Baloch females and their bravery

By Riaz Daad, Turbat

History itself witnesses the fact that the word “Baloch” genuinely embodies Mayargali, Beergeri andbaloch women Thamerity. Similarly, Baloch are highly famous for their bravery across the world. No doubt, the traditions indicate males can better perform the physical scenario in comparison with females, but Baloch females proved the stated word wrong by their heroic roles during harsh circumstances.

However, the do-or-die role of Bibi Banari (the sister of Meer Chakar Khan Rind), expressed the buried fact that Baloch females are not inferior to the males. Consequently, when Humayan wanted Baloch to aid him for the purpose to achieve the kingdom of Sheer Shah Suri, 40 thousands Baloch under the commanded of Meer Shah Dad (the son of Chakar) made a move toward Dehli for the purpose to get the kingdom of Sher Shah Suri. As a result, Mir Shah Dad with his eighteen sons was in battle field. But it long had not passed that the part of Baloch Lashkar (Army) ran away from the warfare. As the study of Baloch history embodies that, the Baloch females had invariably provoked the males in securing the dignity of their nation. So, seeing the cowardice act of Baloch army in warfare, the unflinching and stout hearted sister of Mir Chakar (Banari) made a move toward the warzone.  Interestingly, the entrance of her as a commander fueled Baloch lashkar (army) to step forward with a better inspiration. It is imperative to note that when she faced Sher Shah Suri in the cumulative movement. Shah Suri utters, “You being a woman keep aside from my way”, but Banari audiously replies.

Jan hama ant ke methaga’n nenda’n.

Pann a mugwak o mahpra’n randa’n.

Gun wati mard Han daz golaesh ant.

She did not consider herself a woman in warfare but cogitated herself as a commander in warzone.

However, people talk of bravery, I also remember the one who fought multiple wars and aided her brother as a soldier during warfare, namely Mahathun, the sister of Dad shah. Being a Baloch she really expressed her bravery in warzone. As a result, when Dad Shah took the rout toward mountains for the purpose to fight against enemies, she proved herself a great supporter of her brother during war. On the other hand, the name of some other brave Baloch women as courageous mother, are written with bold words in Baloch history.

The inspiring yarn of Doda Gorgej’s mother is a source of inspiration for every Baloch mother. Being a woman in Baloch society; she had shown her courage during the tough situation. She had been the first woman in Baloch history who encouraged her stouthearted son, Doda who being a Baloch, harbored Sammi. The scornful word of his mother inspired him to sacrifice his life for his dignity.

No doubt, Baloch history is chock-a-block of such names who are known to be the heroes or heroines of Baloch by the means of their “do-or-die” courage and bravery. However, we Baloch have acquired such names in present dynasty that are following their footsteps, such as: Banuk Karima Baloch, Huran Baloch and so on, therefore they are always remembered as the role model of Baloch National Movement.


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