Historical Facts about Baloch

One can guess a lot from the historical facts about the origin of Balochi. Yet from origin of Baloch where have they come from, or whether they are indigenous people of Balochistan, still these are matters of debate. Different writers and researcher put forward different theories in connection with the origin of Baloch.

Most authenticated and acceptable assumptions regarding Baloch origin is this that Baloch came from the Caspian Sea. Actually, they belonged to the northern region of Elburz and east of Caspian Sea. First migration in the region of Caspian Sea took place around 1200 BC. As Persian poet made, it further clear that Baloch were a politically and military force during the time of Cyrus.

Baloch migrated from this region in central Asia and major reason behind it was the lack of grazing fields for their flocks. Second famous theory for Baloch is, these are indigenous people of Balochistan, largely supported of the mainstream parties of Balochistan and Baloch Nationalist. On the other side, religious leaders of Balochistan have view that Baloch are from Huzrat Ameer Hamze’s descent, this concept has been from the few old Balochi poets, too.

So far, many theories have been put forth and took assumptions about the origins of Baloch; likewise the same case is the word “Baloch”. An English writer Herzfeld believed that the word Baloch is derived from “Brza vaciy” which means “loud cry” and some of Baloch writers have written that Baloch name is derived from Budylonlan “Blue”, besides this, some writers believe that word Baloch is made of two Sanskrit words “Bal” means power and “och” means high.

Baloch is lucky enough, its history is older than 2000 years, but no one could write its history in back dates. I request to all my fellow Baloch, please read and write in order to lead the nation from the darkness.

Altaf Azad, Turbat,Kech



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  1. We must striggle for creation of our own alphabet based on western and eastern phonation

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