We are striving to meliorate Baloch: Rehmat Baloch, National Party leader

Our party has consented to alliance with all school of thoughts up-holder groups and parties in the sake of Baloch Nation’s betterment.

Interviewed By Ahmed Khan

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and RB for Rehmat Baloch)

Bolan Voice: Please define term ‘politics’ in convinced manner?

Rehmat Baloch: In politics realm every person has philosophy, thoughts and ideology. In my point of view,Rehmat 1 a spirit which entice you to pullout your nation from marsh of illiteracy, idiocy, helplessness, poor standard of life honestly by struggle containing phases of multi forums. A sentiment to struggle for elimination of mentioned difficulties and ambitious to see their people leading prosperous and cheerful lives also can be called politics. Unfortunately, here politics is being used as trade or business to get individuals interest instead of to train the worker and equip them with ideology weapon and propelled by nationalism spirit to secure their resources and minerals and struggle for nations’ rights after psychologically got trained. Here in this state interference of institutes have made the department of politics disrespectable and notorious and have been brought religious, tribal and naïve from relative field, hence elements are stuffed irrational dogmas to don’t pay attention toward looting activities of establishment. Mentioned parties never could provide any good policy to mass, as well as they couldn’t plan for future. That’s why people are confused about rules of politics and objectives of it. Hence, it is being felt that if you are not false, corrupt, fraud and didn’t make embezzlement, unless you aren’t politician in front state institutes. Here for damaging political thoughts, state spent its much energy via institutes and their agents to make corrupt political workers and split political leaders and parties. The basic essence of politics can’t be grasped, unless political workers aren’t educated ideologically, politically, mobilized and made aware. The interference of state’s institutes must be stopped, transparent and fair elections are to be held, and resultantly sincere, honest and sagacious leadership would come in power.

BLV: As you said state and its institutes have been hampered, and didn’t let flourish fair political atmosphere, in this regard has National Party any agenda or program to combat state and its institutes and make aware people about it?

RB: In Balochistan, people are well aware of politics implications; they know better that here in politics institutes have been interfering. Especially our areas Mekuran, where tribalism doesn’t exist and people are educated, liberal and bright-minded; hence they know that state has brought incompetence people in politics, which are naive about art of politics. These mentioned people were given authority, power, seats, and wealth so on with intention to rift in political parties and divide political workers. Such hired politicians have been inserted in each genuine party’s folds. We take review of history, thence was a party NAP, which was representing all ethnic groups, like Baloch, Pashtoon, etc and settler were also including in it; all these had performed well performance. By said forum a political mind’s seed was sowed and strived for nations rights and provided a name to Balochistan. NAP struggled against one-unit and was banned, which is a solid evidence of state interference in parties.

In 1999, when Musharraf a dictator came in power and broke political parties, if we go some earlier in 1997, after election in leadership of Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal a party came-up and formed provincial government and Balochistan masses weaved a web of aspiration from it. Afterward this it was broken and got by-polarized. It was done by state agents and dubbed with BNP-Awami, further BNP-Awami was divided in two groups. At that time, Mir Hasil Bizenjo and others were in that party, meanwhile Pervaze Musharraf a dictator occupied power and some BNP-Awami leaders said they will go with dictator ruler and support Mr. Musharraf, hence it rifted, consequently another party came in being named BNDP. When Musharraf came in power those people were declared absconded who were living abroad. Our peoples memories hasn’t this much low that they forget them and their deeds. They were wanted, because in NAB against them cases were lodged. Military for promoting anti-Baloch policies brought them ahead and were acquitted from all cases, and these people were given government, authorities, and ministries so on. I personally, from 2002 to 2007 were in assembly and witnessed that these people were used to plunder Baloch resources and were threat for Baloch identification. Today, in Balochistan no one is safe and situations are uncertain, when who will be killed, for what will be killed and that person who is murdering also don’t know for what reason he is committing murder of someone. The Pervaz Musharraf’s lobbied people are together with present provincial and federal governments, they are totally involved in murder of innocent citizens and political workers.

BLV: As you said people are being used and you politician are opposing them, too but which body is using them, against that body what initiatives your party has made?

