By: Nusrat Khan Afghani

Funny & misleading statements, half truth, exaggeration anmalal yousafzaid concealments of facts have become the part and parcel of the game commenced with the attempt to murder of 14 years innocent Malala Yousufzai. Many are ignorant of the real facts, some are compelled to do so and various are exploiting this incident deliberately to promote their political career and monetary interests. 14 years female kid though faced cowardly attack upon her person but she is not aware the attacks being made by so-called sympathizers and fascist and extremist opponents.

Statements that on 9th of October, 2012 Malala was assaulted first time in her life are giving people a bum steer. Malala was attacked more then 800 times only in Swat whenever so-called Taliban set schools at fire and in every school she was inflamed hundred times with each and every book thrown away in fire due to her love with books and pens: during the same time she started to write her diary against Taliban.

In 2009, when government of Awami National Party (ANP) in the province of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa of Pakistan had surrendered the district of Swat to Taliban with pretext to reinforce the so-called peace process, throwing Malala like children before hungry wolves Malala was whipped in the main square of Swat in the presence of dozens of people by Taliban which injured her soul. ANP casting chill and salt upon her injuries flatly denied any event of whipping. Apex Supreme Court of Pakistan regretted to provide justice to Malala despite taking Suo Moto notice.

In near past few Malalas were either misplaced or exterminated by local criminal gang in the name of honour in Swat as they committed a sin of attending marriage ceremony in the presence of male strangers. Supreme Court of Pakistan declined to take any action and warned the petitioners from making any kind of statement against such kind of events calling the news rumour against country and government and thus Apex Court of Pakistan paved the way for brutal attack of October, 9, 2012.

Let us clear another ambiguity i.e. Malala was targeted by two individuals being sent by Taliban.

Importance of the shooter in whole story is nothing more than the importance of ammunition being used against Malala. Even the story of phone call from alleged Taliban creates dents upon authenticity of commitment & efficiency of State secret services as well as of United State agencies prevailing in the region (also in Swat) against so-called war of terrorism when both parties remained inactive to trace phone call allegedly made by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) despite the possibility of any call from TTP after the incident.

Arguments allegedly advanced by TTP labelling Malala as a westernized girl as cause of attack are ambivalence and baseless. Why was a female kid targeted alone leaving hundreds of clubs, hotels and other centres in big cities of Pakistan where bourgeoisie do every thing which is prohibited and disliked in Islam and where there live and work hundreds of agents of imperialistic forces? In fact, such kind of misstatement concerns with the artificial confrontation between so-called liberal and conservative sections of Pakistani societies.

Reader may ask “then who is responsible for assault upon Malala?” Answer is crystal clear.

Religious people believe in an eternal force noting down the activities of the people to be accounted on the judgment day.

Similar is the strategy of ruling classes for millenniums. Draconian imperialist forces and their local ruling agents have networks, global & local, which note down the good and evil acts of people, especially of those who dare to concentrate or resist against tyranny of monetary capitalism. Criteria are very simple. If you are a senseless person bearing non political approach, concerning not with matters of ruling elite rejecting every kind of resistance and tolerating all injustices advanced by capital believing in non violence theory (especially of Gandhi, Ghaffar Khan and Nelson Mandella) these gods of the planet consider you a ‘good human’. But if you dare to ask ‘why’ and resist against every kind of status quo, tyranny and injustice being evil In the eyes of gods you can not be permitted by their agents to walk, think, read, write, utter, practice and even to breath. So it is in the sacred interests of all the ruling elite of the world to let Malala die or at least paralyze.

Malala was child so she could not understand the heinousness of her following crimes for which she was awarded with a punishment of bullet in her brain.

1. Loving Books

2. Possessing ideology of resistance.

3. Courage to utter and write against tyranny.

4. Holding political approach to resist.

Neither Taliban nor the other forces (from the notables of the locality to world imperialistic elements) might exonerate such kind of terrible offences. I still can not understand why Malala is called an unarmed kid. She was not unarmed but holder of most dangerous weapon i.e. ideology of resistance which is ostracized by Obama to Osama. Consequently, even the so-called sympathizers of Malala who either awarded her with medal of courage or offered free treatment seek the death of mind of Malala if not the brain. Many may not accept but it is a bitter truth as the capitalist societies always move with the help of crutches of conspiracies, sacrifices and betrayals: so even the liberal elements might target Malala ten times. Such kind of practice is apparent in Pakistani politics currently when the murder attempt is being exploited even by those who are enemies of Malala’s thinking. The elements who formed private warriors (Jihadi) organization in Bengal in 1971 to kill thousands people and to rape child girls like Malala now pose themselves as champions of Malala.

Malala might not be targeted if she had confined her reading and thinking to the extent of academic syllabus in order to be a member of squad serving the interests of monetary capitalism. Malala could not be targeted if she had joined any NGO to deceive people in the name of file & field works. She could never be targeted if she belonged to posh family of Islamabad wearing skirt or jeans to attend a disco club.

But Malala desired to resist politically having target to study more and more. It was really a terrible crime against the prevailing elements in Pakistani politics as she dared to announce to ask the liberal and religious politicians about their political programmes instead of emotional speeches! How a girl combating Pakistani male chauvinist lords in future might be spared?

Malala is the courageous girl who not only raised voice against the puppets Taliban but emphasised political struggle as only way to resolve the problems and miseries of the people especially in an area and during the time where and when alliance of imperialism, local ruling establishment and NGOs etc was compelling the people of Swat to give up the political approach of resistance and be beggars in the name of aid and relief. The same elements now are trying their best to devastate the sacrifice of Malala. It is funny when we find such kind of persons calling themselves as ‘progressive’ who not only remained biggest enemies of progressive movements but even do not know the meanings of word progressive i.e Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Bilwal Bhuttoo etc. (Benazir Bhutoo was political mother of Taliban) We find state and private media presenting images of Malala with a back ground anthem wording “we mothers, sisters and daughters are honour of nations”. Such kind of male chauvinist anthem is degrading the status of Malala as a conscious human being. One may ask the Pakistani media if there would be any boy instead of girl then could media play any anthem of ‘we fathers, brothers and sons’?

On the other hand Islamic fascist elements are condemning 14 years kid alleging her agent of western forces who defamed Pakistan army. It is strange that despite repeated claims by General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani (COAS) no action ever has been taken against those.

Malala is facing critical medical condition. Nothing can be said about her future but the enemies of wisdom and their master capitalist rulers do not know that individuals can be killed, removed or calmed but not the ideas. Ideas continue to spread mutely without showing their presence. The courageous statements of youth all over Pakistan as well as large demonstrations in Swat alleging failure of civil and armed forces of Pakistan in the valley establishes the same and invite those politicians and forces to revise their policy who despite having people power scare to fight against the authoritarian establishment of Pakistan serving the sacred interests of monetary capitalism and imperialism.

Writer is Advocate High Court as well as regular columnist in local news paper and can be contacted at


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