Efforts of Brahvi Media in evolution of Baloch literature

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

At present, the importance of media, particularly social media or internet can never be denied because it is plying a vital role in the development of nation’s every walk of life. Somehow, it is considered the one of most utilized tools for advancement of nations. Unfortunately, when we look towards Balochistan to observe online journalism and literature, except two or three online newspapers and forums we cannot find any other source to be eulogized, which relay representing literature of Baloch or Balochistan mainly Brahvi journalism or literature.

Brahvi Language of Baloch Nation is known one of the oldest lingoes in Asia but lack of sources and institutions which would be helpful in development of this language could not get success as compared to its prolong age. On the other hand poor quality of journalism has always been a major issue in Balochistan. Though in print media some daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines have brought a great change in Brahvi journalism in particular: Daily Talar, weekly Talar and some other papers.

bm_headerApart from print media, the existence of Brahvi Media, the first online forum of Brahvi and Balochi Languages, is one of the most significant measures for the development of Baloch Literature. The website labors to represent Baloch Literature of Brahvi and Balochi Languages. It is the team of young Baloch experts: Azeem Hassani, Sanullha Mengal and Imdad Zehri, aiming to develop Brahvi and Balochi Literature globally.

The forum of Brahvi media was launched on 28 November 2011; in the duration of one year it has played a significant role in online development of Brahvi and Balochi Literature .The remarkable move has been uploading of books on the site, consisting Poetry and prose of Balochi and Brahvi. The readers can read Brahvi and Balochi books online and can download free of cost.

Brahvi Media Magazine is one of the extraordinary efforts of the team to publish online Magazine on monthly bases. The magazine offers interviews, essays, short stories and reports. Creation of brahvi font online is another advancement of the Brahvi Media team.

The organization has been working on Online English to Brahvi dictionary and it is available for the visitors. However, there is a great necessitate to work over improvement of the dictionary. The conclusion of dictionary will be one of the chief progresses of literature in Balochistan, benefiting from the internet. At the website of Brahvi Media Bolan Radio remains another good effort of the team to entertain its visitors. The visitors can listen Brahvi and Balochi songs and music.

Weekly Talar has been functional in promotion of Brahvi Language and literature, it has regular publication and unbiased editorial policy.This magazine has not only encouraged young writers to write but has also introduced Roman font for Brahvi Language which has been appreciated by Brahvi readers. The team of Brahvi Media has been publishing weekly Talar online voluntarily for global readers. A large number of readers cannot avail printed copies of weekly Talar; it has become easy to read it online at Brahvi Media B.M.

575884_358225724214506_1408748700_nTruly, the efforts of BM team and the address of the website including name of the site do not support each other. The team requires thinking over the name and website address because the organization is representing both the languages of Baloch Nation, so it should have such name to symbolize both names.

The team of Brahvi Media has been given Azat Jamldini award for its good performance. If the organization continues its high-striving  without any biasness for development of Balochi and Brahvi literature and language, then it will possibly become an outlet forum.

The site can be accessed on www.brahvimedia.net


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