Psychology of Colonialism

Nadil shah, Turbat

Colonialism means to take over a country or a nation by the power and forcefully against their will.  The colonialists use the means of kidnapping, torturing, killing and dumping policy to suppress the nation or people and keep them deprived of their fundamental rights. Thousands of nations have gone vanished in the map of the world because they accepted colonization.

Many psychologists have researched and defined colonialism but the theory of Frantz Fanon, a French Algerian psychiatrist, has brought up the most accepted one. Fanon worked in hospitals and strived hard to understand the psyche of colonized people.  Regarding this he says, “The patients of a colonized state do not need hospitals rather than they need freedom.”  When colonizers colonize a nation, the people of that nation would be deprived of their fundamental rights and they will emphasizes that their presence is elementary for them by making them knowledgeable that before they were ignorant.

Moreover, if we have a glace over Balochistan, colonized help of guns and forced in 1948 by Pakistan, we will find people sitting in parliament and demanding the rights of their nation, which is undoubtedly impossible as colonizers never want to see the colonized people empower, autonomous and prosper.

Additionally, colonizers directly attacks on minds and make the people mentally slave. This is the main tool of a colonizer. This slavery affects culture, language, and history as people start scorn to their inherited identification.

The people who come to know about the importance of their existence and continue their struggle, who are mostly marginalized by the colonizers through kidnapping, torturing, killing and dumping their fellow nation peoples’ bodies. Today our nation is under the control of a powerful colonizer of 21st century which has deprived us of our all rights and has destroyed our culture, language, history and our identity. We have to be united and vanquish the invaders and get our recognition in the world.


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