RB: We are strongly resisting it and belonging to which party, I tell you about it. Our party means Nation Party, is catering all classes of life, like engineer, student, and labor likewise are in it. Because of our resistance a political platform ‘National Party’ sustained its entity, otherwise people would go to those parties which are parted in government and can provide facilities of jobs, development and others, but people are adhering with National Party, due to our sincerity and aptitude of convincing. Balochistan’s mass trust in our party, because it is purely political. We also were offered by Amir-ul-Mulk Mengal ex-governor Balochistan, Qadir Baloch ex-Corps Commander and presently MNA of Pakistan Muslim league have invited our party leadership to work with them, because they said except your party other all parties members and leaders were facing cases by NAB. Our party leadership categorically said. “This party is formed to serve masses and it has faith in politics, but never let be used for any other purpose”, consequently they replied us that we must be ready for being battened. Their batten means to press us hard and when we were MPA, then they stopped our funds but even than we kept continue work in our constituencies. Here major problem is employment of youth, basic human needs, health sector, communication and likewise we have been deprived of these facilities. The batten other mean is the so-called ministers were given free hand to do corruption without any hindrance, buy political worker and exploited their all energies to split political parties. Hence, we have sustained our party entity by support of ideological political workers, which isn’t tiny feat.

BLV: As you said that your party ever remained against establishment and here other groups are also engaged against same establishment, so what are reasons that don’t let you to make alliance with those groups?

RB: There are many ways of struggle, if someone is engaged against establishment; hence I have no concern about him. It is right of anyone, own differences and anyone has right to promote its thoughts, it is most essential that minds to be built democratic and must esteem to others thoughts. It is crystal clear that here are two ways of struggle; arm struggle and political resistance. If someone shut its shop for one day as protest in support of Baloch Movement, it deserves appreciation and if someone is paying sacrifice of life, consequently that is supreme. The one who is struggle for Baloch, its rights and land, is respectable for us. And we have discussed with them. But here question rises and they blame at me that I why not unified, you are practicing parliamentarian politics and talking about resistance, but those groups and parities who are engage in arm struggle, why not they get gathered? Student organizations like BSO-Azad and BRSO have single slogan, hence why they aren’t altogether, suppose we can’t be unified entirely but our party “National Party” has stance that on minimal points can be agreed and that ours and their struggle axis is resistance for Baloch, but difference is in mechanism; we struggle politically and non-violence base, and they believe in his arm struggle, but axis of both ways of politics is single. In this modern age, call of time are varied and we only this way can be successive that from Barkhan to Gawadar peoples to be mobilized unified, made aware and educated; On a single call Baloch mass influx in millions, inundate the roads, then you will be approved in any way by international organizations, and no one will be dared to throw mutilated body of Baloch youth on road. Until we don’t get gathered, as being student of politics, I also concur that no one gives us value and we will remain powerless.

BLV:     As you told state hires people for wrongful deeds, hence you sit and wait that onward state won’t do such making mercenaries?

RB: I never making expectation from state, but I am expecting from my nation. If you go directly, then you will face loses. It is true that Baloch issue rose internationally, as well as appeared in media, too but it is also fact that Baloch got divided in groups. If we review history, then army operation conducted or practiced resistance movements but situations were like today that now common people are unprotected, common people are getting inclined toward tribalism and common people got divided in tribe and factions. No doubt, insurgency escalated but impacted all spheres of life due to not respecting each other, and don’t caring each others’ thoughts. If we don’t respect each others and tolerate each other’s entity, then out come be as like people get un-patronized, unsafe and sense of insecurity rose-up among mass. Here pro-state parties like BNP-Awami, PPP, and Muslim League-N can work, but National Party BNP-M, BRP Can’t work to mobilize masses. 1200 Baloch peoples through target killing, 500 political workers martyred, our labors are being killed, these mentioned parties are involved in these crime and by these parties collaborations army operations were approved and they called forces in Baloch areas, which is still going on. Here crimes against humanity are happening, these parties are involved, these are openly working on surface and further leading their misdeeds, too. We always invited, even in today’s papers our statement appeared in that we have invited all groups that come, we make alliance, at least on some points and stop way of these hypocrite politicians minimal.

BLV: Before 20 years, your party leaders had manifesto of anti-Sardar or abolishment of tribal system, but today National Party owns tribal Sardars, tell us in past you were wrong or today are?

RB: Who are these, please mention.

