Rich with resources Balochistan and its poor Quality of Education

By Faiza Saleem, Turbat

If we talk about the educational system in Balochistan then it is heart rendering to utter that it more backward than other provinces of Pakistan. As everyone knows that the province of Balochistan called “ Golden Sparrow” and it contains mineral resources in the shape of marble, coal, oil, gold, copper, natural gas and a 750 km long coastal built. According to statistics if the revenue of these resources is honestly distributed to each individual living in the province which has the population of “7000000” people will get Rs. 5000 per day and monthly one will get Rs 150000. Another statistic reported recently says, the people living in this province can pass luxurious lives without working by using the mineral resources.

It is doubling grim to say that the situation of this province means “Balochistan is completely against the reality. Pakistan’s strategic heartland and resource rich province Balochistan, is deprived and suffering from all types of social, political and economic crises. Along with other appalling issues, education in Balochistan has always been intentionally neglected by the federal and provincial puppet regimes. According to UNO “report launched in 2008, there are 55% educational institutions in Punjab, in Sindh 46%, in Khyber Pakthonkua 34% and just 5% in deprived Balochistan.

The well off province, which is bigger than other provinces but there is no room left for the fact that the province also has the smallest number of educational institution. It is fact that among 5% educational institution, we can’t find any suitable institution where students are getting proper education because government is deliberately making these institutions like body without soul. The poorly designed educational system in the provinces is further destroying the lives of thousand’s students. At an early age in the public schools, they are compelled to read and write in Urdu, which is not even recognized at the provincial and federal public services structure with 43% of the total national territory and vast resources.

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan but province has the lowest literacy rate. Doubtlessly, students, in Balochistan, have eagerness and talent but lack of proper institutions, modern teaching techniques and guidance are stumbling block in their career. The government feels no remorse by making the province deprived the modern educational system.


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