can make Balochs unified. Second is this that we Baloch must tolerate each other and avoid blaming each other. This way we all can get closed some extent.

Blv: Mean must not give statement against each other?

PMJ: Do you have noted that for last two years all Baloch parties, especially you discussed BNF, which isn’t saying against other parties. I read papers and I felt this. It is understood such attitudes have weakened us. If we blame on each others rather than going forward we get reversed. I think if become calm, even it is better, but we must stop nagging. A man has potency and fighting in mountains, is high level of serving the nation. I am here being interviewed by you, is also serving the nation, and any labor working and sympathizer for Baloch Movement is also serving the nation. Look! For accomplishment of body limbs are most essential, like it need eyes, arms, ears, legs, hands and so on get combined then a human being becomes workable. If a person lacks any limb, for instance it doesn’t have hands, so it is disable to perform in good manner. We all Baloch have to come together and tolerate each other. I am a small person and value to all those Balochs who have faith in Balochism, but those Baloch who are involved in exploitation of Baloch; I at least can turn my face from them.

Blv: Baloch may not agree on all points but like PLO get each hand on same points?

PMJ: Look PLO, Bangalis and others were lacking such characteristic, like Baloch has, and that is Balochism.

Blv: Yours Message please.

PMJ: Be a Baloch, live like Baloch and die like Baloch. I think it is enough. Do for Baloch; if you talk of Baloch, then you are a Baloch.


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