BLV: Sardar Aslam Bezenjo, Sardar Kamal Khan Bangulzai, Nawab Mohammad Khan Shahwani.

RB: Do you know history of these Sardars? Sardar Kamal Khan’s father in his age of politics had never been in any pro-federal party. Must history be known by you, we never minus political Sardars from our party. It is our party manifesto that each without any difference of color and religion is conformist with Baloch struggle for resources and renaissance, whether he is Sardar or common Baloch is consented by NP. And we are striving to bring people on political ground. Nawab Mohammad Khan Shahwani has history that his family was with NAP, and after that he was in PNP, and then he was with Ghous Bukhsh Bizenjo, and at last was with BNP. When BNP disintegrated, then they were sitting calmly at their home. They basically are nationalist and ever practiced this type of politics. We have no reservation for those Sardars who have political approach.

BLV: Except these other Sardars like Marries, Bugtis, who also Sardar and politician and defend Sardari system, too hence, you people can’t make political alliance with them?

RB: We are ready to alliance with them but they can’t remain with us, for instance in 1988, an alliance BNA was constituted, Nawab Bugti and Marri were in it.

BLV: Before 20 years you people at all were not consented to comprise Sardars in your party?

RB: We had Sardars, and those who concede our party manifesto, so they will be accepted by our party. Suppose, in 2007, Sardar Sanaullah was central vice president of party, at that time, party announced for boycott from election and on 8th August 2008, hare at MPA hostel party council session held, he said for participation in it, but party didn’t allow him for violating executive body orders. Sardar Sanaullah was expelled from party. After that he announced his own party by name National Party Parliamentarian, and later on, he joined Muslim League-N. The mean of saying is this, if someone follows party laws, hence any person entity is Sardar or Nawab that will not affect any way. If we observe, here in Balochistan that those areas, where Sardari or tribal system has slacken, hence there’s peoples are educated, conscious and bold, consequently they can raise their voice and can present their stance. Contrary to this, in tribal areas, like in Barkhan if any one speaks political way, so at night his dead would be thrown. Any where tribal system is fortified, resultantly tribal figure never allow to flourish political trends, because these political conscious people defiance them. Our mean is this that never we are against those Sardars and Nawabs who are struggling for Baloch cause. Dictator Musharraf said that 83 Sardars support he has, but only three Sardars are against, in fact, only these three Sadars have respect of people, because they lead nationalism further ahead. These are Sardar but they love mother land and paid sacrifices for their nation.

BLV: As you said this parliament members come on this floor by back of establishment. And your party had boycotted from previous elections, too but your party secretary General got a position in senate by this assembly and MPA’s, how it happened, please elaborate?

RB: Of course, our party boycotted passed elections but never boycotted from parliamentarian politics, and Musharraf regime propelled us for boycott. In 2007, under patronization of dictator election held and I was member of provincial assembly at the time. Our party decided and we had resigned and accompanied Jamiat and Pashtoon Khwa in campaign for restoration of democracy, instantly several parties’ members were sold by state authorities and took back their resignations. It is apparent on all, who were sold. Our speaker provincial assembly Jamal Shah Kakar grabbed Rs 50 million and repulsed from resigning stance, he abandoned Jamiat and joined Muslim League-N. Hence, we never boycotted from parliamentarian politics. In present assembly independent elected candidates have voted for our General Secretary in sake of spotless future, because at that time votes for senate were sold, and they expressed that if our party member contest they would vote us to stop the way of fake politicians. Let me tell you in detail of those voters who supported our party representative for membership of senate; Zahoor Baledi, Sardar Aslam Bizenjo, Sardar Sanaullah (at that time he didn’t join PML-N), Hamal Kalmati, Aslam Bohtani, Abdul Rehman Mengal, Kamber Gichki. We never boycotted from parliaments and our party representative Hasil Khan Bizenjo, is sole member in senate who raises voice for Baloch and Balochistan’s unsolved matters and rights. It is misperception and propagation of those antagonist to National party with ill-intentions that why this doesn’t have faith in bargaining. If we have any chance, hence why not avail it as being pro-parliament party, even our supporters observed that National party never buys or sells votes. When Dr. Malik was appointed senator, so many people had reservations how he becomes senator. Shahid Bugti and Dr. Malik were combined candidate of Jamhori Watan party, Balochistan National Party, People Party, and National Party. They got succeeded because of cordial support. It is only blaming of opponents and nothing else. We never boycotted parliamentarian politics and through media we have announced for participating in subsequent elections to lead masses program further, enforce solid policies and serve the Balochistan people.

