606 dead bodies found during 2012: VBMP

We will bring Baloch case on international level: press conference Nasur Ullah Baloch Chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Person.

Bolan Voice Report

The Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Person Nasrullah Baloch addressing to press conference said thatnasarullah Missing Baloch case was pushed-down, but Supreme Court is last ray of hope for relatives of Missing Baloch. The Court to take practical initiatives against extra Judicial arrests and mutilated bodies, otherwise they would ponder over Baloch Case prosecution on international level.

During 2010 to 2012, after enforced disappearance, 606 mutilated bodies have been found, whilst 1500 people have been disappeared and they have complete data of 2351 people of missing.

Nasur Ullah Baloch said, “This so-called democratic government is claiming for completion of five years tenure, but this hasn’t done anything for missing Baloch and regarding mutilated bodies throwing series suspension, even present rulers continued the policies of dictator in their period of governance. The government’s Judicial Commissions instead of working for release of missing persons, they worked to hush-up the matter. Till today inquiry committees couldn’t provide any upshot, and third judicial commission also due to lack of seriousness never bothered to come Balochistan, and ever remained busy in advocacy of secret agencies to get incentives”.

Nasur Ullah Baloch further said that our two workers were attacked after meeting with United Nation team during visit of Bolochistan, and we received threats for the struggle in following of Missing Persons, but our struggle would be continued.

Chairman VBMP said that Balochistan issue was political; hence it must be dealt in political way. Those people have been martyred who had given priority to collectives’ interests on individual and they had voiced-up against exploitations.

Nasur Ullah Baloch said that in the struggle for the release of Missing Baloch they had spent more than 1000 days. Supreme Court was last floor of hope of relatives of missing Baloch, but they were  feeling that the institute was distracting attention from most serious case, because when Chief Justice Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudery pressed hard to authorities, then some Missing Balochs were released and picking of others got slow downed and throwing of  mutilated bodies was paused.

“With passage of time missing persons case is being ignored, we appeal to Chief Justice Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudery that pay special attention towards Baloch Missing case and take realistic measures, otherwise relatives of missing Baloch will be disappointed”, warned Chairman of VBMP.

Nasur Ullah Baloch noticed that if High Judiciary didn’t formulate any practical initiatives, consequently they will deal their case on international level. On the occasion he presented details of extra Judicial abducted Balochs from Balochistan and thrown mutilated bodies to Journalists. He said they have complete data of mentioned persons in list which they have compiled help of political parties and civil societies. He condemned Mashkey operation and said where offends are being happened by forces and people are disappointed.


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