Martyrs thoughts ought to be promoted by Baloch Nation: Brahamdagh Bugti

Bolan Voice report

Baloch Republican Party head Brahamdagh Bugti in his statement expressedbugti that state is trying to insert confusions in folds of Baloch Movement to sabotage ongoing struggle process. Those who are exploiting martyred Balochs name merely for personal interests will be accountable to Baloch Nation. It is call of time that Baloch Nation must be united and lead ahead Baloch Martyred’s philosophy. Mr. Bugti expressed these views via telephonic speech from Switzerland to reference which was conducted to commemorate Balach Marri the Symbol of Revolution, martyred Haq Nawaz Bugti and martyred Jalil Ahmed Reki.

Brahamdage Bugti thanked participants of gathering for joining and presented Red-Salute to Martyred Haq Nawaz Bugti, Jalil Ahmed Reki and Balach Marri with other Baloch Martyred who have paid sacrifices of lives in the sake of motherland. He further said that we don’t have words to pay homage these high ranked nobles the leading Baloch agenda onward is best way of reverence is to these martyred who paid by multitude sacrifices. It is also fact that martyred sacrifices rose Baloch issue globally, hence our contribution in it is also mandatory. We must do practically while keeping in view the heroes sacrifices’ and philosophy, if in past we couldn’t but by now do alike.

Brahamdagh Bugti said, “We must accomplish mission of martyred Balochs because their blood provided honor to the Baloch Nation among the international communities and our Nation won a respectable status. Only orally admiring isn’t enough but martyred sacrifices are requiring for practical struggle for are being organ of motherland defender’s movement. Today, we are confronting with an atomic power state because of granted courage by martyred. Our thousands comrades have been martyred but we never lost heart and consistently are struggling for freedom and never will retreat from defense of motherland”.

Brahamdage Bugti informed that state has penetrated some mercenaries in folds of freedom Movement and through these elements she is trying to create confusion about martyred and this in way difuse Baloch heroes struggle intensity. Baloch ought to heed on this issue, too. Sadly to say some people exploiting martyred name for personal benefits and we consider it waste of time, and nothing else. At the time, we have to advance the movement toward destination, it is philosophy of our martyred, too and we pay sacrifices of lives. Baloch martyred have led a way to us, and following to their way the fruit of freedom can be gained.

The renowned London based Journalist Mr. Mike Molan also spoke at the time. He in his speech said, “I pay homage to martyred Haq Nawaz Bugti, who had devoted his life for emancipation of motherland, his sacrifice and struggle is like torch light for Baloch youth.


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