BLV: As you mentioned Zahoor Buledi and Sardar Aslam Bizenjo who voted for senate membership aren’t National Party members, if they aren’t, hence for upcoming election preparation or in campaign by you wouldn’t let them to be part of your party.

RB: Look these discussed persons were independent candidates and not were representative of National party, hence campaign or activities have its importance but party nominates members or workers by censuses. At that time, party had decided to boycott from election, hence I hadn’t contested, like Jan Mohammad Buledi, instantly other party incumbent holders hadn’t contested. Who didn’t follow party principals were not allowed to attend function or activities, but one thing is to be cleared that they were independent candidate and never behalf of party they were elected as MPA.

BLV: Are party’s doors closed for them yet?

RB: In politics never doors can be closed and it is out of reason that completely blackout someone, because it isn’t match with norms of politics, if tomorrow someone comes and agrees party codes, then matter can be pondered, because in politics there are options, and specimen exists that parties leaders abandoned and were re-accepted after a process of justifying, like show-cause notices and other requirements.

BLV: It didn’t make ineffective boycott?

RB: I have example, like party had boycotted but a leader Khalid Langove hadn’t followed and took part in elections, and afterward he came back to party and apologized. Party noticed him and he replied notice fairly, even party stipulated condition; during this five years tenure he can be a simple member and can’t get any incumbent, he agreed.

BLV: Balochistan is Province of Pakistan or Colony?

RB: Balochistan is unit (Wahdat). Balochistan is a national unit and it is core of contention. Balochistan had a sovereign status and it is inscribed in that agreement of cede. That it will uphold its independent status under umbrella of federation. Hence, it is a state and unit of federation. Being Baloch on each from, we have declared Balochistan a unit but never Province, Balochistan in a national unit of this country and covering land of 46% of entire state. Consequently, it is the main dispute that they aren’t considering Balochistan as a unit but made it their colony. As a political worker I don’t concede it and this point is epic of our struggle.

BLV: Means the state authorities made it colony?

RB: Of course, if they wouldn’t treat it as colony, then never plunder here’s resources and denied rights of this unit, where people are living below the poverty line, they are uneducated and lacking basic needs of life, even owning of rich land.

BLV: Look sir, in a unit election can be conducted, but in a colony what is value of elections and how can be conducted there?

RB: Our main objective is to mobilize and make aware our people; hence we find any source to touch our main objective, so we do. Do you think we only for election go through our people? We whether be MPA or not but our mobilization process will be continuing on same pace round the clock, hence we never go to our constituency and say people that you vote for us and in exchange we will grant you bulldozer hours, but go and inform them that why we are being oppressed and we are denied of our rights. We don’t adopt such extreme steps that we wouldn’t be let to make aware or educate our masses. Our masses are already backward, illiterate due to this state’s oppressions, hence we are obliged to make conscious and educate masses and going to them is our goal, too.

BLV: State is simpleton or unaware that you show something else and in real do for else; will she allow you for this?

RB: State is aware of this, consequently she brings and makes authorize to those who are facing cases in NAB, on place of ours. What do you think I am low-witted than Ehsan Shah and Asadullah? What do think Dr. Malik is inefficient then Jam Yousaf? That Jam Yousaf becomes Chief Minsiter but not Dr. Malik? Dr. Malik for this purpose don’t let for being Chief Minister that he purely on that forum would talk for collective interest of Baloch. Dr. Malik would purely resist for national interests, in fact, those dummies are sitting on seats that have agenda “Take benefit of individual and forget others”. If we hadn’t this policy or agenda, then why we would sit on opposition benches? Look! Seat, authority, incentives are liked by everyone, hence if we were like them, so holding offices, ministries, vehicles and many more. Today we are talking of Baloch Nation, that’s why state has headache from us and spending its treasury, carved agents. We had boycotted last elections, even state brought so called politicians and filled vacant spaces, and if tomorrow we will boycott, hence she will bring touts and will has no problem, because mercenaries are available easily. Struggle doesn’t mean to isolate themselves and give-up all forums. If you penetrate in institutes and join forums, then can up-voice for their nation in better mode. When Akber Khan Bugti went to mountains, then we had seven members in assembly and we had utilized this forum in a good way, where our seven members debated against all out of 65 members’ assembly.

