Taliban’s and their targets

Hina Abdul Ghani, Turbat

Taliban play a significant role to create Islamic rules and regulations in south Asian countries and they are the stanch flowers of Mullah Omar. For the purpose of demilitrization NATO forces and foreign embassies, they are drastically embattling with American military. Whereas Al-Qaeda is another organization, which was led by Osama bin Laden, their purpose is to erode atrocities against Muslim countries, which started in 1839 by European countries.

If anyone thinks that today Afghan militants would learn any lesson in strategy or tactics from ISAF generals, then it better to re-read Afghan history. Especially of the last 200 years, for the modern world came to know that what stuff the Afghans are made of when  the British launched the first Anglo-Afghan war in 1839. Taliban have contempt for foreign soldiers and do not learn and willfully not want learn. This is made better soldiers of them, when they lose a battle, as they did in October 2001.

They keep their cool, for they know that a fight lost does not mean a war lost. Afghan also made excellent diplomats, for no one should underestimate the quality of Afghan diplomacy because of the country socio-economic backwardness.

During the great game, they played their cards well. While there is no doubt, it was the rise of Germany that forced British and Russia into an embrace and compelled to have a deal on Afghanistan. Kabul kings and their diplomats excelled their jobs, as history shows, they correctly gauged big power intention, knew their limitations and return got peace. In the second half of the 20th century, Zahir Shah threw caution to the wind and suffered egged on by New Delhi and Mascow to pursue the Pakhtunistan stunt. The last of the Barakzay monarchs relied heavily on Soviet Union, which flooded the country rest of the story, is known to us.

Neither the “Mujahideen” of the US led anti soviet “Jihad” in 1980s nor those are leading the Taliban now ever went to Sandhurst or west point. It is doubtful they have even heard of what to Pakistani generals are the ultimate in war making our generals flout their Sandhurst west point connections, and you only have to read their memories to realise how they cherish their association with tucks and Montys. Al Qeada and Taliban’s without any prior permission from Mullah Omar men never carry out any military operations. They are so strict now they are in the midst of a war and do not have relaxed life. Futhermore, when Osama bin Laden was killed in American raid in Abbottabad who was the head of Al-Qeada enraged Taliban’s enormously. On the other hand, American security role in Afghanistan which massacred the Afghans innocent people and they implemented the rules of America.

  Particularly, the areas of Afghanistan in which Taliban started such attacks on foreign embassies and NATO headquarters, in the capital of Afghanistan. Most of the attacks they carried and inflicted in huge lose to the NATO forces, and achieved success. A huge scale of American officers were killed and wounded in Afghanistan.  American forces say that they will withdraw from Afghanistan within two years, means in 2014.

Taliban response of the foreign security showed the all foreign training was paying off.

The Taliban are obviously winning the war in Afghanistan. They have brief view to erode the atrocities of NATO. Al-Qeada and Taliban are selfless and determined to maintain war against European countries.

In the term of war, Taliban have enormous potential to dismantle the rule and atrocities of European countries.


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