BLV: National Party represents which class of society?

RB: National party represents all classes of society; if you observe them you will feel that between National Party and VIP culture has difference like earth and sky. We talk of middle class, like in India middle class is covering 85% of population, which is ruling over that country where’s democracy is symbolic in present age, and there’s masses are aware and have mutual respect of ideas and thoughts, where 85% middle class is handling a big portion of state affairs. But here our people are belonging to that class which doesn’t have two time bread, they are substituting on one time, they don’t have clean drinking water and are compelled to drink contaminated water; we are representing such people. Overall, National Party is striving to lead and represent all classes of society. Our party leadership isn’t belong from traditional mind set, but they are purely political persons, and we are desirous to represent educated class, youth, labor, peasant and other spheres of people are being represented by National party. This party prides that it has political people and supported by them.

BLV: It is being observed that in Balochistan tyrannies series is ongoing without distinguishing in dictator and democratic epochs, and it is seeming that front of oppressor powers parliament is powerless to stop ongoing sequence, hence do you people have any guarantee that while coming in parliament to halt this unjust gust?

RB: I believe in this that parliament isn’t penance of our maladies, but again I am saying you that this parliament can be used against those opponents who are intended to sell Baloch interests for their individual greed’s and benefits. On this mentioned floor, politics and great game implantation schemes shaped can be opposed. Suppose, Sumyani port scheme was designed, because prior to this Gawadar port was established as a conspiracy, especially MQM had big hand behind this, they had planed to populate non-Baloch there and misbalance demography. Similarly they already had experienced this formula in Karachi. Be informed that Karachi old name is “Mahi Kalanchi” a city of Baloch, but today they have converted Baloch into minority and where genuine heirs are compelled to herd donkey-cart or low-compensated labor. At that time, effectively “Baloch Four Party Alliance” mounted voice against this scheme and resisted proportionately, consequently foiled heinous Sumyani port. After failure Gawadar plane they announced, discussed Sumyoni Port which was being built by a foreigner company, where 500,000 hector lands was sold merely for Rs. 500,000 mean one hector for one rupee. Today only one text message charge is one rupee, but Baloch’s a hector land was equal to one message. This was brought by ‘Baloch Four Party Alliances’ on assembly floor for argument, and we moved an adjourn motion and all sitting supportive members in assembly had started to exit from hall, and in his ruling speaker assembly said, “A port has been established, but it is functionless, its offices are in Islamabad and Karachi but it situated in Balochistan and it is property of Baloch, hence presently there isn’t any need of at all any port”. All these resistance and mounting voice in favor of Baloch became possible because of sitting on parliament floor, hence why it let be lost. This conspiracy was foiled and dominating peoples plot dismantled and that foreigner company also withdrew. This entire story means this assembly is tool and can be used for defending Baloch’s rights. If BNP, JWP, NP were not exist on this floor, otherwise fake politician would welcome it, like they did about Reco-Dick project, Sandek project and Gawadar port.

Pro-establishment and second of dominant classes have made decision against masses’ benefits, hence these have like bone struck into their throats which neither they can swallow nor can vomit. Today, you can see TV talks, in that only is being discussed Balochistan and Balochistan. We have no concern with these matters but we care how to secure our future. If we farewell to this forum, then state will devastate; it will fragment political forum, spilt political workers, I for our future, resources and Balochistan will struggle on all forums.

BLV: For 65 years, by this parliament forum, resolutions have been brought and likewise but no one has heeded yet, but when arm struggle by armed group incepted, they through resistance foiled Gawadar project, and also claiming for this, too it. Means here power can affect but not civilized mechanism?

RB: About Gawadar I don’t agree with you, I never can deny someone’s struggle. ‘Four Baloch Parties Alliance’ had conducted there protests, demonstration and rallies, which discouraged establishment apparatuses and on opposite side Baloch people become courageous. ‘Four Baloch Parties Alliance’ was consisting on National party, Balochistan National Party, Jamhory Watan Party and Haqtawar. Respectively, these parties were represented; Haqtawar was by Hamayun Marri, JWP by Shahid Bugti, Amanullah Kanrani and likewise, who had mobilized masses in great quantity, and after them a person launched resistance movement and was supported by masses due to mentioned alliance enticement. Another aspect is this that internationally many states interests are linked with here and in world there are many Gat-ways and via those businesses are running. If Gawadar gets functionalized and provincial government gets autonomous, the 18th amendment announced which our party supported will purely be implemented, hence it means you made a great achievement.

BLV: But 65 years history entails never happened alike?

RB: Listen! If during 65 years haven’t done anything, then you must not wind-up your struggle, but keep it continue. If it hasn’t happened, then would up your hands and surrender? Never ever it can be that you give-up the struggle, but in all circumstances you have to move onward, suppose if doctor predicts about a cancer patient that after two months he/she will die, then all people should leave eating? If a state is going towards failure, so let it go, but I have to sustain my entity. Who will come, it is matter of future, but how to sustain our entity, and it is our responsibility and National duty? We only this way can sustain that we protect our people from frustration.

I honestly say you that in IT University our 2% candidates aren’t enrolled, reason is this that disqualified representatives are sitting in parliament to whom establishment brought on this position. If on real basis public to be represented, then I will see which university will be closed due to scarce of funds. Today, like Gawadar city is lacking basic need of life; clean drinking water, which is port city.

BLV: IT university is white elephant, it is merely existing in Balochistan but isn’t for Baloch. According to its prospectus, this is for all Pakistan opens merit. A Kohlu based candidate how can compete to an Islamabad educated one?

RB: We are emphasizing some point. Entire public to be informed about this and secondly, it must be discussed on forums, then you can lead this further. You can observe in TV talks, where the point is circulating that genuine representatives of Baloch haven’t access to assemblies and forums for redress, yet. On these issues Baloch representatives if don’t work, at least to legislate such laws which assist to secure or assist Baloch to get benefit. If we send documents of Balochs to IT University then those people avail seats those have fake domicile or local and such people are approved by University administration because of supportive presence people in state institutes. These institutes and other departments go for begging the funds and before two days Supreme Court remarked that Balochistan Government at all doesn’t have any policy, which entails these MPAs eligibility or capability. Health is provincial department but instead of increasing medicine fund, only pocket funds are being enhanced. Till today, 1500 primary Schools are being run by single teacher. Such all models are due to non-representative of real politicians. Hence, our presence in assemblies is most necessary.

BLV: Between National Party and other organizations, like BLF and BSO-Azad have differences on what base and type?

RB: We through newspaper in statement made obvious that we don’t have any difference but a specific lobby or group on basis of individuals interests engraved such issues and especially in Turbat area this problem have been created. And these negative thoughts and politics have affected them, too now among them differences and questions have risen. Maula Bukhsh Dashti murder hasn’t affected state but Baloch Nation. He was a weak person but was a like political institute. If by demise of Maula Bakhsh Dashti and Rehmat Baloch, Balochistan will be freed, so I am ready for dying. If by dying Maula Bakhsh and Rehmat Baloch pro-state element get empowered, consequently it isn’t Pro-Baloch and Balochistan policies but can be declared Baloch opponent’s policies.

BLV: For making alien to Baloch from nationalism, in each street seminary for Male and female and are being opened, Religious gathering (Tablighi Ijtemah) and other activities are conducting only in Baloch areas more than requirements. Has National Party any program to counter this plot?

RB: I totally agree with you it is happening. From Mekuran to all Baloch populated areas of Balochistan are being converted into alien from Baloch Nationalism, this discussed scheme sole National party can’t counter, it is needed to be combated by all Baloch parties and organizations as collectively. State is practicing policy “to make fight and rule”. I have some information about it but I can’t disclose on your forum, albeit it is known that on religion a bulk of people have been trained and are being trained, who are being trained and are stuffed in minds to counter Baloch Nationalism. In our areas we ought to resist these and convince others like thinker about this imminent threat. And we all to review our policies about this future fret.

BLV: Here Baloch resources and minerals are being shifted to other regions and world enjoying these. Do you people have information and such Baloch’s minerals quantity figures?

RB: I think 2% isn’t being given or spent on Baloch. Our party appointed focal-person who will arrange information about Sandek project, RecoDeck and others. Our focal person will inform ambassadors and institutes about Baloch plight, even owning resources. Like wise for other sectors we have appointed focal persons.

Blv: All resources are being plunder by force, hence how you people deal with them?

RB: Power when can be countered if you are united. For this need unification and mobilization of masses. All matters can’t be resolved by gun, like Bangalis, who were in majority on parliament floor and demanded power be transfer to them. Today, we are demanding that resources are to be distributed by land, but in 1971 they themselves said to Bengal that resources would be distributed by land because population strength of Bangalis was higher than Panjab. Now they opposite than past are saying resources must be distributed by population rather than area. At that time Bangalis’ hadn’t single gun, but masses were organized and brought change, because their total population came out. Establishment had commented about Bengalis, “They are short height, their complexion is black, they are nothing, hence kill and throw them”. Bengalis only had characteristic they were organized, and also Baloch had that time a golden chance but due to un-unification we remained.

BLV: Bangalis’ were trained, suppose when a teacher entered in class room, first of all that would raise slogan of freedom. Is today NP training their nation on method?

RB: BSO had produced one teacher that he would travel 70 kilometer by bicycle to educate their nation’s children. Today need such sentiments but I don’t see anywhere. Because of political differences, our teachers don’t go five kilometer far for teaching students. If you give-up struggle on surface, then such situations will take place. Today, if a Kohlo’s based Baloch got seat of doctor, and that isn’t consent to go native town and serve. An international organization released a report that death rate during delivery is the highest in Panjgoor throughout world. So a Doctor, got degree from PIMZ in surgery and that isn’t allowed to be appointed in Panjgoor, what it mentions, that authority is pro-establishment person or Baloch sympathizer? In this way, your all institutes are being devastated. If a person can’t sustain its entity, how it can get freedom?

BLV: Judiciary has voiced-up, will it be creditable to stop human rights violations here?

RB: Judiciary is last hope for here’s people and relative of missing persons. How many packages you bring, unless missing person’s problem is unsolved all will go in vain. It is a giant problem. This government during four years couldn’t anything for missing persons, so now also it is not in position to do anything for them. But Judiciary is last aspired institute.

BLV: Many times Judge made statements, like “make trial don’t kill” it means they knows who are killing or abducting, but till today they haven’t arrested a single personnel, so what expectations from Judiciary?

RB: Yes you are right, they know all, and even all know who is involved. This state is being run by establishment; institutes don’t follow Judiciary, and then how it can be called a state?

BLV: Judiciary declared Balochistan government unconstitutional for ruling, further how will be situations?

RB: Judiciary verdict is on solid evidences, as I know the detail of verdicts that there isn’t writ of government in Balochistan. Ministers are involved in abduction for ransom in many cases. Historically, 250 billions rupees annually have been released for Balochistan but all have lost due to corruption. But Balochistan is presenting scene of ruins from Quetta to Kohlu and Gawadar. On this basis, Supreme Court have given very suitable decision, even I think Supreme Court should arrest these sitting so-called representatives and make them accountable for all these corrupt deeds strictly. In current situations, provincial government has lost credibility to rule. If speaker says it is finished, so it is finished, because speaker is the third pillar of province and that is of equal rank the Chief Justice of High Court. Speaker by his ruling can suspend head of cabinet or member of assembly. Presently, these are sitting unlawfully in assembly and in future will dire consequences for them because of this case.

BLV: American states demanded for separation, how do you see it?

RB: The Afghan war failure can cause the disintegration of America, where she has been remaining fail, yet. American people are civilized and know how much resources have been spent in Afghanistan and their think tanks are special watch dog and keeping eye how these things are affecting our people. As my opinion, for pressing down the up-rising in those states which are under umbrella of United States may not adopt any way or produce antagonism, they said everyone is independent. As I feel, till 2014 American wouldn’t evacuate from this region, unless they got assured by somebody as alternative work for them. America in Afghanistan without Pakistan involvement or reliance never can be successive, hence Pakistan and its army is need of her. At this time, there are three strategic points in region; Afghanistan, Balochistan and Pakistan. International forces never compromise on their interests, and I am seeing American interests with Pakistan and its army to handle Afghanistan and safe her from disintegration.


National Party should be ready to pay all kind of sacrifices for Baloch’s benefits.


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